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  • Jules posted an update in the group Group logo of Test Test Group 2 years, 11 months ago

    When we were all under the banner of Thinkr I was able to copy a document to my clipboard then paste it into the editor in here. Now however, this simple operation does not work unless I do it via the code editor rather than the normal paragraph block.

    Is this expected behaviour or a bug?

    • Have you tried using Control + V to paste?

      • That will work but only in the ‘Add Title’ field. If I then choose to paste the main body of text into a paragraph block nothing happens.

        • Since I posted the comment above I have done some tinkering and found the following.
          1. Pasting into a paragraph block does not work, but pasting into the ‘Add title’ field does.
          2. Switching to ‘Classic’ mode allows pasting as expected, but for some strange reason normal pasting has problems.
          3. Pasting is also possible if you use the code editor.
          So with No.2 in mind I have found a work-round, but it doesn’t explain as to why the pasting into block paragraphs has a malfunction. It worked fine until the switch from Thinkr to Thoughts.

          • there is a setting somewhere about cutting and pasting content. i think i have it set to now allow. let me try to change it for you and lets see if that helps solve the issue

    • I adjusted a setting that might have been caising your problem. please try again and let me know if it fixed it. you might need to clear your web browser cache and cookies if it doesn’t work on the 1st try. hopefully this solved it. please let me know, thanks!

      • Ok. I retried pasting using IE 11 (the browser I normally use), and it made no difference – it didn’t work. Out of curiosity I then switched to EDGE and tried again. This time I’m happy to report that it worked. So from here on in when I need to post using a large body of text I will need to use EDGE.

        Thanks for your timely efforts, Ben. Much appreciated. Problem solved.