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    Come on in. . .I don’t bite.

    • Ha! I think I am going to try the first challenge. I have just been busy. I have a letter I have to type that I should have did 3 weeks ago. So you see how I operate these days.
      The picture challenge……I can’t even think about at the moment. But it sure makes you think.

      • There’s no rush, no pressure, but ever there is time. If you have an idea then go for it. I’m trying to keep this new group active, or as active as I’m able. If I produce regular updates then it might encourage more people to give it a go. . .

        • Oh my gosh….you are on “C” already? I better get with it. I signed up for a few classes this semester WHICH I am enjoying. I just have to get use to my schedule so I know when I have down time to do this. It is something I want to do. One class I wanted to take was Creative Writing but I couldn’t find a time that worked. Next semester for sure.

          • Cripes Monica you sound really busy. There’s no rush, the previous challenges are going nowhere so they will always be ready when you are.

            • Ok! I am finally getting some routine down. As long as I keep the TV off this weekend I will accomplish some stuff. ….I think. 😀