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  • Jules posted an update in the group Group logo of Writer's CornerWriter's Corner 5 years, 1 month ago

    Is this group at all active? Just checking.

    • If you feel you want to do something with this group there may be a way we can help you. I will send you a message.

    • I hope so. I’m still a bit new here and I like it so far. I’m curious too, are there any active members here in this group?

      • Hello Mama and welcome to Thinkr. There are many groups here that you can join, some are more active than others. Personally, I am Admin of the “Writer’s Lounge,” a group I began because of an interest in fictional writing, and although I’m a bit behind in my updating, the group is functional. Feel free to join if you have a desire to write fiction, any new member is most welcome.