• Doctor of Everything posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    It is hurtful to see that the gift of eloquence is being seen as akin to that of wishing to display one’s superiority, by people who wish to make up for their inadequacies, pointing at the sun which provides them light to blame for the heat whilst donning winter clothes in summer, and those who make excuses in order to tirelessly assert how great they could be.

    It is also disappointing to hear how much these bitter beings put down the power of speech claiming the use of finely-strung words to be but a front, like a fool’s flashy magic tricks that have no real meaning behind them, failing– or refusing– to acknowledge the fact that the greatest conquerors could never have induced a fighting spirit among their army were it not for their powerful orations.

    Words, in the first place, do not work if they hold no sense, and if they are used in the wrong context. Modern customs have taken away all appreciation the masses have for a properly-tuned piano, as they have begun to rally and suggest that avant-garde outclasses order, all to defend their refusal to be humble.

    Politeness suggests “fakery”. Courteousness equals “deceit”. Diplomacy is nothing short of “cowardice”… at least according to those who refuse to acknowledge a different perspective that leaps out of their spite.

    This is exactly why we are a race constantly at war amongst ourselves.

    Very few may be good without ulterior motive, but there’s the one aspect of mankind we can never get rid of: envy. Coupled with towering self-confidence built as a mechanism to cope with their deprivation of the world’s fineries due to circumstances of the world’s most evil punishment–birth– pressed upon their unknowing backs, it makes a combination that can very well be considered inseparable.