Doctor of Everything

  • For why should god have found the need to sculpt me out of sand if he wished me to love life?

  • Killing with the intention to do so does not bother me, yet if I have taken a life by accident, it would never cease to bother me.

  • Do I need to know true fear in order to value life?

    Is treasuring life synonymous to fearing death?

  • It is laughably hilarious how there will be need to resort to humanity to reach one who once had begged from your “authority” a simple plea to listen, as a person. Better yet you will find them in the worst case possible, and they will more often be naught but hunks of metal by the time you have regained enough sense to fall from hypocrisy.

  • I never should have known the warmth of the sun if my fate is to live in the coop until slaughter.

  • A more direct thought related directly to a past incident:

    I never saw the essence or the purpose there is in a “freedom wall”. As a 1st grader, it was an odd experience to watch my seniors eagerly whip their pens out to scribble on a piece of paper that could have been any piece of paper, were it not posted on an exposed public space with dec…[Read more]

  • Ants love intruding into dinners and sipping wine that escaped the glass, but they will die when you pour an entire bottle overhead.

  • Does knowledge make us human? Perhaps it was the pursuit of it that made us so utterly detached from our nature of expected kindness, as those who know naught and have seen less are better suited to the mould of a whole heart, yet inevitability is represented by slaughter and carnage, and a desire to reign as opposed to coexistence.

  • Nothing induces madness than believing, inevitably, in an idea you despise.

  • Duality is the nature of man, yet it makes one difficult. There is no greater paradox than this innate form of self-sabotage.

  • Is it kindness when he is worried about the fact he cannot be kind? Is it humanity when he fears the prospect of lacking empathy, although it is true from whichever angle you look at? Is he heartless when he wants to know why he is loved?

  • The people undeserving of a human status are ignorantly gobbling up the grapes on their plates provided by those they have forced to live among the dogs.

  • If you can’t give them a life, do not give them a conscience.

  • It is hurtful to see that the gift of eloquence is being seen as akin to that of wishing to display one’s superiority, by people who wish to make up for their inadequacies, pointing at the sun which provides them light to blame for the heat whilst donning winter clothes in summer, and those who make excuses in order to tirelessly assert how great…[Read more]