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The Harlequine

  • Monica wrote a new post 2 years, 11 months ago

    Another recommendation from my sister who happens to be an expert on all things gory.

    There are 3 episodes during this first season. It is like no other Dracula movie out there. The 2 main characters in the […]

    • dracula was pretty good. i’ve just started octoberfest – beer & blood. its pretty good so far too. well produced, good music, edgy plot & characters. check it out on netflix πŸ˜‰

      • I will let my sister know about this. I am not so much into blood and gore unless it’s a Tarantino movie. But if the story line is good….I can tolerate it. I will give it a shot.
        YES….I enjoyed this version of Dracula. LOVE Sister Agatha. And liked how this Dracula was sort of a nod to a Boris Karloff type of Dracula.

    • Yes….creepy with some dark humor.

    • You will love this show.

    • There was a 3 part Dracula series on the BBC in January past, I wonder if it’s the same one?

      It begins when a character called Jonathan Harker visits a decrepit old man (Dracula) in Transylvania on the pretence of doing legal work for him. But he’s really been asked there for one thing, and as the days go by the old man gets younger while Harker gets more and more withered and sick.

      Probably the best modern take on the Dracula legend that I’ve ever seen. It was creepy as hell.

      • It sounds exactly like the one I posted. But I take it you are unable to see the video clip?
        I’ll try and post a photo of the characters in the post so we know for sure.
        And YES….creepy and funny.

        • I can’t see the video.

          It says: “VIDEO UNAVAILABLE the uploader has not made this available in your country.” That’s an odd thing given that the 3 part series was made and produced here in the UK!?

          Ah! Update. I can now see a picture below the video box – it is the same program.

    • I have been into vampires since my teens, but only recently read Dracula. I didn’t think I would like it because I normally like books where the vampire is the hero, or at least the conflicted person. Dracula always struck me as an evil being.

      When I read it, however, I found that I actually kind of enjoyed it so I might just check this series of 3 shows out and see if I turn out to enjoy it also.

      • Something tells me you will enjoy this. Let me know if you watch it.

        • Oh, I watched it and liked it. I am wondering what they can possibly do for another year though. I mean they are in present now, and well, you know the story so you can guess why I am wondering.

          • yeah…’re right. What can they do? I mean…present can go on for sometime if they keep a good story line going. Throw in flashback stories…..hmmmm. I don’t know if they would work. Maybe leaving it the way it ended might be the best thing. BUT…that is why great writers make the big bucks…cause they can create an amazing story line.
            Ah well……lets see what happens.

            • Yeah, I think if they want to, they can find something to keep us involved. Maybe a flash back to how Dracula got how he is….his backstory. I know that Anne Rice started out with a “simple” newspaper person interviewing a vampire, and it grew over time into about 20 or so books. That vampire that was interviewed by the reporter had met other vampires who had met others, and it kept going.

              I am still, to this day, finding books that I had never read before. So it can be done. I just have trouble picturing how it would work on this one.

              Time will tell.

              Oh and by the way, I see you said that you don’t like scary movies. I don’t consider vampire movies or books scary. In fact, I may have told you that I got over my fear of storms by watching a vampire show called Dark Shadows. I just imagined myself at Collinwood in a secret room dealing with the vampire, who was obviously in love with me etc….and the fear of storms just went away. There was always a storm at Collinwood. Speaking of which, I found Dracula very handsome also. (grin)

    • I love vampire novels to. Recently watched The Vampire Diaries and Shadowhunters on Netflix.

      • Were they good? I am not really into Vampire shows….but my sister is. She loves scary movies. She is always giving me movie recommendations that I rarely watch. But I did watch this one and liked it.

  • Monica wrote a new post 2 years, 11 months ago

    Of course there is still smoke from the northern fires…..but it was so wonderful to be at the beach. I had to zoom in because there were so many Cruise Ships floating out there….

    I absolutely LOVE […]

  • Monica wrote a new post 2 years, 11 months ago

    I saw a story on the news a few months ago about these social bubbles. You have to completely trust everyone in the bubble ….must be someone who takes being safe as seriously as you do. You can take hikes […]

    • I don’t have social bubbles as such. I see some restaurant workers a lot but for the most part most of my interaction is on the phone or computer.

      • Well…it is my first time venturing out with friends for social reasons. I have been out shopping and it felt so nice to interact with people (from a distance of course)

    • Thanks πŸ˜‰ I do hope we have a good time too….cause I will admit I am a bit wary and still am convincing myself that we will all be safe.

      I hope you all stay safe at your workplace.

  • Monica wrote a new post 2 years, 11 months ago

    Ok….so it’s only one shirt each. My sons already told me…”PLEASE don’t become one of those crazy ladies that always dresses her animals”

    • Well…….the older cat did his usual flop to the ground and just lay there for a bit. SHE….actually didn’t mind at all. I think it may have been because she did visit the groomer recently and had the β€œlion” shave. So she keeps looking for places to snuggle to get warm. He eventually started to walk around like normal.
      I had seen a video of people whose cats wear shirts and don’t mind. So I figure I would try it.

  • monicaspeaks wrote a new post 3 years ago

    Sad was September 13th. The day my father died. He fought long and hard for the last couple years. I am still in disbelief he won’t be sitting around the bon fire, or coming over for Christmas or too see my […]

    • Jules replied 3 years ago

      I feel for your loss.

      He will forever live on in your memory.

    • {{{{Monica}}}}
      What a beautiful sight that must have been…..seeing that Eagle. Your father of course chose THEE most magnificent bird to deliver his message.

      I am so sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you. My father had an eagle put on his prosthetic leg so I have no doubt it was him.

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years ago

    Such a sad day. I turned everything off to process this great loss. I was unbelievably sad and did not want to hear anything on any news channel. My heart is so heavy….. She was so remarkable.

    And of course […]

    • When I came home, yesterday, and found out she had passed, my first reaction was sadness, I actually felt tears coming up, and I NEVER do that about a public figure, either political or entertainment world. The next thing was fear and dread about who would take her place.

      • I did cry. Have you seen RBG the documentary? LOVED it. You can appreciate her so much more. I took my sons with me to see it when it came out.
        Yeah….a very sad moment in history.

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years ago

    I was getting my hair done today and my stylist was playing Madonna & Lisa Lisa and we were laughing about the good old days.

    When we were in high school we would cross the border and dance the night away in […]

    • i don’t know how but I seem to have missed Lisa Lisa, but certainly didn’t Madonna…I remember her well.

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years ago

    Well….here in America we can replace his use of “Brexit” with our upcoming election. Actually this message is worth spreading in general.

    There is common ground with all of us. I mentioned somewhere in the […]

    • Jules replied 3 years ago

      I have always found it fascinating that we as humans can build fabulous bridges that span the banks of a river or gorge, but building one to span our own differences is so difficult and seemingly out of reach.

      • No, I can’t, I tried but can’t just say no comment. I have to say that if a group of people, like those that support the current administration are intent on destroying my equal rights…I am not going to “reach across the aisle. i honestly believe that some people are, in fact, a threat to my well-being, and I won’t be what I consider dumb enough not to respond accordingly. If some one breaks into my home, I am going to try to get away from them and get the police involved, I am not going to set down and and try to reason with them.

        The same holds true for those who want to hurt me on the political and economic front, like, in my opinion those that support trump do. No, I won’t compromise, they are my adversary and I will avoid when able, discuss other things when I can and get along in that fashion, but I will not compromise my political beliefs.

      • I believe it is out of reach with a “few”. With “most”….I believe it will take years of discussion to start to find common ground and new vision to grow from there. Maybe my great grandkids will see that happen πŸ˜‰

    • No comment. πŸ™‚

    • Ok all of the above from me was meant for Monica, although It looked like some might have looked like it was Julie. To Monica, I would say, I have the experience to back up my statement. People that are gungho for trump almost always label me a commie, and I in turn see them as Nazi’s. Now do I have acquaintances or even “friends” that are republican, …probably. But we don’t discuss politics.

      When someone can only talk politics, and they are for trump and his administration, we do not, and will continue not to be friends…it just won’t happen. Yes, I have deleted some “facebook friends” because they are so far away from me politically that I see no point in communicating with them. I will simply fight politically for what I see as right and leave them alone totally. I have relatives that I am sure probably voted for trump, and may again this November…how do we get along? Well, we don’t talk about politics but then we barely talk about anything so that is no problem..

      That is the one issue that I do not see common cause with…I am for gay, Hispanic and Muslim rights and very very few of the trump supporters that I have ever met are. In fact I see a lot of hate and venom coming at me…even when they simply know who I am. I am human enough to feel anger right back…

      You will remember here that there at one time 3 of us that were political recently. One I agreed with, one I didn’t….vehemently didn’t. After one or two interactions, I simply adopted the “ignore” policy with the one I didn’t agree with, and stopped my own political posts…at least here on, I am plenty political on other sites, but even there I stay within my lane and don’t go “yelling at the unmovable on the other side of the aisle”…that just gets me as bruised as it does them. And the one that I almost totally agreed with….disappeared and I let him go without trying to hold on to him, because he kept talking…make that slamming the one that I ignore because I realized that he, also, was somebody I would never agree with.

      And the “one love” thing here….I can’t say I truly love those that I view as my enemies, but I can ignore them….and not bother them…I take the “I won’t attack if they don’t attack me” approach. That is the best I can do. πŸ™‚ Especially right now as I see our nation falling to pieces because of what is going on at the top of the structure in this country.

      I wish there was a way of deleting extra comments on this page…I would delete the other two I made. I admit, I am voliate, and react and then realize maybe there was a better way of expressing it…

      • ::: kicking my heels off::::

        :::Taking my earrings off::::

        :::pulling my hair into a pony tail:::

        You calling me out LEFTY!?!?!?

        BRING IT!


        Of course you know I am teasing. I am going to make a Starbucks run before they close but I will be back to rumble with you. You know I get what you are saying. But you are not getting all I am thinking because I don’t think I was very clear on that.

        • now, I said I only rumble with them as wanna rumble…now I can rumble right back if it comes to me…


          • No one asked you to compromise any of your beliefs. You have them…..we all have them. What he is asking is something that I do..and that’s just see each other as HUMANS. And that’s a start. Of course we can not reach the extremist. Extremist are on all sides. We can’t reach them….so if we are so lucky to work with a few on the other side…that few grows to a few more….eventually we leave those extremist in their own little corner to stew in their misery. It’s a long LONG battle here…one that we know we won’t see the end of in our lifetime. And NOT all Republicans are the same. I learned YEARS ago not to paint everyone in certain groups with a broad brush.

            Now I need to apologize for not signing back on after my Starbucks run. When I got home I had missed The Real Housewives of New York Reunion. And I also missed last weeks show. Luckily I had them recorded and needed to catch up. Yes Lefty….The NY Housewives are my guilty pleasure. I can’t tell anyone I watch them because I feel so silly to be caught up with them.
            Anyhow….AFTER I caught up with the girls I was HUNGRY. I am doing a few days of the Plant Based meals and vegetables don’t keep me full. So…I pulled out everything I could from the fridge and made a DELICIOUS salad. Luckily my son was up and ate half of it because it was HUGE and I didn’t want to have to feed the rabbits again.

            I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do. Every “people” has their soldiers.
            I have 2 gay sisters who I always stand up for. I stand for their rights. In our culture Two Spirited people have always been just a regular part of our communities. And to see people so against them is ignorance at it’s finest. And if we break that argument down it leads to belief systems. And yada yada yada……it goes on and on. Something you and I both understand and something I don’t want to get into here.
            As for our rumble…..I don’t rumble. But when I was younger and feeling feisty….I easily can toy with people. Geeez….I remember those days. I was young and bored obviously. And NOT on Thoughts. Anyhow….
            I do like the dramatics of the kicking my heels off and taking my earring off. I learned that from the housewives πŸ˜‰

            If I know someone is so set in their beliefs…..I can easily talk Unicorns πŸ˜‰

            • I admit that I am pretty set in my beliefs, and my solution is to avoid those that I know before even beginning the discussion are going to be on the other side. But then, that is also a function of my upbringing along with my life experiences.

              As you say, there may be some “on the other side” that I could have a discussion….although I doubt that they are at the level of being pro-trump, but certainly at least moderate Republicans, but see, my experience is slanted so far toward those who immediately go to attack and hate, that I find it easily not to even engage…to stay in my roadway and ignore those on the other side as much as possible, which doesn’t mean the people all together but does include anything about politics or human rights.

              I went to a counselor one time who told me point blank, that I am the type person who will be caring and even loving and reasonable as long as the people around me are that way…but if they start “taking their earrings and jewelry off and getting to rumble”…for real….I am right there with them, ready to tangle. (verbally anyway)

    • And I guess I decided that ….being “ready to tangle, verbally” or to stop engaging, was not such a bad way to be. πŸ™‚

      • If I weren’t on the payroll I would dive into the mud with you….. 🤣 But I think our mud would be sauna mud because we pretty much see eye to eye for the most part.
        As for being a caring and loving person until we aren’t….uh huh….that’s also me. Just because we are nice and caring some people will take advantage of that. So we kinda have to keep some type of guard up just to show people…don’t cross my line.
        We could yell at each other…”HOLD ME BACK” 😤

        Lefty… one day we really need to have a glass of wine. 🤗

    • The above was supposed to be “laughing my ass off”…but I think I got that wrong…**sigh**

      • I spent a whole minute trying to decipher that. I know I am behind in this hip text lingo….but I thought you knew some cool new phrase πŸ˜‰

        • Naaaawww, I am usually way behind the curve….don’t look to me for new cutting end lingo.

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years ago

    Just tired of saying…FIRE! We are at a safe distance but luckily the wind changed and we can’t smell the smoke at the moment. It was coming through our vents and ash was falling all over last night. It […]

    • Jules replied 3 years ago

      I would like to say – “Oh what lovely photographs” – but knowing the subject matter I can’t; the pictures are awful. I struggle to imagine what it’s like living within a fire season zone; each year never knowing what will happen or how bad it will get. How do you cope with that? And the smoke and fumes. . .talk about localised toxic air pollution. And you mention that the fire is only 1% contained? So how long do they estimate it will take before they get it under control, or is it an unknown factor when fighting spontaneous wildfire?

    • Ugh… can be so frustrating. Every fire is different and the weather plays a major factor. They were announcing the whole week before about the heat wave we were going to have over the weekend and warning about wild fires. The conditions were perfect for them. So when you get those warnings you know to be on alert. You have things ready just incase. We learned years ago to keep one container. In that container we keep important documents/ Flash drives with photos/ second forms of ID (passports/state IDs) credit/debit cards. So when we have to evacuate we just grab that container and GO. Everything else is replaceable. We put the cat cage somewhere we could just throw it in. But living where we live….I THINK we are safe. But seeing other fires through out the years all over California…..people who THOUGHT they were safe were proven wrong. When the Santa Ana winds pick up…..nothing is really safe unless you live in the city or certain suburbs. Those red embers can fly way up and far away in the wind. And when these fires get this big….they create their own weather systems. Right now the fire is moving east and we are west. Still only 1% contained and the military has joined in the fight. The Santa Ana winds are expected to arrive Wednesday so getting a handle on it before Wednesday is so important but it doesn’t seem likely. The direction it is heading is mostly national forest. But there are ranchers spread out all over that area.

      Truly….I was traumatized for years after being stuck in one and trying to get home only to discover EVERY way home was closed because we had fires everywhere. Now I can watch the news and not get so emotional. And it is expensive. If you don’t have family near by you are paying for hotel rooms and pet boarding until the evacuations are lifted.

      To live in a beautiful area comes with the dangers. Which use to be once a year. But with climate change….we seem to have fire season all year round.
      The news has been covering air quality all day long.

      I use to think about those people who live down Tornado Alley. Its a part of America that gets tornados every year. And their houses get blown away….people die….why do they keep rebuilding in that same area? Why do us Californians keep building after areas were burned down?

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years ago

    It’s September and firstly I am so grateful to have my son home from England. I will only have him until November before he returns to his “love”. We were and are hoping travel restrictions are lifted so […]

    • Gen replied 3 years ago

      Oh my goodness! I love your creative ideas. Can you believe this may interfere with our family time during the holidays. I was Hope we could see some sort of reprieve by now and then of course I got sick , too. I hope it works out that you can make the trip to see your mom during Halloween. Safety first 😱. Lots to consider. Good luck making holiday decisions.

    • I think I knew nothing would be the same this whole year and probably half of next year but I keep holding out hope that a miracle will happen and I can fly everywhere. I know its just my anxious side that misses date night….movies…brunch with my friends….road trips. But I step back and see the bigger picture. My parents are safe in their nook in South Dakota. My little family here is safe and healthy in our nook. It is such a small space in time that we have to make these sacrifices for the health and welfare of the whole…..yet I still just want to rip my mask off at times. Yes…I guess I can act like a spoiled brat sometimes. Ha!

      I think these “sow” ideas are creative too….I think if I am going to be home I want to do something unique.
      But I just had a 2 hour conversation with my mother…and I heard my inner voice saying…JUST GO! So I am going to work on plan C this weekend. Travel dates….hotel rooms…cat boarding…etc.
      At the last minute….cause I usually make concrete plans at the last minute….I will flip my penny in the air and see where it takes me πŸ˜‰

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years ago

    Beautiful song. More of a religious song…but I find such beauty in songs of any faith.

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE Aidy Bryant. I think she plays some of the funniest characters on Saturday Night Live. Her show on Hulu to me is absolutely funny and yet touches on some deep…maybe more semi deep topics. I […]

    • Wow it is funny Too bad I don’t have Hulu. Maybe I need to check on getting that.

      • YES….check into it. I THINK Hulu has a 30 day free trial. We’ve had Hulu for so long I can’t remember. But it may be one of those subscriptions where you have to cancel membership before the 30 days so you don’t get charged. But that would give you 30 days to watch all you want. The movie selection isn’t that great….but don’t take my word for it because I can’t remember the last time I actually scrolled through the movies. BUT…the television series are great.
        Check into it. You would LOVE Shrill.

        • hmmm, I bought a Roku attachment, which, if I ever get around to hooking it up, might be the answer. It has only been 3 weeks..LOL

          • ONLY 3 weeks……ha! Not too bad. Now if it were 8 weeks I might have to say something.
            I think we have the “fire sticks” on the tv in the family room and the tv in my room. I did have the google tv thing but it wasn’t so easy to use. I had to use my phone to control it and since my room is downstairs up against a mountain wall…signals get dropped easily. So I would sit there with a little spinning image on my screen. The Amazon Fire Sticks work amazing though. I have not had an issue with them so far.

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years, 1 month ago

    Lefty…..are you hunkered down?

    I hope everyone living in her path got out of there safely or will stay safe if you didn’t leave. They are saying she is going to be “unsurvivable” for folks on the […]

    • Hey, Laura seems to have missed New Orleans. I think it did quite a bit of damage along the border with Texas and then of course into Texas. The city in Louisiana that got the most damage seems to have been Lake Charles.

      • THANK GOODNESS for you and a “few” other people. I had to watch the weather channel because it is the in thing for these news crews to stand in the middle of a hurricane for the story. It just amazes me of how CRAZY people are….

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years, 1 month ago

    We have a local taco shop that has been there for over 30 years. They are not large and fancy…..but they have the best Carne Asada/ Salsa/Guacamole/ Beans that you can find anywhere. They make these giant […]

    • I knew how this was going to end before I read the ending. That is really sad and at the same time delivers a poignant message to us all. Fortunately, in my social bubble, I know of no one who has contracted Covid. . .yet. I just hope it stays that way.

      • YES….I hope it stays that way for you to Jules.
        My brother who moved to South Dakota just signed up to volunteer to do deliveries for people in Quarantine because of Covid. He is a retired Fireman/ex Marine so it is embedded in him to help. He is overly cautious so I feel really comfortable with him going out there and doing this.

    • I think the fact that there is so much we still don’t know about Covid-19 is what makes it even more scary. For example, they still aren’t sure you can’t get it once or twice a year, just like you can a bad cold. Imagine something like a bad cold that kills. Scary. In addition, there is research that suggests that even people who don’t show the extreme symptoms, and seem not to react, have internal damage that doesn’t become obvious till the person has a thorough examination or comes down with something latter on and then find that there is lung damage.

      So, nobody seems to really be safe from this virus, not even children. This woman that had no pre-existing weakness, at least not that anybody was aware of, passing in a week is an example of just how scary it is.

    • I don’t think it was man mad in the sense that some mad scientist brewed it up in a lab, although I could possibly be wrong on that. I do think that our pollution and continued abuse of the atmosphere has caused things to morph and mutant and become worse.

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years, 1 month ago

    My 29 year old Baby Boy is home from England. He was there for 6 months. He currently is in an Airbnb doing a 14 day quarantine before he comes home. I am happy and relieved he is back on the same soil as I […]

    • I’m glad he’s back safe and sound and. . .I hope he has nothing but good things to say about his time spent in England?

      Growls on standby!

      • You silly πŸ˜‰ He may actually be moving there. He didn’t get to experience much of it due to Covid. He was in Folkestone so he spent most of his time down by the shore. Every time he called me I heard loud seagulls.

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years, 1 month ago

    Ok Jules….I circled the comet.

    Also we drove up the mountain again tonight earlier to hopefully see the meteor shower …and unfortunately we met up with the clouds. My pictures have been horrible […]

    • OK. . .now you point it out I see it. I did look at that in your first picture but thought it was a smudge on the lens. And furthermore, my eyesight isn’t as good as it once was – so I’m sticking with that excuse! So how did the comet look to the naked eye rather than through a camera lens?

      • AMAZING! We always sit/stand in silence as we just stare out into space or at the comet or at the meteors or the sunsets/sunrise. The comet won’t be back around for another 6800 years. Just staring at it and trying to grasp that takes some time.

        • It is amazing how you can never catch anything that has a light element to it, like fireworks or a comet, with as much clarity as you see it with your own eyes.

          • For me at least this is true. Because I brought my fancier camera with new batteries the second night and we could not get it to catch light. But my son….who has thousand dollar lenses can catch everything….and things our eyes can not see. I was going to ask him to send me his pictures he took….he normally does. But this is my experience….so my fuddy duddy pictures tell my story πŸ˜‰

            • Yes, like everything else, if you have invested in the very best equipment, you have a better chance of getting great pictures. However, I never devoted the money to it to have all the big powerful lens…just the ones that came with the camera. πŸ™‚

              • At a time years ago I invested in a nicer camera but I let my YOUNGER sons play with it and it became theirs. Nowadays I don’t think I want to devote the time with pictures…so I won’t invest in another camera. But I have to watch what I say around my sons because they are already looking into cameras for me since mine isn’t acting the way it should. I told them…I don’t really think I want one now. But if I decide….I can afford to buy myself one. They buy me everything ….and things I don’t really use. I just don’t want them or anyone wasting money like that. Now if it did become my hobby or career…sure…I can see it. But I just play around with my photos which my iPhone11 does a wonderful job for just that.

                • Yea, I have a camera, but hardly ever remember to take it with me anymore. Since I don’t dress anymore, haven’t in about two years, it just isn’t worth it to me. Although occasionally I will dig it out to take pictures of scenery. Like recently I took some pictures of all the water in the street and the courtyard at my apartment to show how New Orleans rain acts.

                  • SAME HERE. I always forget it. I was taking it with me for a while there…..and I would leave it in the car. And of course…my oldest son would always find the car door unlocked with my camera and car keys in the car. AND I would never hear the end of it.
                    Yeah…I went through a real forgetful time there. So I can’t blame him for looking out for me. I was making really dumb mistakes.

                    • That reminds me of one time when I went to a movie. I gave the ticket person my money for the ticket, and turned away leaving the change and the ticket, and started to go on in. They had to call me back to give me my change as well as the ticket.

                      Now if you want to play a game of “I bet you never forgot that”, I can probably beat you..and the funny was it wasn’t even after I started getting older. I am 66 now, and that was about 25-30 years ago. LOL

    • hmmmm, what are we talking about??? πŸ™‚

    • By the way, the page didn’t give me a “reply” after your last comment, so I don’t know if you are getting the reply or not…not THAT is something I didn’t forget…LOL

      • As if I understand what you are talking about πŸ˜€
        I just hit reply and keep my fingers crossed I spelled everything correct cause I am horrible at proof reading. I really should hire a secretary.

        • What I was saying is that on your prior message….the one before I typed the message you are now responding to….I didn’t get a reply button to hit. So, I just typed it and it looked from my end like just another comment.

          • Ohhhh……got it. I think we have the response threads set to 10 comments? We can change it I think….I will look into it. Because though we don’t have many threads that get a back and forth comment is a pain when you reach the last comment and have to respond on a different line HOPING someone sees it.

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years, 1 month ago

    The Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking in a an hour or two and we are talking about driving up the mountain to watch for a bit.

    When my sons were little we would bundle them up…pack snacks and throw our […]

    • ok…just got back and I only saw 6 meteors when we read it would be 100 an hour. So we are going to go again tomorrow earlier. And I took my fancier camera and when I got there discovered my batteries were low and about to die. So….it was just a nice trip up the mountain. It was warm and dry up there.

    • I see no comet. . .where is it?

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years, 1 month ago

    I saw this story on my local news but was unable to get it to post here. I found this video with the same people on Youtube. Audio is horrible but worth trying to listen. Would be fun renovating one of these old […]

  • Monica wrote a new post 3 years, 1 month ago

    I was just talking to a friend about things we really REALLY miss and can’t wait to get back to. One being…LIVE MUSIC. Live music does wonderful things for our Spirits. All music in all forms is […]

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