• New Music From Adele

    • She still has that beautiful voice. And she still is a beautiful woman.

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    He’s got so much to live up to…

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    • Last year it was Neil Peart (RUSH) – this year Charlie Watts.

      He was one Stone I imagined would roll on forever.

      • I was just thinking about all these old bands that seem to have the gift of longevity. Truly….”Roll on forever” is what I was thinking too.

  • Yes many people are vaccinated but with the new variants being spread I still don’t feel safe doing things I love. Like a LIVE concert. Sitting in a restaurant with friends. Though I have been to their houses […]

    • These types of post are still relevant – Covid has gone nowhere and is still here.
      The one thing I still miss the most is being able to go anywhere without fear of infection – even if it’s a jaunt to my local town centre of Epsom. Last year during the height of the pandemic I sold my car because it had been sitting there going nowhere, so rather than keep paying for something I was not able to use I let it go. I actually ventured out to the hospital for a blood test last week – first time out since last year, but in all honesty things may look normal out there but deep down I still feel there is danger for the vulnerable. There is talk over here of offering certain people a 3rd jab! People are still getting infected, and people are still dying. . .an end is not yet in sight.

      • Here too…third jab. But they did approve the 3rd one for the vulnerable. Apparently people have already been getting it by being sneaky or creative…depending on how you look at it. I have the 2 Pfizer doses….but I was pondering looking for a location that is giving the Johnson and Johnson which is 1 jab. So that could be my 3rd. I shall ponder it longer….since I have the time to ponder.
        YOU SOLD YOUR CAR? That is what keeps me sane. Being able to go for drives…..going to the beach after everyone leaves….its nice being to just hop in and drive. Well….when my head isn’t spinning that is

  • Absolutely enjoy this show. I know I caught the band wagon for this show a few years late ☺️. I think I enjoy this show so much because its about the behind the scenes world of these talented artist. Getting an […]

    • This is one of those shows that I’ve heard about but never seen – presumably because it isn’t available here on the other side of the pond. I’ll check to see if it’s on Amazon Prime.

      And while we’re on the subject. . .watched a film last night (on Amazon) called “I think we’re alone now.” It stars Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning. The plot is simple and rather relevant in this time period: Del (Dinklage) spends his day walking deserted streets checking houses for dead bodies after a global pandemic wiped out 99.9 % of the Human race. One night he is woken by a firework display some distance from the library where he lives. The next morning he ventures out and finds a car with a young girl who has passed out (Fanning). Grace has a terrible tale to tell but never finds the words to do so. As their relationship develops an unexpected situation props up and comes with answers that Grace has never let out.

      This is a very good Indi-film and well worth a look.

      My film of the week!

      ps: when I logged on this morning it was wonderful to have no spam to deal with 🙂

      • I think Mozart in the Jungle would be more appealing to the Artsy type. Art in all its forms is relatable. ” I think were alone now”….I will add that to my list.
        I didnt miss zapping those spammers. But there wasn’t too much so I can’t really complain

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  • So far it’s been one month and 3 days since I quit drinking. I am starting to lose the urges to drink. I’ve been talking with friends mainly. I honestly enjoy talking to more people, so if you see this post and […]

  • So today is like my 31st day being sober from everything. Alcohol and marijuana.

    I used to smoke all the time when the pandemic first started, and it was too much. I ended up quitting, just to lower my […]

    • Thankfully I was never much of a drinker – I didn’t like the effects alcohol had on my mind and body. I actually stopped drinking altogether many years ago and have not returned to it.

      I’m sure that if your liver could speak, then it would thank you for your recent sobriety.

    • 👍

  • Becky wrote a new post, MY DECISION 5 months ago

    I have decided to call work and quit tomorrow. It’s not worth it being bullied all the time and hearing transphobic and racist jokes. I have decided to just move on from this negative situation, and try to look […]

    • Good luck with your job. Rise above the shallow people. They are but stepping stones on your journey. Have you tried earning through writing? There are numerous places you can try writing for online.

      • Thank you. I have not tried earning through writing, but maybe I could? I don’t exactly know if my writing is good enough however.

    • Have you seen some of the writing out there? The bar has been lowered so far down it’s like a doorstep now. You wont know until you try. Dont think about it, just write and submit. Even if you do get some rejections, and you may in the early stages, once you start you are only developing and growing your ‘writing muscle’ and experience. Plus, you have all of us ‘thoughtsters’ here who have your back! 🙂

  • So this blog was supposed to be about silly customers and light hearted stories. Instead I am here to vent about something else. Today at work, I left because of a nervous breakdown where I was shaking and could […]

  • So life has changed a lot, but not a lot at the same time. For the longest time, I had trouble holding down a job. I also got diagnosed with bi polar disorder and PTSD. I have been out of work since January of […]

    • Hi Becky, and welcome back again.

      We love a good read, so write away!

    • Looking forward to reading whatever you care to share. Writing is a drug, better than Facebook and social media and remember, every word you write and post makes you a Published Author!! Congratulations – you are now a Writer! Add that to your resume. 🙂

      • Thank you! That is a good way of looking at it 🙂 and I agree writing can certainly be addictive.

    • Just be careful. With the way social media can be, saying the wrong things about work, whether regarding employees or customers, can get one fired.

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