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  • That isn’t my old profile. I don’t have the email for my old profile anymore and I don’t even remember the username to be honest.

  • Becky wrote a new post 1 year, 1 month ago

    So I used to have a profile on the original site, then I had one that I made for here that I just can’t access. This is my final one (I hope) and the username is a throwback to my OG thoughts name (if anyone […]

    • Hi Becky, and welcome back to Thoughts.

      About your other profile you can’t access. Would it be “Becky 2021 – Beth Becky? Try it now.
      I think you got accidentally marked as a spammer and that is why you have been unable to access it. I have undone this action so all should be well.

      Should you not want your old profile anymore it can be deleted if you wish it so.

    • From what I understand, mental health problems don’t exist, they’re just a coverup and an excuse for sin. I believe that but don’t yet fully understand the concept. Makes ya kind pf think, doesn’t it? That it’s quite possible we do have a choice with our behaviors? 🙂

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