• Feelme answered to the question “I was shaped with time.1 week, 4 days ago

    there is always a thing to learn form your own experiences may it be bad or good one. most of our behavior comes from our surrounding but at the end its always you who decides what you are and what you wanna be the questions you have does really matters to you ? the best thing we can now do is to make peace with yourself and weak are the ones who are not kind to their-self most of people cant make peace with their own resulting damage to their own self and relations or ending up with ruining others life .yeah our family are always with us but do they deserve to be treated like that have clear idea of yourself try to know what makes you happy being unkind doesn’t help you out from your situation at last stages of our life we don’t wanna anything to regret about we all want a happy life , right? if we get a cut on our finger it hurts starts bleeding but after some days it regains its condition similarly you were hurt may be that makes you angry and feel like of being unkind but at the end you will find your own self coming sining loudly your fav songs dancing and dazzling and if you chose to be like of in bleeding sate you may lose the battle. you don’t wanna accept the defeat right you were a victim when you were not unaware of what’s this why is this ? but this should not make you weak .weak are the ones who have lost theirself somewhere in there life and not dared to find it you are not one of them remember you are always stronger than you think and your strength depends on the way you deal with the challenges and their impact and at last मन के हारे हार है, मन के जीते जीत meaning you lose when you lost yourself and you find you triumph when you are determined with your own self