• The world is made up of fools
    Who just don’t have the tools
    To make it… like me.
    Can’t you see?

    Dunno where my bread is buttered
    I still love you she uttered
    But all my life has changed
    Since away from me y […]

  • Dunno. I don’t believe in predetermination (I.E. fate). I believe we, or forces affecting us, determine our fate. I wish I could win her back. She says things haven’t changed between us except we no longer have […]

  • Sorry. Just unstable today and needed to type it out. Needed to get it out. The voice says what it will. I have no control over it. I will be fine. Just need to hold on to a world that is spinning out of control.

  • It’s not been such a good day. Not all bad but not all good. I was wound up this morning and I’m still wound fairly tight. My stomach is a mess. No I did not eat anything this morning or take my pills but I have […]

  • Yes she knows. It just doesn’t matter to her. I wish there WAS hope but it seems as if all hope is gone. She doesn’t want anymore poems from me. I’ve written her quite a few over the years. They no longer count.

  • Noah Body commented on the post, A Ramble 3 years, 4 months ago


  • Noah Body commented on the post, Dear God 3 years, 4 months ago

    Thank you. I am glad that you liked my prayer.

  • to be “just friends” with someone you’ve slept with, with someone you’ve been married to for 40+ years… it is bloody hard. No frigging wonder I’m losing my mind. But it is OK… at least I have tha […]

  • Noah Body commented on the post, dunno 3 years, 4 months ago

    Thank you. Don’t worry. I am past that now.

  • Noah Body commented on the post, A Ramble 3 years, 4 months ago

    Thank you. I will be fine. It just takes time. A lot of it apparently.

  • Noah Body commented on the post, A Ramble 3 years, 4 months ago

    Thanks. Yes I am doing better now and no I have not sold the bikes yet. Pure laziness on my part.

  • Not too bad a day. This morning was a rough one but then every morning is rough. So are the nights. Times when all I have to do is think and remember. Times like now.

    I was gonna take the bike out today but by […]

  • Well here we go again. She is going to NC and of course I can’t go. She is taking her sister and the kids. She says I went last time but I did not. Again it was her sister who went and maybe her boyfriend. Dammit […]

  • This frigging place is ridiculous. Doctors and social workers never come to you. They claim you see the doctor every day but in my experience you have to chase them down. Catch them in the hallway or go knock on […]

  • Off I go
    Into the nuthouse
    All because
    I was missing my spouse

    That’s not the whole story
    To be totally true
    I took all my pills
    When I was feeling blue

    I thought to myself
    I can’t live without her
    She’s […]

  • Dear God,

    It’s me again. I’m gonna try to stay in touch from now on.

    Well You know I screwed up again. Big time. Ended up in the crisis center, sgsin. Spent two long weeks there. But You did it again. When […]

  • Where did I go wrong? Don’t tell me. I know. I’ve lost her for good. Forever.

    I created a fake Facebook account and checked out his profile.

    He is listed as in a relationship with my wife. There are […]

  • Dear Father above,

    We need to talk. It’s been too long.

    I’ve blamed You for turning Your back on me when it was I who turned his back on You. I felt like You’d abandoned me when it was in fact I who had […]

  • Now our roof is leaking badly in our home in North Carolina. Been lots of bad storms down there. Could be storm damage. If so maybe insurance will pay for it. If not I will need to sell my car in addition to the […]

  • Not doing well again tonight. Or still. Or whatever. Am I ever doing well? I long for death. I need a job. I need a bloody miracle. I need these fucking tears to stop. I need a drink. Or a joint. Or both.

    No. […]

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