Angelito de Guzman

  • There’s no pain quite like it,

    It’s unreal but very real,

    You don’t know why you feel it,

    You just know it won’t heal.

    Life is not worth living,

    Every throb makes you ache,

    It’s in the core […]

    • Angelito….. I am sorry you are suffering with depression.
      I read this when you wrote it and I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t respond.
      I felt sorrow.
      Not knowing what to say isn’t the only reason I didn’t respond. When I use to work and one of my staff would come to me with something like this our training is to direct them to HR so they could be offered all the help they may need.
      Also not having training in the mental health field we have to really watch what we say and how we say it. So I find myself always side stepping post about depression in fear that I will say something wrong.
      But I wanted you to know….. I hope you get through this and things start to look up. And I hope you find the help you need.