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  • Benjamin Ogden posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

    I’m getting nostalgic with Working on this again is taking me back… way back…

    • I think it’s a good thing you brought it back. Especially now…with what the world is going through. We all need each other to get through these times. And YES….nostalgic is right. Some crazy characters roamed these halls years ago 😉

      • Odd ? Strange or Connected ! LOL….
        Been tripping for weeks over how the Old Thoughts was when I was invited there in Sept- 2009. And how many members I lost contact with after the first big change made to <…….
        Was Happy to find " Moni"
        And punchline < " Punchy" dropped off a PM < months ago. Never can forget the problems on the old – but I loved it…
        As is was easy to share thoughts – without having blogging skills and some of the other navigation skills.. uhh…
        During my recent- almost continual thoughts on the old thought sites. Again it was a joy to meet back up you again Ben.
        Not sure of you ever got any of my thank
        yous ? back when….. So if not !
        Thank You again Brother.

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