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    This is outright opinion not based in any fact. If you question this decision (and they say this is in response to families who want to have their whole family involved in the same activities) then look a little deeper. Enrollment and budgets have more to do with this decision than your conspiracy theory. If you still need someone to blame for this decision, here’s the list of Boy Scouts of America Board members:

    2011 National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America
    Jon E. Barfield
    David L. Beck
    Donald D. Belcher
    R. Thomas Buffenbarger
    B. Howard Bulloch
    Richard L. Burdick
    Anderson W. Chandler
    Dennis H. Chookaszian
    Keith A. Clark
    D. Kent Clayburn
    Ronald O. Coleman
    Philip M. Condit
    William F. “Rick” Cronk
    John C. Cushman III
    R. Michael Daniel
    Ralph de la Vega
    Douglas H. Dittrick
    John R. Donnell Jr.
    Terrence P. Dunn (VP)
    L. B. Eckelkamp Jr.

    George F. Francis III
    Jack D. Furst (VP)
    T. Michael Goodrich
    John Gottschalk
    Earl G. Graves
    Stephen G. Hanks
    Michael D. Harris, Esq.
    J. Brett Harvey
    Aubrey B. Harwell Jr.
    Stephen Hemsley
    Larry W. Kellner
    Lyle R. Knight (VP)
    Robert J. LaFortune
    Joseph P. Landy
    Mark P. Mays
    Robert J. Mazzuca
    Francis R. McAllister
    Drayton McLane Jr. (VP)
    Ronald K. Migita

    Douglas B. Mitchell
    Thomas S. Monson
    José F. Niño
    Scott D. Oki
    Francis H. Olmstead Jr.
    Arthur F. Oppenheimer
    Bruce D. Parker (VP)
    Aubrey B. Patterson
    Tico A. Perez (National Commissioner)
    Wayne M. Perry (National President)
    Christian H. Poindexter
    Frank Ramirez
    Robert H. Reynolds
    Roy S. Roberts
    Steven R. Rogel
    James D. Rogers
    Matthew K. Rose (VP)
    Henry A. Rosenberg Jr. (VP)
    Nathan O. Rosenberg (VP)
    Eric Schultz (Regional President)

    O. Temple Sloan Jr. (VP)
    Marshall M. Sloane
    Charles H. Smith
    John F. Smith
    Wesley J. Smith (Regional President)
    Roland Smith
    Randall L. Stephenson (VP)
    Rex W. Tillerson
    C. Travis Traylor Jr.
    James S. Turley (International Commissioner)
    Gerald J. Voros
    David M. Weekley
    Steven E. Weekes
    Gary E. Wendlandt
    Togo D. West, Jr.
    Brian Williams (Regional President)
    James S. Wilson
    R. Ray Wood
    Thomas R. Yarboro (Regional President)

    *Note Rex Tillerson is on that list.