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  • Phoenix posted an update in the group Group logo of Just Life...Just Life… 1 year, 4 months ago

    “Why me?” “Why has My life been chosen to be this way?”
    These along with few more questions have been always going through my mind since past 3-4 years now. And well…as the life goes on, it’s just increasing on a daily basis. Been through a lot of things throughout all these years. Am sure it’s the same for each of us here in this group, in this world.
    Lost my best partner in love…my beloved husband to cancer on 9th May 2021. But this questions did not start on that day. It started the day when I realized that whatsoever I might do, it’s never gonna be enough for my in-laws. My husband (who otherwise Always supported me) could realize it very well, but could not support me further as he was dependent on my in-laws financially and physically (in my absence wen I went to office). I still try to justify the decision of my husband being taken by my in-laws back t their hometown – booking of tickets for the 3 of them – without even letting me know about it.
    I still try to think if it’s so wrong for a wife to support her family (the one after marriage) financially and being independent but at the same time being with my husband.
    I just get lost sometime in these thoughts which triggers the awful memories and hence sleepless nights