• i bite myself when i loose control. as hard as i can . Intentionally. but ive never torn y skin or bled . A bruise is common though . maybe i do it to calm down and i think it works . but i guess its fine because […]

  • I was just watching a drama and this scene came in which the female main lead was crying for help and it bothered me . Not for the first time . It has always bothered me when someone begs for help . Like no , u […]

  • is love real?

  • how nice it would be if the world was as good as we thought

  • So , today i couldn’t keep my thoughts in and wanted to share it all . I’m a feminist . I’ve been one even before i knew what the word meant . idk its just in me . but now its eating me . its getting toxic for me . I found out that it has changed who i am . Since i was 15 year old , ive been acting fake because i hate the fact that i’m a girl . I…[Read more]

    • You do not have to be a specific gender to be yourself! You can have a body of a girl and act ‘boy’. There isn’t a guidebook on how to be a girl or a boy. We change as humans and evolve. Who I was 1 year ago (even a month ago) is very different from who I am now. Why? Because we go through things, learn, evolve, and get to know ourselves better.…[Read more]

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