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  • mercy rains

    the storm has been gentled into a softy constant patter on the roof..

    it falls almost straight to the place below..

    not enough wind to push the weight of it aside..

    I have come to realize […]

  • olla posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    @zengen it’s good to see you again.. seems we still have a friendship from before.. I didn’t need to accept.. it is good when the ties that bind work as they should..

  • well.. I just happened to need to open the email account I have connected to this site and found email from some old friends.. so I came to respond to them.. and what to my wondering eye did I find.. not one.. […]

  • The week is about to end. Another day marked off my dwindling life.. I am getting very miserly with my time these days and I don’t like wasting any of it. I like it even less when someone else wastes it for me. […]

    • No surprises for me today. Just another normal 24 hours in lockdown. . .if you could call that normal?

    • My surprise…..a second sewing machine delivery.

      I wanted to make mask so maybe a month ago I ordered a simple basic sewing machine. I had given mine away years ago. I didn’t want anything too big or too fancy because I was just going to make face mask. But when the machine arrived it was having issues sewing over the elastic band part. I had to keep rethreading and thought….I could have hand sewn this faster. So I packed it up and was going to send it back when they contacted me and said they would refund me but they did’nt want the machine back. I could throw it away or donate it. So I ordered another machine.I wasn’t going to …figured so many people were making mask that I would just order some. But I had already ordered all the supplies for the mask that I better just make them. Plus…it was a project that would occupy some of my “lockdown” time. The second machine arrived a few days ago. It’s a Singer…a little bigger and it works like a charm. Mind you…sewing machines are sold out everywhere so I felt lucky to find it.
      Well….I look out on my porch and there is a box. It’s a second Singer sewing machine.
      I checked my order email and it was just one machine I ordered. I checked my account and no second charge. I tried calling a few times….I don’t know why I bothered because I tried calling a few weeks ago for a curbside pick up and no one answered I tried calling for 3 days and no one answered. I even drove there and the line was around the building. SO I did’nt get my order and they emailed me to let me know they were putting my order back and I would’nt be charged. So if they did’nt answer then…why would they answer now. I tried the 800 number…..nothing. So I sent them an email and will wait for a response.
      So now I have 3 sewing machines.
      Yeah….not a fun exciting surprise….but a surprise.

    • oh this is good.. you could start a small cottage industry and hire a couple of employees and then you would be eligible for PPP monies..

    • I’ve heard others stories about online orders that had to be sent back and the customer was told to keep the product and they wouldn’t be charged … but I must say, three sewing machine delivered to the same address is a bit much. ๐Ÿ™‚ All-in All, that was quite a surprise. I think it is important to look each day for a nice surprise … to expect one, in fact … it doesn’t have to be anything spectacular … just something that will give us reason to smile and take notice. As a society of people, I feel most of us take our daily dose of surprises for granted … and sadly to say, we do not deem the little ones as ‘a surprise’ at all. So far today, I have been surprised by a $85.00 discount in my auto insurance, discovered that my Thoughts.com account was still open ( haven’t used it in quite some time ๐Ÿ™‚ and I was also surprised when I found pictures of old classmates in my Inbox that I hadn’t checked in over a month or so. ๐Ÿ™‚ … Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • good morning thoughts,com.. it’s a lovely rainy morning here on the coast.. I can’t tell you how good it is to have a palace to go again.. it feels like home.. I do know it is going to be different but I haven’t […]

  • olla and Profile picture of JulesJules are now friends 2 years, 3 months ago

  • it has been an interesting day.. I want to thank Jules for helping me find my way around.. I think I can work with this.. we’ll see..

    I sent requests to those I could find.. if you changed your name let me […]

    • You’ll do ok. Basic posting is very simple, as soon as you click on *New* it takes you straight to a block with a Title and text field. And fundamentally, that’s all it is. . .blocks, blocks, blocks.

      If you post videos. . .yes, there’s a block for that, too. But if you rarely do that and only post text you’ll have no trouble at all and find it a breeze. For future problems, if you encounter any, either myself or the mods will be able to help you sort them out.

    • thank you so much for all of your help.. I do sometimes post visuals but I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.. we’ll see..

  • imagine my surprise when I opened that email account because there was some new activity.. some one by the name of toyray was requesting friendship on a site called thoughts’com.. how could this be.. I spent days […]

    • where do I find the pending friends requests

      • Top right. Look for “Howdy olla” and hover your mouse curser over it. The drop down list will have a highlighted option in blue, There will also be a sub menu where the ‘friends request’ is. click on it and that should take you the appropriate page.

    • I’m fairly sure that everyone on the ‘Thinkr’ site was more than surprised when it went off-line, (I was) and even more surprised when the next day ‘Thoughts.com’ went live once again where Thinkr used to live. I can imagine that as the word gets round more and more old ‘thoughtsters’ will return to the fold.

      As for privacy settings, I don’t think there is one. I have never seen any option to keep one’s post private or public. So until that option is an option, I wouldn’t post anything that you don’t want the world to see. I don’t know if any plans exist to introduce a privacy feature, that’s something for Ben to enlighten us all on.

      So welcome back to Thoughts. . . the next generation.

      ps: I actually remember you from thoughts back in the day.

      • thank you so much for your help.. I think I am finally starting to get started.. it’s been awhile so we’ll see where it leads..

    • I take the privacy thing back. There are 3 options on the editing page.

      1. Public. Visible to everyone.
      2. Private. Only visible to site admins and editors.
      3. Password Protected. Protected with a password you choose. Only those with the password can view this post.

      These options can be found at the right of the editing screen under ‘visibility.’

  • Not doing so well today. Actually I haven’t been doing so well. Depression has been a near constant companion and when it’s not depression it’s full blown manic along with spells of psychosis. I can’t go on like […]

  • I’ve been really, really god these past couple of weeks. Ever since the doc upped my risperidal intake to maximum I have been flying normal. Normalcy is not to be underrated when you’ve had the past few months […]

  • I have been having really good days. Despite minor fluctuations, minor diversions from centerline, I have actually been living life for once. I have been smiling. I actually laugh with my wife. Real laughter and […]

  • It’s been a strange sort of day. Been down then up. I am finishing the day on an up beat.

    All told my ups and downs have been very mild. Like the gentle, rolling swells of the ocean on a bright, sunny […]

  • I have never met a mentally disordered person who would not have easily scored in the genius range on an IQ test. I myself easily score in the low 160’s in every test I’ve ever taken. Genius begins at 147. So it […]

  • I am bipolar type II. Not I have bipolar. It is not a disease. It is a disorder and yet it is my life. In addition I have schizo effective disorder, dissociative identity disorder and generalized anxiety […]

  • Good morning world.

    It’s gonna be another good day. I can feel it. Stable and sane are the name of the game. I think the additional risperidal are really paying off. I double checked my script and realized […]

  • It’s been a good day despite being a little unstable. The weather was beautiful, perfect for yard work. I helped my daughter as she cut down all the shrubs along our fenceline. I carried the cut pieces to the […]

  • I’m so hungry. Hungry for love. Lost and alone. I need someone to love me like I used to be loved. But never again. I cannot do it agin. My heart is too raw and bleeding.

    Damn. I am really down. Been there […]

  • Allie,

    I miss you. A lot. As I think of you the tears arise. I sit here rmembering the past and my heart breaks anew.

    I know I have been so weak lately. I have needed you so bad. I am sorry for that. I […]

  • “Sometimes we live a life for others. Sometimes we don’t care enough to live it for ourselves, so we live it for themโ€ฆ. Sometimes that must be enoughโ€ฆ.

    For our siblings. For our wives and sons and dau […]

  • It is a good morning and I sense that it will be another good day. 3rd one in a row. I am on a roll. Thank You God for these days. I get few enough of them and so I must be thankful for each and every one.

    I […]

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