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  • dyrtyredd started the topic Fall TV is Almost Here in the forum Discussion 5 years, 9 months ago

    Every year I look forward to the fall hoping for something new and interesting to be on offer for entertainment. I haven’t seen a whole lot that has promise just yet, but I’ve learned to be patient (kind of) in these things. I have all but given up entirely on broadcast TV except for comedies. Cable and subscription services just have a lot more leeway to produce more realistic dramas than the sensors allow for broadcast TV. I prefer a level of realism over the watered-down, PC, kid-friendly versions they offer on the networks. I particularly hope some of the sci-fi/space series will be good. There hasn’t been too many in recent years and I’m looking forward to the new Star Trek series with both anticipation _and_ trepidation. There’s always the fear they will screw it up and tarnish a great franchise with a huge flop.