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  • dyrtyredd started the topic Who are you? in the forum Politics 5 years, 9 months ago

    The political climate today is so charged with hate and vitriol that it’s hard to tell who’s who. Those that have a dislike for some other group simply use that label as a pejorative in order to insult and denigrate those in the group or even loosely affiliated. But how do we now see ourselves? How do we each define what our ideology/philosophy means in the context of the political climate in which we now live? Are you a Republican? A Democrat? A Liberal? A Conservative? What do they even mean anymore? I have tendencies that could be attributed to BOTH Republicans AND Democrats, Liberals AND Conservatives. How should I identify? Should I identify with any at all? I usually stick with “Independent,” because it gives some wiggle room to be on either side, but it’s really not a position so much as a distinct _lack_ of a position on most issues that define current party politics. Perhaps it’s time to move beyond party politics. Certainly it’s time we move beyond the binary choice model that forces us to agree with those to which we wouldn’t otherwise give the time of day. Forcing us to side with the “lesser of two evils” isn’t true democracy.