• Just checking in after 2 years myself. Still as difficult to navigate and understand. There are whole pages and areas I haven’t a clue what to do with. I really miss the ease and simplicity of Thoughts.com and […]

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    I could never get into the Showtime version, having already seen and thoroughly enjoyed the entire series from the UK.

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    Star Trek: Discovery begins Sept. 24 @ 8pm (eastern usa) on CBS All-Access.

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    Sure thing! Glad to hear your not having any issues. That bodes well for us all.

  • When considering HC (healthcare) in America one immediately thinks of the ACA, or “Obamacare,” as that representation. This, however, is false. The ACA does not, never did, nor was ever intended to provide, or even address actual healthcare. No, the ACA is a pure insurance pyramid scheme relying on ever-increasing numbers to maintain the sys…[Read more]

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    Say you have a good premise for a show or a movie. Where does one go to learn how to turn that into a manuscript or screenplay? If you simply start writing in an open forum like this one, what prevents others from stealing your work and/or idea(s)?

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    Every year I look forward to the fall hoping for something new and interesting to be on offer for entertainment. I haven’t seen a whole lot that has promise just yet, but I’ve learned to be patient (kind of) in these things. I have all but given up entirely on broadcast TV except for comedies. Cable and subscription services just have a lot more…[Read more]

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    So far I’ve had just the one instance of random text being inserted into a post that I was able to fix by editing and reposting. I was cutting and pasting from Word and wondered if anyone else was having any issues.

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    So far things have gone pretty well. There was a long string of code or something that was inserted into one of my posts that I did not write. I had to “edit” the post to remove it, and it did not reappear afterward. Aside from that one thing, it all seems to be functioning. Now I just have to get used to it and figure out _where_ everything is.

  • There are quite a few features available here. So many that it’s kind of intimidating to just jump in, but there’s no other way I can see to figure it out other than to simply jump right in and start experimenting. I doubt I will ever use evn a quarter of what’s available, but it’s nice to know there’s so many options and possibilities. IMO there…[Read more]

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    Religion is the Opioid of the Masses ~Karl Marx

  •    There’s zero chance of changing the attitudes that have led to the current climate in political discourse. There’s a feedback loop wherein one party gets power and abuses it to get what they want, just to see t […]

  • I first posted this back in 2013 but I believe that it is still valid and relevant. I would add that the Chinese have made several advances in their space program since then, and it will likely be their […]

  • The Left has used this strategy time and time again to great effectiveness. They demonstrate this in every interaction with specific groups under the guise of “addressing constituent-specific concerns” rather than […]

  • Yes, that’s it. I guess there’s going to be a steeper learning curve (for me) than I had anticipated. Thanks. Is there a tutorial of some kind available to showcase the site functionality and features?

  • So far I’m not a fan. I just posted something and I can’t see it anywhere. Once I hit “enter” it showed me my post and I believed it to be complete. Did I just waste 15 minutes typing just to have it deleted? […]

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    The political climate today is so charged with hate and vitriol that it’s hard to tell who’s who. Those that have a dislike for some other group simply use that label as a pejorative in order to insult and denigrate those in the group or even loosely affiliated. But how do we now see ourselves? How do we each define what our ideology/philosophy…[Read more]

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