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  • Being a mom is no easy job. You care for them from the time their little and on into adulthood. Being a mom never stops. I came here today to write because as a mom going through a difficult time with one of my […]

  • benventure wrote a new post, Impermanence 1 week ago

    ive been thinking recently

    about this impermanent place

    where we bear ourselves

    and while my heart hangs heavy

    i can say it makes me glad

    to write out into the oblivion

    to meet someone, some […]

  • My spooky little sister has been bugging me to watch these stories. If you remember….she is the Queen of Spooky Town and if she is saying these are scary I 1000% believe her. She texted the other night after […]

    • Ok….so I was wrong. You can not watch it on Youtube…(I think) My sister told me she watched them on Amazon Prime and rented them. I don’t know when I will get to watching the series….but I will. I just finished “Expedition Bigfoot” on Discovery +. And unless anyone else here is somewhat a believer I am not going to share my findings 🧐

    • Boy oh boy was I WRONG! This is the wrong movie. The correct movie is called “Backwell Ghost” and there are 5 episodes. We watched the first one and I was sooooo disappointed. VERY VERY disappointed. Granted I always make efforts to debunk everything so I debunked scenes as I watched the movie. MAYBE if I went in not thinking about that I might have been scared. 👎
      My little sister asked us to just watch one more before we give up on this….so we said we will watch it tomorrow.

    • Are you sure you’re sure this time?

    • There are lots of these type movies and series around. It is funny how I react with fear one time, and the next time something just as scary seeming on the surface doesn’t even made me gasp once. I don’t usually chose to watch things that are supposed be scary thought, most of the time.

  • Social media IS an addictive and deadly drug, which has claimed so many lives, so many stolen moments of time which should be used doing something more important, like spending time and sharing with loved ones. Who really thinks, or cares what someone else had for their last meal really? I know this to be true because I was one of those addicts…[Read more]

  • I have been refocusing myself in light of recent events. To my surprise, and disappointment, I was sucked into the mob mentality of all the negativity that has been going on and, lost in that tornado of destruction, I lost myself for the longest time. It took too long to realise that the person I was during that time was (is) not “me”! Presumably…[Read more]

  • I have always been told that my heritage is Scotch-Irish.  I don’t know about that, I suspect I am a heins 57 mongrel, but let’s say that the Scotch and Irish cultures has a certain fascination for me.  I l […]

    • Hi Friend 🤗
      YEARS ago….early 2000’s I went to see the Irish Tenors in concert and fell in love with Ronin Tynan ❤️ It is one of my most favorite concerts I have attended. They all sang so beautifully and they would joke around between songs. So funny. And when they sang Danny Boy there was not a dry eye in the crowd. I will try and post a short video of them at the end of this post.

      We use to have a few Scots and Irish who posted with us. The Scotsmen would get wild and unruly so they would have to keep them apart 😁 (Teasing of course) Mr. Bradly still post with us.
      We had a poster who was half Scots and was born in Canada and learned to play Bagpipes because it was what they did over there.I guess you would call them culture classes of sorts. He learned Bagpipes and he was about to start the Gaelic classes but he didn’t complete them for some reason. I can’t remember the reason.
      Anyhow…..you should look into your family tree.

      Irish Tenors💜

      • I haven’t looked into my family tree and when my mother was still alive, she could never go back more than 2 generations before the names started blurring or being unknown. But there is site where for about 130.00 or so, they are supported to be able to accept a blood sample and see who all else has been tested that is related to you. I have been thinking about trying that.

        And the singing of the tenors was good also.

    • As this song is so widely known and enjoyed by many, I find the fact that no one knows who actually wrote the music (lyrics came after the fact) more fascinating than the song itself.

    • Thanks, James. I am glad we finally got your comment up here so I can respond. Very glad you like. Actually a Christian song “Amazing Grace” is I think my very favorite song for bagpipes, but this one is wonderful too.

      We never truly lose our roots, I don’t think, any of us.

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  • Today I came to the conclusion

    that all the tears we cried as a child,

    were trial runs for our future.

    The disappointments we thought were life ending as children,

    were test runs for all the pain we […]

  • And it’s coughing

    And it’s aching

    And it’s breathing

    And it’s taking

    Everything from me

    My dear.

    And theres nothing I can do

    And I’m bound to do anything

    And everything I can

    To […]

  • tiny preaching hands

    stretching to known wilderness

    gets plea unanswered

  • So …I ended getting the first Vaccine a few weeks ago. I didn’t think my sons Tribe would include me in their Vaccination list but they asked my sons if I wanted it or anyone else in our household. I felt […]

  • While the patriotic congress members present real factual evidence that a narcissistic authoritarian President of the United States was instrumental, even though not an actual participant, in the attempt to […]

    • As predicted 🙄

    • Growing up in the 70’s, we were able to leave our vehicle un-locked, as well as our home. Today you need state of the art security systems, and even that is not full proof. The leadership of this great country have not been doing anything but making things worse. They talk a good talk of making improvements, they fail terribly in they’re actions.

  • Do you ever watch shows, or videos from a few years back

    and think to yourself, “where is your mask?! go put it on”

    and wish you could go back and hope and hope and hope

    and lying to yourself say that […]

    • Yes….I sometimes look forward to finding movies from the 70’s to watch. I don’t exactly know why….I wasn’t even a teenager in the 70’s. And no…I don’t even think about mask if I am into a good movie.

      As for the rest of the write……… sigh.

  • benventure wrote a new post, Answers 2 months ago

    Where can we go when all options fail

    To those comfortable normals

    Those shows, those albums, those cozy dens of degenerates

    And why would we stay there?!

    Is it better than the life we live […]

  • Red Cruz posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Ever since this pandemic began, I felt like my life is also in suspension. Am I the only one?

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