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    “My Passion”
    Every single one of us should have our very own personal creation story. God doesn’t communicate with all of us in the same way. Just like parents have unique relationships with each of their children, God has individual dealings with us. We have different nicknames for and different conversations with our children. Our relationship with God is like that. God has many nicknames and roles in my life . My name for God is Love. I worship Love in all of its forms. God whispers special things to me that he doesn’t whisper to anyone else. We all have a name for God and all of them are true. The only thing is, we don’t realize that we are all in love with the same God, because there can only be one God in this world. In my creation story, we are all God collectively. Creation is God to me. I see God every time I look at one of your faces. Never leave anyone out or judge them for their creation story. If you do that, it cancels out your own faith in a loving God. Don’t judge someone’s way to peace in their head. No one has the right to tell you who God is to you. Never would I push my beliefs on anyone else, because in my book there is no conversion in my religion. There’s only an inspiration to love yourself and other people. So pray for me to your God, because he’s my God as well. Happy Love Day.🦋

    • The first time I saw her, I was amazed,
      she was unimaginably beautiful,
      everything I had ever known to wonderful and gorgeous was her.
      Every mistake and misplaced thought
      Led back to her,
      and she was so calm
      and so cool
      and knew me so well
      better than me
      because God she was my mother
      And she’ll always go on.