• Jennifer Lynn Cochran posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    “Im In Love With An Alien”
    I’ve been on google studying again. This time I was curious about all of the space exploration that’s been going on. We are studying and sending research satellites to Mars. They want to see if life can be maintained on the planet. They’re also sending more people to the moon for deeper exploration. People are always going on about there being life on other planets. I tend to agree with that. Space is so huge that we could never explore the depths of it in a lifetime. We are so busy looking for intelligent life in outer space while all along we will find out that we are not the most intelligent beings in the universe. What if we can’t see the aliens with our microscopes? What if they can’t reach us in communication? Maybe we don’t recognize their communication? Just like we are curious of Mars and have researched for years ways to land on or inhabit the planet, what if aliens are doing the same with our planet? What if the aliens are just having a breakthrough in space exploration like we are, and they are just about to land on our planet? I’m serious here. We may not find beings exactly like human beings, but I’m convinced that even animals are more intelligent than we give them credit for. We can never really get into another being’ s mind. Space is magical. I was looking at real photo images of the earth taken from outer space. They are awe inspiring. There are people living in space stations out in the vast depths of space right now. I believe we are the aliens up there. We all evolve into spiritual celestial energy when we die. Our energy surging free through space without our bodies. We are Energy…study energy. I did and I took it spiritually and it changed my life. Energy can’t be destroyed. Just never ending energy cruising the milky way.
    Well , that’s my theory on life. I think we are aliens here on earth and when we die we go to a new home that houses energy. See what google does to me? I’m a mad scientist. Wouldn’t it be neat to be an astronaut? That’s alien stuff man. 🦋

    • I am a moonrock, and as such I’ve seen all this so much, so many times before. They come along with their evolution and say “Oh I thought this up, never could this be without me!” And as a rock I regard and accept it.
      And a small time passes, and I am still just what I’ve always been, and the thing says “Oh look at how far I’ve come, where once I had to do the thinking, now someone else else can do it for me!”
      And it passes a hundred and thousand and million and billion times and I’ve heard it all before.
      And its always the same, its always, this doesnt do that or this cant be here so I must be right.
      And those fleshy little aliens, they come and go, with their big words and bigger ideas
      And the rummage over here and there, and love this and that, and kill him and them, and go on and on

      And there we are, watching.