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    Roger: Judy said my apartment stinks.
    Craig: Who’s Judy?
    Roger: My sister. You met her.
    Craig: Not ringing a bell.
    Roger: At Junior’s wedding.
    Craig: Not ringing a bell.
    Roger: Well, you were so damn drunk, it doesn’t surprise me.
    Craig: Ya know, your place does stink. A little. Not bad, you know, just . . .
    Roger: So does yours!
    Craig: Hell, I know that.
    Roger: So what are we going to do about it?
    Craig: I ain’t gonna do a goddam thing about it.
    Roger: She said I should get some bleach and some windex.
    Craig: That’s not bad advice if you want your place to smell like bleach.
    Roger: No, I hate that.
    Craig: You kinda stink a little bit too, my friend.
    Roger: So do you!
    Craig: I don’t care. If you don’t like it, there’s the door.
    Roger: Hell, I don’t care. I wouldn’t mind cleaning my place up a little, though. There must be some way to get the place smelling better.
    Craig: Oh, there is most certainly a way. Guaranteed to work, 100% every time.
    Roger: What?
    Craig: I don’t recommend it.
    Roger: What is it?
    Craig, Rog, if you want your place clean and smellin’ good, you’re just gonna have to go out there and git yerself a woman!
    Roger: Oh, shit no. I don’t need that kind of pressure.
    Craig: Get a dog then. Blame it all on the dog.
    Roger: Good idea.
    Craig: Ready for another beer?
    Roger: What kind of dog?
    Craig: Do you like your sister?