• Dejan Hushi posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    My sloth mind.
    Today, my eyes tried to wake me up at 6:15am but my mind wanted to lay in bed a bit more. In the battle my mind won and I slept till 9:00am. Later, I regretted the victory of my mind. I think it has forgotten it is a mind of a human being and that it has got lots of work to think upon and do.
    If it continues to pull back my body back to bed then there are chances that I forget my intellect and it will really be a waste of billions of years of evolution, as a homo sapien. I wish my mind would understand this soon and start behaving like a human, instead of just waking up, eating and surviving like any other animal on this planet.

    • I know this feeling Dejan. I could kick myself for just rolling over and going back to sleep when I KNOW I should just wake up early. I can’t stand sleeping in late…I feel as if I missed so much sunshine. I learned to just set my alarm for 15 more minutes. So I can go back to sleep….but for only 15 minutes.