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  • According to our reader:

    My friend was looking at PA election results on the Associated Press and as you can see from the screenshots and time stamps Trump loses votes between each picture while Biden gains […]

  • Hold The Line!

    We already know there were at least two system ‘glitches’ in Michigan during the 2020 election. 

    First in Antrim County and then in Oakland County votes were switched between the Republic […]


    I am just now catching up on videos so please excuse me if I over do the video posting. I may have been exposed to Covid so I am quarantined….. which means watching movies…catching up on videos […]

  • Anyone else watch SNL political skits? I don’t think I like Jim Carrey playing Biden. I admit I have not been watching them lately…..but I do love the way Alec Baldwin plays Trump. I find this one a bit […]

  • Hold The Line

    Huge news tonight.  There are reportedly 132,000 change of address flags in Fulton County, Georgia ballots. These ballots are likely ineligible.

    The Biden campaign leads in Georgia by about […]

  • Hold The Line

    About Pennsylvania…


    This is official county-level timed voting data that started at 2020-11-04 11:00:00, a day after the election, to 2020-11-07 11: […]

  • I had a good belly laugh today when Fox, AP, and CNN called the presidential race for Biden.

    Fox was as premature on this as they were with calling Arizona for Biden, but they did both for the same reason. […]

  • Can it be true? Will it stick? Can the world celebrate?

  • Seditious conspiracy (18 U.S.C. § 2384) is a crime under United States law. It is stated as follows:

    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United […]

  • Who controls election security?


    How do you prove mail in ballot fraud?

    One method would be to cross reference voter requests for early voting and absentee ballots with names on the Social Security […]

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  • Red Dog Casino

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  • …..8 Hours of background noise 😉

    Yeah…… I have this going in the background tonight/this morning. Its beautiful to look at too. Reminds me of 6th Grade Camp when we took a day hike around the mountains. […]

    • I know how the mind just naturally turns to Covid whenever there is any kind of cold like symptoms, or even allergies. I have allergies that go most of the year, and it keeps me on edge about Covid-19. I had a blood test and that was negative. But until some people, I am still wearing a mask and social distancing around other people and will do until the numbers are back down again…or a truly trustworthy (as indicated by the medical experts) vaccine is fine that stops the virus.

    • I saw that Costco had covid tests. Yesterday they were talking about having people do their own contact tracing because the demand is so high

  • This is a true story about my time at the Hard Rock Casino in Punta Cana DR with the guys from the Bovada gaming group.

    Many years ago some friends in my industry organized a Bovada casino gambling event for […]

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  • It was 101′ degrees here almost every day last week and I was sitting in my air conditioned home looking out at the ocean wondering….. will Fall ever come? So I decided to find fall scented candles to try and […]

    • Oh how fun! And great idea to try to get in the fall spirit! I know what you mean about the heat. Here in north Florida there is just a “tinge” of fall in the air. Just barely… 🙂

      • Florida? I wonder if I get more of a fall than you? We actually have has overcast the few days with light sprinkles today.

    • Nice assortment of candles.

      • Well…..I didn’t order all of those ones. I just loved the names of them. But of those I did get “Black Cat” “Cozy Kitten” “Staying Home” I didn’t care for the scent descriptions on the other ones. I did order these ones….

        Not really happy with them. I was looking for a bonfire type of scent.

        • oh well, sorry about that. Good luck finding what you really want. I don’t burn candles, all I do with them, on those very rare occasions when I get some–usually because it is to benefit a charity, I just look at the pretty color of the physical candle. 🙂

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  • I had been planning on buying a few plants for my terrace garden, as I haven’t had a chance to go out in the past seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, I convinced my husband to go with me and we […]

    • I absolutely love gardening. You are correct….it is so relaxing to dig into the dirt with your hands, plant seeds and watch them grow. This year I only grew heirloom tomatoes on the lower balcony. On my upper balcony I have a few different flowering plants. One I absolutely love is my Night Jasmine. The scent flows through the door and it is so wonderful. Can’t wait to see your Orchid.
      We have a local group that trades plants. With so many people being stuck at home through this pandemic many started growing plants for the first time. So they sign up for this group where they trade. I saw the story on our local news station. Us humans can be so creative.

      • Oh I am so delighted to know that you share my enthusiasm for gardening. I am sorry I got in late replying back. I had 2 busy days, and just sat down to check my comments and messages here. I grow mint, turmeric, ginger, eggplant, aloe vera, basil and many varieties of indoor plants. I have only two types of orchids. One is known as Dancing Girl and the other looks like an eagle when bloomed. I agree that we can be pretty creative. 🙂

        • My father always planted a large garden every summer when I was young so my memories of fresh vegetables are wonderful. Maybe next summer I’ll be able to plant more on the back hill. I just have to work on the path and hire a crew to make layers on the hill. We shall see how that all turns out.
          The Dancing Girl Orchid sounds beautiful.

    • Ah yes, just being out in nature, for me, does that!

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