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  • This picture is 2 weeks away from being 2 years old. Chubs is going to be 12 years old in September. He’s the bigger cat by the way 😉 12 years ago I was searching and searching for a Calico cat. My sister called […]

  • Rosenstein wrote a total of three scope memos giving Mueller permission to rove around unchecked in a fishing expedition to not only target Trump officials, but to play defense and cover up the Obama […]

  • This is an old ‘decadent’ favourite of mine ever since I saw the recipe in one of our evening news papers. Somehow I’ve lost the recipe but there are lots of others scattered about the web which are all very […]

  • Yes…I posted about this when it first came on TV but the second season is out and I think it is funnier and more entertaining.

    Has anyone seen this show yet?

    • I haven’t seen the show but I was part of a movie watching group for a while. We watched a different movie every week, and one week, this was the choice. The host had something like 25,000 movies so we would vote, as a group on what to watch from a particular category. One week the original movie happened to be the pick.

      It was funny in a very offbeat way. The phrase I remember best is the vampires are out and run into a group of werewolves. The two groups don’t get along. Anyway, one of the vampires says “yeech, I smell dog” as they pass by one another.

      I didn’t know it was a TV show. Where can it be found…netflix, amazon prime?? or is it on one of the regular stations somewhere. I can check amazon prime myself since i have that one. It looks like the updated tv version might be even funnier than the movie.

    • It is so funny. I watch it on FX on cable but they are showing it on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. The Werewolf episode was last season and FUNNY. I’ll post a clip I found on youtube.

      Your movie group sounds like a fun group. I hope someone had a nice big screen for everyone to enjoy it on.
      My favourite place for a movie was the Independent Movie Theater. Not just because they had nice big leather recliners and wine…..but because I love a good independent movie. THAT is something I miss in this lockdown…a good movie in the theater. I am going to have to dig for my projector and watch something on one of the walls.

    • Oh good grief.. 🙂 And some people thought Twilight was weird…(I loved Twilight, glttery vampires and all.

    • I’ve heard of it but never seen it. I think it’s available on Amazon or Netflix, or Sky even, but outside of subscribed TV it’s not shown over here. . .yet.

  • I don’t really remember what Boris said…but my son called me yesterday from England to discuss the protestors in America. And during the conversation he says…”Boris said”….and I started cracking up. […]

    • There’s been public demo’s over here in London, coming out in support for George Floyd. Thankfully, so far, they have been as they should be. . .peaceful but poignant.

      I love that picture, mobile phone?

      Your son’s heart has been stolen by a British Rose! Transatlantic love mirroring ‘one love’ philosophy. I like it.

      • Hopefully you don’t have the alt-right groups there that we are cursed with ratcheting up both the racist and the violence. I am firmly of the opinion that most, if not all, of the violence is actually the alt-right in their never ending war on people with what they consider the wrong color of skin.

        • I agree…I believe so too. But he said there were no protest in the small beach town he is staying in. But he did say…like Jules said….that there are peaceful protest.

          • Well, I will add this…horrible news coming out of DC…well, last night was ok, but Monday…horrible. The church was very upset about his actions.

      • Yes…. iPhone.
        It takes amazing pictures. I do have a camera but I can’t hold it still enough. I do have a tripod….but of course I leave that at home. It’s not too fancy. But I like it to practice my skills and if I improve I will upgrade. My other son though….has a few lenses and a few tripods. His photography skills are amazing.

        This girl may be the one for my son. He had real issues before he left about her height. My sons can be a wee bit shallow at times. I asked….what if she really is short….he said he would turn around and come right back home. Again…their silly humor. He told me on the phone….that she made him happy. My sister who is working in Afghanistan told me to tell him…..if she ever gets crazy for him to go straight to the airport with his passport and wallet. Don’t pack anything…just leave. Of course that is what they are told when working in other countries. If you ever get into an accident or something happens just get to the airport and catch the next flight out of there. When I told him he couldn’t stop laughing.

        • Hey, if she is really short, you know what they say….”big explosions come in little packages,” so he might oughta run for the hills.

          Hey, we were likely all a little shadow at one time. I know I was…now I think I would just about learn to live with anybody that was sick enough to want me. Well, except for a trump supporter, that is. LOL

        • oops, sorry, I saw this comment and didn’t notice it was addressed to Julie and answered…I hope that is ok. Not that I can do much about it now…LOL

  • A U.S. Secret Service counter assault team member standing tall.

    Thank you to all the Secret Service, National Guard, Special Forces and other military personal, our law enforcement officers, first […]

  • An 82nd Airborne Division’s Immediate Response Force battalion arrived to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland Monday evening for a civil unrest mission in the nation’s capitol, according to sources.

    The IRF bat […]

  • June 1st, Trump administration lawyers called on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to instruct the judge presiding over retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s case to allow the Justice Department t […]

  • President Trump: “I am mobilizing all available federal resources, civilian and military, to stop the rioting and looting, to end the destruction and arson. And to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans, in […]

    • And the people of America, in cities from coast to coast, are putting this fat lying coward on notice that his rein is coming to an end. Amusin g Mr “tough guy” imposter walks down the sidewalk after the way is cleared for him. He keeps saying how tough he is. Why he had to use military to clear peaceful protesters out before he comes out of hiding. You support a fat, lying COWARD. You know it. I know it. All humanity knows it. Be proud. No honour, no integrity. No character. NOTHING but flapping lips and dishonesty. Like a mongrel dog licking gutter scraps. November comes I hope Americans do to this fat coward the way Libyans did Khadafi

  • Federalism is a real, actual thing. Our Republic is set up this way for a reason.

    Trump runs the federal gov’t, not all 50 states.

    They were positive there was no way Trump could get out of dealing with the […]

  • Insurrection Act

    The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law (10 U.S.C.§§ 251–255)[1] (until 2016, found at 10 US Code, Chapter 15, §§ 331–335, renumbered to 10 USC, Chapter 13, §§ 251–255) t […]

  • The president announced the plan in a tweet on Sunday afternoon.

    “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” he wrote.

    The president did not us the word “do […]

  • It’s where I live. I am thankful I live up in the hills of La Mesa….but behind these hills the rioters really did some damage. I heard there were 2 banks burning and I could smell the smoke up here. I was […]

    • I am sorry your friend’s store got hit by this round of what I consider rightful anger over a horrible situation that has happened and continues to happen way to often. I hate when innocent parties get caught and it is very sad that it happens.

      I hope your friend is able to rebuilt with a very small amount of effort, in other words that the damage is slight. I think it is very good of you to go help your friend.

      • I am with you on it being “rightful anger” but know it isn’t the majority of protestors causing the trouble. My friend knows this too. She said….it wasn’t worth a life to protect her store. But her neighbor happened to be there and it seemed if anyone was in the business their business was not touched. So he went out to told people to leave her store alone and they left. And another customer happened to walk by and told people to leave her store alone. So she really lucked out. She only had her windows broke.

        • YEAH, i don’t know what the violence is about. If it were court houses or government buildings, it would make sense to me…anger at the police killings…..kind of makes a kind of sense. Random businesses, kind of strange, but being willing to chose one store and leave another alone, while lucky for your friend, seems really odd to me for a “riot” situation.

          But hey I have never been a rioter so what do I know…LOL

    • By the way, I am thinking the term, “you can see forever” while looking at the picture. Nice on.

      • Ha!…you can only see to the ocean. And during this time of year we have the coastal Eddy which the overcast covers the shore for over half the day if not most of the day so we don’t see the ocean. But during the fall winter months the coast is clear just about all day and we actually get to see the sunset into the ocean.
        Its a beautiful view.

    • Hey, if it is high like that, and I can see buildings and in the distance the ocean, it is more than I have ever been able to see from my house..LOL

      BTW, the only time I ever had this one view was when I visited a friend of mine that lived on a mountain side…. 🙂

      • I am on a mountainside. I wanted to move to Coronado Island along the beach but my sons wouldn’t have it. They are over cautious and are worried about tsunamis. So having a view of the ocean from here is second best. And I’ve come to enjoy it here. But I really would love to live off the grid in Alaska somewhere. As soon as all my sons are married and established I will see where I end up 😉

    • 😛 I used to live in Tennessee, in Nashville. I moved to New Orleans when I retired in 2014. I love this city. The point, however, is that my mother was so afraid of the ocean….water being a mile away would have had her in nightmare all the time. Talk about being over cautious.

      She died in 2002, and I might have moved earlier but couldn’t before she died because for the last 5 years or so, I had to be close to here plus if I had moved that close to the ocean while she was still living, she would have nagged me to death every day calling several times in all likelihood, in case the ocean came after me.

      Funny thing is that she taught me to be afraid of some things, but the water thing never took effect. i always loved being beside the water although I don’t want to get in it because I never learned to swim.

  • USA TODAY@USATODAY – “A security expert says intelligence reports indicate most of the hard-core protesters in Minneapolis are far-left or anarchists, and that far-right groups have not yet made a significant […]

  • Apparently, the Democratic House of Representatives was charged with impeachment at all costs. Democratic governors were responsible driving up covid19 deaths using nursing homes at all costs, and now Democratic […]

  • the MSM is not reporting this but the greatest economic recovery in US history has already begun.  The DOW is up almost 7,000 points since March’s low. This is record breaking.  The DOW is up nearly 7,000 poin […]

    • nobody replied 6 days ago

      Again, and this can not be stated loudly or often enough, the stock market is NOT the economy, and Donald Trump does NOT care about YOUR finances, unless you are in the same tax bracket as him. Again, the definition of MSM is “any media that is saying something that brainwashed people like You disagree with or do not want to believe. But you just keep right on copy/pasting the opinions and thoughts of those who influence you because you are incapable original thought. Keep right on regurgitating propaganda that is contrary to your own interest because you are not intelligent enough to know any better.

    • Two-thirds of 401(k) participants were directly or indirectly invested in equities at the end of 2015, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, which consists of mutual funds and other pooled investments.

      The rest was a mix of target-date funds (which are also invested in equities mostly at its inception and then gradually rebalanced to conservative investments as the retirement year of the employee approaches), bond funds, guaranteed investment contracts and other types of investments. More plan participants were invested in stocks at the end of 2015 than before the financial crisis in 2007, the report, which was published in August 2017, found.

      That, as a snapshot, explains why the stock market does matter.

      Facts beat rants. Especially, left-wing rants.

  • The Most Important Coronavirus Statistic: 42% Of U.S. Deaths Are From 0.6% Of The Population

    “Let that sink in: 42% of all COVID-19 deaths are taking place in facilities [nursing homes] that house 0.62% of t […]

  • The Executive Order removes liability shields for social media. • Prohibit taxpayer support for social media companies. • Federal Trade Commission will prohibit social media platforms from engaging in dec […]

  • Following up on earlier threats, a White House spokesperson has confirmed that President Trump will sign an executive order on Social Media tomorrow.

    Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made the remark to […]

    • nobody replied 1 week ago

      Sounds like another in a long line of things that you are gleefully supporting this Dictator to do that you would be raging about if Democ4ats do. When are you going to display a spine and expect your idol to act responsibly, stop with the lies and conspiracy theoies and do his job. Seriously, this msn has been threatening our fist Amendment rights and Freedom of the Press since the day he took office. The most un-American, un-patriotic President ever to hold office. And you think it’s funny, your hypocrisy and lack of integrity. But I get it, your post got you some attention, and thats what its all about for Trump supporters. “Please notice me!!” No you can go to your corner and convince yourself that you’ve “owned a lib,” and beat your chest.

      And by the way, nothing will come of this. It is just more distraction and diversion from all his murders, his incompetence, and the fact his re-election is going up in flames.

      • Lol, thanks for the belly laughs comrade nobody, watching lefty heads explode IS fun!!! 😂😂😂

  • I’m getting kind of tired of reading the same old same old on our wonderful “One Love” site…so much so that I don’t even read anything having to do with “Covid…Left…right….this …that….” Its going […]

    • Nothing wrong with using ready made mix packets when one doesn’t feel like preparing it at home – ingredients available or not.

      And speaking of making bread: I used to do all my own bread baking back in the day, both brown and white. I used strong flour from the supermarket and the yeast packets were abundant and easily got. I didn’t use bread makers – even when they first appeared, but settled on the old fashioned way with hands on kneading and proving. It was a lengthy process and took several hours from start to finish, and once the bread was in the oven and baking the smell was like no other. . .irresistible and mouth salivating to the point of wanting to eat the whole loaf at once.

      I bought an assortment of different sized bread tins – which I still have, but mainly used the 1lb and 2lb sizes. I actually got quite good at it but, after hours of preparation to produce one single loaf of bread, it was all gone an hour or two later by hungry mouths who found it as irresistaible as I did. The fact of the matter was that if we wanted fresh bread every day without fail then I would spend the rest of my life baking bread with little time for anything else. In the end I decided to carry on making it but not every day, it was nice, but too time consuming.

      Thank goodness that in these days we have bread shops where we can walk in and choose out favourite loaves to munch on, and for someone like me who once invested a lot of time in making bread, I know the time and effort that goes in to producing this basic, but staple food.

      • Oh my gosh Jules…IT IS AN ALL DAY PROCESS. And I have tried so many times. One time I made Martha Stewarts Parker House Rolls and they actually came out perfect. All I remember about those rolls is that my mother almost ate all of them. Ha! My mother can not say no to fresh baked bread. She use to make bread when we were little……I remember bowls sitting with cloth over them and learning later it was the dough rising.
        When ever she comes to visit I buy all kinds of bread from bakeries. One loaf that has become her favorite is the Costco Walnut Cranberry loaf. I had just bought a few loafs before their plane arrived a few years ago. Everyone one is in the kitchen laughing and talking and I noticed her walking around as we were all talking and I realized she had already eaten a large portion of one loaf. She even moved my toaster to where she was sitting and was toasting it as she cut it and buttered it up and she made it look so good. It was as if she didnt see us…..or hear us…she was so focused on that bread.
        We have something tribal members learned to cook called fry bread. Our members started making it when the government started issuing commodities to them. Large bags of flour….oil. They would make a dough and fry it up. So it was something my mom carried on when she moved out here. My mom could make some good bread. Now fry bread could be made with yeast dough or just simple flour/salt/baking soda and water. No matter how she made it ….it was soft and crispy. I can’t even make that bread. My fry bread comes out hard as a rock. So I learned to cheat a little….I buy frozen yeast dough. I thaw it…..stretch it out and fry it. PERFECT every time I make it. Ha! My mom doesn’t like that I cheat but I don’t do it often.
        Anyways… sister makes bread in the bread maker and she pulls it out during the process and kneads in Cranberries and walnuts and my mother goes nuts over it. Now mind you….my mother is little lady but she can eat.
        I never thought of getting a bread maker because again….my boys are not bread eaters. And if I did get one I would only use it when my mother comes to visit. But like you said….we have bakeries everywhere full of fresh loaves. Plus my sons are complaining about all of my other appliances I hardly use. So I think I made my mind up….I will not get a bread maker. Even if I did…I would have to wait until August for it to be delivered because they are sold out everywhere. I did decide to get one a few weeks ago after spending 3 weeks trying to figure out the best model. And when I decided which one I wanted… wouldn’t get here until August. No matter what site I looked at….they were all sold out and on back order. People on lockdown bought all the bread makers. So I didnt order.
        Anyhow…..I think I will spend a day here and there working on my bread dough skills.
        I have so much respect for bakers. And I think they should charge so much more because of the labor that goes into making it.

        Jules….. you are a jack of all trades it seems.

        • Yes, you’re right. I have dabbled in many things over the years and bread making is just the tip of the iceberg.

          I was also a prolific wine maker at one time.

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