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  • Jim Bradley posted an update 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    It is sad, to me, to see the regression of so many people lately. Instead of progressing towards becoming better people, there is a visible regression to division, darkness, hatred among people. I have felt anger myself, towards some people , especially those in public office, but I know I am not alone in that. Never have I felt that I wanted them…[Read more]

  • Jim Bradley posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    I am Scottish! Born and raised in Scotland for the first 44 years of my life, I have retained a certain mentality and approach to life that is not shared by many people who were born and raised in America. When I became an American – the legal way – I swore allegiance to the flag and what it stood for but, deep inside, I was and still am 100% Sco…[Read more]

  • Princess Prittie sat in the royal carriage waiting patiently for Mirvanda to join her. While she sat alone in her own company, her thoughts turned to the day ahead. With everything that had happened, and although […]

  • The ensuing third day after victory at the castle, d’Gravernaugh had visited the princess at the garrison. His visit was solely to arrange with her the time of the king’s funeral ceremony, this had been mutually […]

  • A week had now passed since d’Gravernaugh and his small army of soldiers had successfully stormed, routed out, and slaughtered the filthy presence of their devilish nemesis at the castle of southern Gillion – […]

  • The zenithal midday sun shone brilliantly over the garrison at Marshtop relentlessly bathing the tower guard’s rooftop position with sweltering, rising temperatures. The sentinel position – as it came to be […]

  • The night at Marshtop silently slipped by, no incident had been reported by the sentries; all was quiet. The red hues of dawn crept across the skies slowly turning to blue heralding the arrival of the rising sun […]

  • The counsel of southern Gillion, a group of twelve high officials gathered in haste by a crisis, an emergency of state, all brought together to determine their future, their lives, their very existence, had […]

  • Princess Prittie, sole remaining royal family member from the southern quarter forming one of the four Kingdoms of Gillion, only child and beloved daughter of the late King Mestian, heiress to the throne, […]

  • What I would give now for a horse!? This thought – born more from hope than anything else had been prominent in the mind of the guard since they had set out for the Marshtop garrison. Amid the carnage of the […]

  • They had now covered some four miles in their ten-mile trek toward Marshtop, they had not come across any enemy – human or otherwise, the only other signs of life came from the singing from birds high above in […]

  • Author’s note:

    This fanciful, self-indulgent tale, began as a joke between myself and a fellow blogger many years ago. It first appeared in its entirety on the original version of Thoughts before it closed. My […]

  • Jules answered to the question “Writers block2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Inspiration is fickle and not a tap you can turn on when desired. When it does flow, go with it and leave nothing out that passes through your mind. Once the flow has stopped step back for a while and leave it well alone. When you come back to it for review consider if what you wrote is truly representative of how you felt when you wrote it.

  • Imagine: A favorite relative gives a kid something absolutely phenomenal that it will take the kid a very long time to appreciate what it is they have… BUT… the ‘parent’ steps in and does not allow the kid to have access to the thing or to discover just how great the thing is…

    God, by whichever name you know him/ her/ it…. has given us an…[Read more]

  • This is a time of change, of ‘spring cleaning’ on a global scale. Sometimes you need to pause to take stock and get rid of the rubbish you have been hoarding for far too long, to create space for something new and better to enter your life. We need to sweep, polish, wash, dust and mop everywhere to get rid of the grime, the dirt, the negative…[Read more]

  • We just returned from a weeks vacation to Rodanthe in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. I’m getting to see more of my adopted country, little by little. So far, I’ve covered, Las Vegas (Courtesy of Ben Ogden), Delaware, Maryland, Ocean City, Dewey beach, Myrtle beach, Niagra falls (American side) and now, North Carolina. I also realise that too…[Read more]

  • God made man, Man made religion!

    It is my earnest belief that most of the major religions are based on misinterpretation and that is the source of most of the issues facing people now. We have been provided with everything we need in this world and this life yet humanity, in its wisdom, doubts and believes that we can do so much better than what…[Read more]

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