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  • Brittany Sullivan replied to the topic How to lose friends and influence no one in the forum Religion 5 years, 2 months ago

    Personally, I choose to avoid the topic of religion or politics in conversation but perhaps that is due to my own insecurity or mixed emotions about both. I am genuinely impressed when someone is solid in their belief and is not afraid to share it. Honestly, I welcome it. I think that the world is too “emotional”. I wish people were able to share without prejudice. I also wish people could hold back anger long enough to really listen to what a person has to say. Some of my best experiences regarding controversial context is when I was able to shut up and just listen. Listen past the words coming out of someones mouth and pay attention to what they feel. Of course, I have my own beliefs and part of my belief is to share it. Share light. However, If i believe in sharing light and life, I am not going to condemn someone else for sharing theirs.