• Here is another really moving youtube video put out by Omeleto. I am not going to make any comments, but listen to the video and think about why it is meaningful and any issues that come up. Yes, this is another […]

  • Ok, I am kind of stealing from someone who usually posts from this particular youtube channel on another site.  When she started using Omeleto I thought at first that it was all cartoon-type animation and while […]

    • Wow. What a good story!!! Leftthoughts, what about this story appealed to you? In my younger days, with my late-wife was alive, I had a few affairs. I am writing a novel, “The Merging” which is about one of those affairs (posting here although I am not sure its read). Yes, I loved the woman in the novel (met her here on and it never seemed as bad as the “righteous judgment” about my affairs seemed to imply. My younger daughter and I have made peace about “the affairs”; she had trouble getting along with her mom so there is some sympathy. My older daughter and me can’t have that talk or understanding, at least not yet. My wife now knows I think of myself as poly and is okay with it … whole different story. Pardon the random comment; I feel like I should erase it and start over, but perhaps you can see the impact of this video on me more if I just leave this rambling mess of a comment. thank you for the post.

      Rrro (Robert)

      • Robert, I will try to get over and read some of your posts about your situation, but not at this moment. So forgive me if i forget and fail to do so. I can’t right now because it is almost 6AM and I just check to add another blog, of another video that I thought was worth sharing.

        Anyway, the part that appealed to me in this video is that the girl was in pain because after her mother died, her step-father, who apparently she had grown to love, disappeared from her life. Meanwhile, the stepfather thought about her, and missed her, but for whatever reason, he didn’t feel up to getting back in touch with her. Now, I am not sure right now, although watching again would likely remind me of what actually happen with the girl in terms of what her mothers death and her step father leaving resulted in, whether she went to a foster home or to grandparents, or maybe it doesn’t clarify.

        The point I working up is that now they have an opportunity to talk those issues out, and perhaps even build a relationship and both “get some healing of past trauma” as a result. I just found it a very poignant and moving story.

  • I have always been told that my heritage is Scotch-Irish.  I don’t know about that, I suspect I am a heins 57 mongrel, but let’s say that the Scotch and Irish cultures has a certain fascination for me.  I l […]

    • Hi Friend 🤗
      YEARS ago….early 2000’s I went to see the Irish Tenors in concert and fell in love with Ronin Tynan ❤️ It is one of my most favorite concerts I have attended. They all sang so beautifully and they would joke around between songs. So funny. And when they sang Danny Boy there was not a dry eye in the crowd. I will try and post a short video of them at the end of this post.

      We use to have a few Scots and Irish who posted with us. The Scotsmen would get wild and unruly so they would have to keep them apart 😁 (Teasing of course) Mr. Bradly still post with us.
      We had a poster who was half Scots and was born in Canada and learned to play Bagpipes because it was what they did over there.I guess you would call them culture classes of sorts. He learned Bagpipes and he was about to start the Gaelic classes but he didn’t complete them for some reason. I can’t remember the reason.
      Anyhow… should look into your family tree.

      Irish Tenors💜

      • I haven’t looked into my family tree and when my mother was still alive, she could never go back more than 2 generations before the names started blurring or being unknown. But there is site where for about 130.00 or so, they are supported to be able to accept a blood sample and see who all else has been tested that is related to you. I have been thinking about trying that.

        And the singing of the tenors was good also.

    • As this song is so widely known and enjoyed by many, I find the fact that no one knows who actually wrote the music (lyrics came after the fact) more fascinating than the song itself.

    • Thanks, James. I am glad we finally got your comment up here so I can respond. Very glad you like. Actually a Christian song “Amazing Grace” is I think my very favorite song for bagpipes, but this one is wonderful too.

      We never truly lose our roots, I don’t think, any of us.

  • So many people in the Christian community have very little love or caring that they tend to want to extend to members of the LGBTQ community. Well, things are actually a lot better than they used to be, without […]

  • picture from the linked article

    Just recently, I went to get a test done where they drew my blood.  While I was there, I went ahead and asked about the newest information on getting the Covid-19 vaccine.  T […]

    • If I were you…and your calendar is clear….ROAD TRIP it.

      My sons Tribe is already offering them the immunization. I am not from their Tribe so I am not on the “early” “Privlidged” list …ha. They of course are not going to get it but said they would call and see if I could take their spot. But I know how these Native American politics work……so I told them not too. I can wait for my legitimate time to come up. Plus…like I said I like the way another immunization sounds that has not been approved yet.

      Keeping my fingers crossed for you 🤞

      • Yeah, I have no plans to drive to another state, was just presenting how things are going in my state. Fortunately, these were people that qualified by age etc, and it was a matter of finding a spot to get it. Sadly, they had to drive to New Orleans from whatever smaller town they lived in to get it at a health clinic that was originally set up for HIV/AIDS and then broaden to serving the general public.

        Louisiana is likely one of the “more backward” states about a lot of things, unfortunately, especially in fairly rural areas.

    • I hope 🤞 that you’ll be able to get the vaccine sooner than later.

      For me, I’m do leery about receiving any type of vaccine. I had a bad injury from the flu vaccination that I had in 2017. It’s caused me to fear being injected as I want no further complications.

      Best of luck to you.

      • I understand your concern, but I have never had that much trouble with any vaccines, the most being a small amount of discomfort and a little swelling for a day or so, so I am going for it as soon as it is available to my age group.

    • Thankfully, here in the UK, being a much smaller country, the logistics are not as complex as those in the States. There are lots of local ‘hubs’ being established to administer the vaccine locally so people will not have to travel miles from their residence. The aim is set these hubs within a 10 mile radius – or less, so people can get their jabs without too much faffing about.

      • Yes, in a smaller, more compact country, things are a bit easier to resolve. I doubt i, even living in a larger city, would probably have to drive close to 10 miles in order to get the vaccination.

    • While I agree it’s a shame that people are finding themselves in this position, if I had those same risks, you bet 150miles wouldn’t keep me away. I’ve driven further for much much less. I hope you find this vaccine soon.

  • Well, today, I found out I am too young.  What for you ask?  Well, in Louisiana, I am apparently too young to received the vaccine for Covid-19 right now.  It seems that the Governor and his advisors in th […]

    • I’m also considered too young for the vaccine right now, but, I am also considered a medically vulnerable person so come mid February I should be offered my first dose.

      Fingers crossed.

    • Yeah, I live in Louisiana as well. Im definitely way too young to get the vaccine. Im probably one of the youngest people on this site.

    • My Mom & Dad received their first Covid Immunization shot last week 🥳
      I appreciate my sister so much for making sure my parents make it to their appointments and scheduling their Covid immunization. My mother is a retired nurse so she did her research on this vaccination before deciding that she wanted this one. I on the other hand really like the way the AstraZenica vaccine sounds. But that still has not been released as far as I know. Which is ok…because I don’t know when my turn in line will come.

  • Recently, I was watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  There are some things on Amazon Prime that has commercials in them.  One of those ads mentioned something called Peacock TV.  It was adviced as be […]

    • “Eye Candy” is all you needed to say :::cough cough::: 🤣

      I don’t think I have time in this moment to add another movie channel to my lineup. I can’t even keep up with the shows I have recorded from months ago. BUT…I will add it to my list of things to look into when I make the time.

      Hope you had a wonderful New Years 💜

  • Here is my review for what I consider one of the best books I have read in a long time.  I gave it a 5 out of 5, which is very rare for me.  I usually give 3 or 4, only occasionally giving a 2 if I really t […]

    • I will add this to my list. If its on Audible I will add it to my library and will get to it eventually cause I have so many books in my Audible library at the moment. BUT….I do get to them 😉

      • I have no idea about audible. I have found myself unable to listen to a book. I find my mind leaves and goes elsewhere and then “wake up” and don’t remember anything that I heard. I will hope for your sake, it is, though.

  • Hey, the Turkey wants you to have a happy thanksgiving as do I.  However, I am sure the turkey always would perfer you eat a hamburger, or a piece of chicken instead of him….give ’em a break if you […]

    • Hi Friend 😉
      Happy Thanksgiving to you.
      Like you….we are giving “Turkey” a break too. It’s Prime Rib here….. big enough to feed an army and there are only 4 of us. It may take some time…but it should be eaten up by Christmas. Ha! Oh…and a small ham.
      You enjoy your day….. 🤗
      🥧 🍗

      • Prime Rib AND ham….wow. And I bet you had plenty of vegatables too. I had two bowls of Lentil Soup, french fries and the lamb skank…(that is what they call it, I don’t know someone asked me what that was, and the best I could do to explain to them was “a big piece of leg with the bone”…LOL)

        • Your meal sounds delicious. As for vegetables…..I made Brussel sprouts with a balsamic vinegar glaze and bacon. Not enough veggies I know…but I had limited space and time.

          • I wouldn’t have thought I would like Brussel Sprouts, because i never liked the “collard greens”, “mustard greens” and such that my mother swore by, but found that I liked them…I suspect made a certain way; I am almost positive the way you made them would taste good to me.

            • YOU WOULD LOVE my Brussel Spouts. I tasted them like this YEARS ago in a snobby little place up in the mountains. I still do not make them exactly like they did……theirs were fried to where they were crispy. BUT….the taste is so similar.
              Funny how some things we didn’t care for when we were little….we absolutely love as we get older 😊

              • Yeah, taste often changes over time. But one thing i hated as a child, I still hate…pears.

                • PEARS?!?! 🍐
                  I am curious 🧐….all pears? Young pears….ripe pears….over ripe pears? Cooked pears? Raw Pears?
                  There is that gritty texture they have….could it be the texture that turns you off?
                  When I go shopping for fruit….pears are hardly high on my list. BUT….some recipes I have come to enjoy call for pears. Like Toast with cream cheese, sliced pear, drizzled with maple syrup and pecans. I had dinner with a friend years ago and she ordered Poached Bosc Pears for dessert. They were poached in red wine and spices and served warm in the wine sauce. They had whipped cream on the side. So I have learned to love the little pear….though I still hardly fill my fruit bowl up with them.
                  Maybe you need to try them in different recipes?

                  • It seems to be a combination of the texture and the taste. There is something about one or the other, or the combination that almost makes me gag. And it is ALL pears. I even had a friend tell me of a pear that was less pear-like, and I didn’t like that one either…in fact, I think I hated it even more.

                    My mother used to sneak pears into my oatmeal thinking that it was just “one of those crazy childish things” and that if I didn’t know they were there, I would eat them without a problem…maybe even like them. Her frustration on finding me using my tongue, locating the pear and spitting it out was immerse. All that little trick of hers achieved was to make me super-careful about oatmeal…If it wasn’t just right, I wouldn’t eat that either.

                    Oh, the only way I can eat any pear at all is in fruit cocktail when it is cut up so finely that I can just ignore the pear part and let it slide down with the peaches and other fruit.

                    • So interesting. That fruit your friend mentioned might have been “Asian Pear”…..half apple half pear. Looks like a delicate apple….but it’s more pear to me.
                      Anyhow…. I was going to suggest different ways to try to prepare them but if you don’t like them why try eh?

                      • I want to say it was a Bartlett Pear, but whatever it was, it tasted like a pear to me, which means that one bite was enough. 🙂

    • Thanks. 🙂

  • (picture went with article)

    To start, let me just announce that only four persons are currently blocked. They are blocked because of their prior reaction to me and will remain blocked for the foreseeable […]

    • Where have I been? This is the first I am hearing about this story. As you can tell…..I do live in my own little world..HA!

      You made an Error up in Paragraph 3. It’s not Biden who is suggesting people should not fear the little boys….it was Trump.

      As you know…I don’t care for Trump or Biden…..but I did vote for what I think is the lesser evil…..Biden.
      But I could have been selfish and just let things be since Trump actually gave my household a BIG BIGLY HUGELY Tax cut and we didn’t even need one. My sons accountant called months ago and informed them of the new Tax information and we all just couldn’t stop laughing before we felt a bit sad for the working folks who actually believe he looks out for them. We laughed because it was just INSANE that people who need no tax cut….GOT A TAX CUT. But believe me….that BIGLY HUGELY tax cut we didn’t even want will just be given to charity.

      Cheers to Hawaii….my fellow Indigenous Brothers and Sisters 😉

      • Actually, that is not a mistake in paragraph 3 although it might seem misleading if it is read a different way than I meant. Biden has suggested that all Americans need to come together and not consider each other enemies. The problem is that many of the trump supporters hate minorities and would do anything they could to deny us (and I include myself as a gay man as part of the minority) our civil rights and equality before the law.

        In other words, Biden is suggesting being more “forgiving” than I am able or willing to be for the folks in the extreme right like the Proud Boys who are a threat to many of us. Sorry if my word choice confused you.

        Now, I can’t remember who I voted for in the primary. I know I voted for Bernie in 2016. I am not sure who all was available at that time. I supported Elizabeth Warren and/or Bernie Sanders, although I leaned this time toward Elizabeth Warren. If Elizabeth and Bernie were eliminated before the primary, I probably voted for Biden because I didn’t like a couple of the others, and thought Biden had a better chance of winning. I voted for Hillary in the general election in 2016 for the same reason. I would NEVER have voted for trump…ever.

        Now, I didn’t really get a tax cut as such, or not anything like I was “promised”. But I did get the 1200 stimulus, which I used to invest in alternative fuel industries….the entire thing was sent as a check to my business management with the stipulation to put the money in ART Investments which is all about innovative technology using alternative fuel sources. I figured that was a good way to use trump approved money to fight the trump agenda, which i have always seen as destructive to the environment as well as to the more needy people whose health care he is endangering.

        • Ok…..I get it now. Yes…being forgiving and understanding can be difficult for many people. I understand where you stand. LOVE the way you invested your stimulus.

  • I found this book very disturbing but would give it an 8 1/2 or 9 on a 1-10 chart.  It falls into the category of Science Fiction and tends toward the area called alternative history whether or not that was […]

  • I have been binge watching Monk for the last week or two.  There were a total of 8 seasons on whatever channel and network it was originally on.  I don’t remember, and don’t care enough to c […]

  • Some of the pictures at the bottom of this page will show Agnes Moorehead not looking like the iconic image that many of us associate with the mother of Samantha the witch in Bewitched, but it is also a valid […]

    • I remember watching this show as a child, it was my mother’s favourite tv show. Sam’s mother used to creep me out!

    • Yah, just imagine being able to wave your hand and make anything that you wanted to happen, happen. I can think of all sorts of things that I would be doing right now. LOL All the doubt about the upcoming election here in the states would be resolved immediately and I would be rich and not have to worry about anything.

      I felt the same way about I dream of Jeanne which I watched growing up also.

    • I think next to Samantha and the Uncle, she was my favorite.

    • yep, it was a fun show…I liked I Dream of Jeanie also.

    • Wow, I might just check Netflix and Amazon Prime and see if that is on one of those. That sounds like fun.

    • I will…Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • This book is written as a love letter to his son, who has come out to him as Gay. The father, who is Gay also, is telling him what Gay Pride and a good Gay Life is all about in his opinion. He does this from […]

    • I think I heard about this book a bit ago. I will add it to my list.

      I wanted to let you know that I finished “A Woman is No Man” a few weeks ago.
      What a great sad story.

      • Wow, one of the best things about blogging is getting others to check out books that you found interesting. Thanks.

        • It really matters on who recommends the book. I have read a few from posters on here and actually have enjoyed the recommendations.
          About your book…..”A Women is No Man”….I had Iraqi friends in High School and one who was so amazing had to run away because her father was going to kill her for dating a Mexican. Marriages are still arranged within their community. I was home one day and she called me and asked if I could come pick her up because her parents locked her in her room and she said she thinks her father was going to kill her. No one was home with me and the only car in the driveway was a stick shift. At that time …I could not drive a stick shift. She said she was going to call a few more people. She finally called me back and managed to crawl out the window and she did not return to school…she had run away. I ran into her a few years later. She married her then boyfriend and she was walking with her daughter. Her whole family had disowned her. One of her cousins who I also went to school with came into my work place and asked me if I ever run into his cousin to tell her he misses her and that he loves her. Because of what she did…..everyone was not allowed to talk to her. They still had their strict rules that they lived by.
          But I do have Iraqi friends who don’t follow those strict rules.
          AND….I learned that year how to drive a stick shift.

          • That is certainly a horribly bad situation. The culture is not kind to women for sure but it is the culture, not the mere fact of being ethnically from that area of the world which is a point that you made. You know the Amish in this country don’t kill but they do shun anybody that leaves the community which strikes me as being cruel as well.

  • Thank goodness for the Geek Squad!!!

    Friday, my computer decided that slow was the way to go. I don’t mean it took 30 seconds to load a page. I mean 10 minutes to load a page. It took a couple of hours to […]

    • Device/Appliance insurance is something that most us invest in, although in most cases it’s giving money away for nothing. On those rare occasions when things do go wrong, and they’re covered by insurance, it makes you realise that at the end of the day it was a good idea.

      Glad to see you got the steam engine up and running again. 🙂

      • Yep, I am glad l was aware enough to sign up for that contract. I often don’t but when something is as central as a computer, I knew better than not to..

    • LOVE the Geeks…..and Costco too. They offer a two year plan and thats besides the products protection plan.

      HI FRIEND!
      Gad things got worked out.
      One thing I know I need to do is find out what my password is so I can log in on my iPad and iPhone. I love saving my passwords to my MacBook because it’s such Apple products are so safe. BUT…my mind got so lazy I can’t remember any passwords and can’t log on anywhere else. BUT….tonight I am going to get the password from here finally sign in on one of the other 2. What if something crashes and I can’t find anything? Well…I am sure there is a way but I don’t think my mind can actually do the work to figure it out.
      Anywho…….it’s Autumn 🙂

  • I was posting about my cats…and getting some interest, but suddenly about a week or two ago, all communication stopped.

    Where is everybody? Has Thoughts gone dormant?

    Oh well, I am finding it hard to […]

    • I don’t think it’s a case of being dormant, sometimes there are quieter moments in the blogging world when people’s lives demand more attention than they give to the internet. On a personal note: I have been busy with my graphic creations as well as being thoroughly absorbed in a new book I recently bought.

      What goes round, comes round.

    • Oh…you know me…I have so many important things to blog about that I can’t prioritize them so I don’t. Like….. my lilac hair color….should I keep it or go back to my chestnut brown for the winter? Or….should I blog about forming a Covid Social bubbles? Or the new Keto Ice Cream from Costco that is sooooo good? See….too many things to blog about.
      Not just things…. but IMPORTANT things to boot 😉

      • Hey, wow, Keto ice cream? Is that a lot different than regular ice cream? I saw leave your hair lilac and give some exotic color to the winder.

        And what is a Covid Social Bubble?

        Inquiring minds want, but don’t necessarily need, to know.

        • YES….I will do a post about Keto Ice Cream soon. It is amazing and sugar free. And my hair is lilac from ear to ear in the front. The back is still my normal color. I like it…..but I don’t like the texture the bleaching does to it. AND…I did a post on Social Bubbles cause I am sure you have your bubbles 😉

    • Hadn’t seen the social bubble blog…not sure I know how to find it but will try. Keto Ice Cream sounds like a good idea if it tastes as good as the regular kind.

  • leftthoughts and Profile picture of yodasowlyodasowl are now friends 2 years ago

  • Munchie was the cat that I wondered about at times. He was a bit odd, but then several of my cats have been. We literally found him in a paint bucket. It was where my SO, Roy, worked, right outside the door as […]

    • Thanks and he was a mess. (that is a compliment coming from me)

      • Looks camera friendly.

        • I usually have a hard time getting my cats to stay still long enough for me to get a picture. Munchie, as I remember it, was a bit better than most of them have been about it.

          I think in one of the pictures however, he was saying “enough is enough”..LOL

    • Whoever had the mother cat apparently didn’t want the kittens, and put them all in a paint bucket and set them outside a restaurant where my SO worked. This was a big bucket, not one of the smaller ones but still there was just enough room for all 4 of them in the bottom of the bucket.

      Don’t worry, somebody took all of them.

    • oh well, all is well that turned out well, as the old saying goes. Munchie didn’t seem too tramuized by it.

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