• For some years I’ve been on thoughts,I can’t remember a lick of what I wroteBut I remember the people.┬áThere sits a picture on my nightstandOf the people I knew once:DS, Scotslad, Pauligan, Roe, Wayne,

    The […]

    • I was a very sad person looking for purpose in my life back then. I was so blessed to have been part of the old days of thoughts. I miss everyone. I remember what you wrote very well. You put simple and complex thoughts into interesting rhymes and riddles. You were the most creative writer back then that I knew. I loved trying to figure out the thoughts pouring from your mind. I love you Ben and I have thought of everyone here often over the years. I am glad we found each other again. Hugs and Love.

      • Very kind words, from a very kind soul. It’s so good to have found you again. Much love.

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    The first time I saw her, I was amazed,
    she was unimaginably beautiful,
    everything I had ever known to wonderful and gorgeous was her.
    Every mistake and misplaced thought
    Led back to her,
    and she was so calm
    and so cool
    and knew me so well
    better than me
    because God she was my mother
    And she’ll always go on.

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    I am a moonrock, and as such I’ve seen all this so much, so many times before. They come along with their evolution and say “Oh I thought this up, never could this be without me!” And as a rock I regard and accept it.
    And a small time passes, and I am still just what I’ve always been, and the thing says “Oh look at how far I’ve come, where once I…[Read more]

  • Can you love me

    can you say

    you cant you pray your life away

    without me now

    and all the love inside you dies

    without me here

    could you be there

    and could we ever really care

    knowing […]

  • benventure wrote a new post, Endless 4 months ago

    The crickets hum my dreamswinds shuffle by my feetthe fan there in the cornerkeeps me steady by the beat

    The tide lifts me to the starsSwelling greater every daySailing closer to the heavensTill I’m blown […]

  • benventure commented on the post, Immy 4 months ago

    Thanks HikerGirl

  • benventure commented on the post, Immy 4 months ago

    Thanks DS, it took a lot to write it out.

  • benventure posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    Hey, I know this guy too, and for all the truth you speak to him, for me there is one more. For as backwards and malignant as he can be those hugs are so soft and deep and normal. I think we came to that same conclusion at some point, turn him off. Unfortunately I’ve always felt him to be some rogue that slowly cooks you over months until you wake…[Read more]

    • I like that a lot. I am sorry that he has tormented you as well Ben. He creates a cruel world for our minds. I really felt that last sentence. Give him character, give him space, define him and defeat him. That was my purpose of this writing. Maybe make someone else see that there is a way of escape. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

  • benventure wrote a new post, Immy 4 months ago

    There you were

    In my arms

    And you were so young

    And I was so much in love

    You would call out my name

    And I would run

    And our faces would light .

    Endlessly I would stare

    And you would […]

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    Yeah it’s always fun to find out where our thoughts lead us. Love you DS!

  • We had a car,

    and it drove very fast,

    and it spoke many languages,

    and it got me where I needed to go

    and no one else was there

    and I was so happy

    and I was was so free.

    But it broke […]

    • I always loved trying to follow your thoughts. I always end up with a smile. Dang car, at least you are free. My car broke as well, now I am stranded here at LOL> I love you Ben!

    • There you are. I have been waiting for you for three days. Lol. I need a sounding board to write to. It is lonely blogging alone. I am so glad our thoughts led us home.

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    These pieces of us fall into place somewhere and I’m glad to see you’ve fallen back here, it’s been far too long and I’m so glad our paths have crossed again.

  • Let us remember him everyday, in words, thoughts, and tales

  • benventure posted a new activity comment 4 months, 1 week ago

    Aint it just like the sun to leave us and keep coming back, oh it’s very good to know that light again. I think it’s been far too long, and just as the hen pecks early at its coop I’ll make it my time to peck here. Its very good to see you…

  • As an acorn I found rolling away was to my advantage, oh how I would toil and toll against the moss and roots! That new fresh soil was so refreshing, i was born anew.

    I found it, and still do, that those leaves that torment my past grow earnest on my limbs.

  • When kissed by Judas, Jesus was left alone, did he pray to his “father” to give him strength? Where was He? Ultimately, wherever we look, we are alone, and its our responsibility to understand that and teach the youth to expect and understand it.

  • benventure wrote a new post, Night Sky 6 months ago

    Sometimes I get to thinking about where it is we live. Is it here or there? Is it then or now? I know where it is I spend most of my time.

    It’s not like I enjoy it there, it eats away at me. Was I too this? […]

  • benventure wrote a new post, Nope 6 months ago

    Some reflection in the wind

    I turn and say “my friend

    I dont know if you know

    but i think your grand”

    she takes me by the hand

    I stop I sit I stand

    I cant believe my luck

    In my tower […]

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