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    And it’s coughing

    And it’s aching

    And it’s breathing

    And it’s taking

    Everything from me

    My dear.

    And theres nothing I can do

    And I’m bound to do anything

    And everything I can

    To […]

  • its that kind of wishy washy thinky thoughty that brings us up to those words. It wouldnt take too much to get us back there. This place is hard to navigate, hard to communicate. I grabbed a lot of thoughts before is went away, I dont know if PM’s exist here but if your original thoughts was the same username, Ill see what I have.

    We write…[Read more]

  • Do you ever watch shows, or videos from a few years back

    and think to yourself, “where is your mask?! go put it on”

    and wish you could go back and hope and hope and hope

    and lying to yourself say that […]

    • Yes….I sometimes look forward to finding movies from the 70’s to watch. I don’t exactly know why….I wasn’t even a teenager in the 70’s. And no…I don’t even think about mask if I am into a good movie.

      As for the rest of the write……… sigh.

  • Where can we go when all options fail

    To those comfortable normals

    Those shows, those albums, those cozy dens of degenerates

    And why would we stay there?!

    Is it better than the life we live […]

  • There is a longing here in my heart

    To make you feel the same way I do

    To bring you closer so I can get a good measure of you

    To smell those things that give you scent

    And breathe those words in To […]

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    When I was a cloud I would always wonder how the ground saw me. Was I some vacant image floating around high above, was I some ominous presence seeking to cast my victims into shadow , or worse something simply ignored. I don’t want you to feel ignored, I’m always here, and have been it just takes some clouds a little longer to be seen than others.

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  • benventure wrote a new post, 30 Seconds 1 month ago

    It’s a terror waking up

    Knowing there’s so much left in the day

    So many worlds to traverse

    So many moods to explore

    And don’t forget there’s always tomorrow

    Like you can’t forget yesterday

    Or […]

  • While I agree it’s a shame that people are finding themselves in this position, if I had those same risks, you bet 150miles wouldn’t keep me away. I’ve driven further for much much less. I hope you find this vaccine soon.

  • I guess I’ll just put something here

    So you can look at it

    And think these things here with me

    Because that’s the closest we’ll ever be

    Its not too bad

    Sharing this same headspace

    I’ve got this […]

    • Great description of an interesting place 🧠
      If you ever saw ” Labyrinth” the movie…..the maze is what its like inside my head ☺️

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    Ive found its easier to get into balance with one hand in the fire and one clenched around a pen. Thanks for your comment.

  • benventure commented on the post, Worn Out 1 month, 1 week ago

    Whatever it is you choose, I appreciate it. It took a long time to get here.

  • Cant stop these racing thoughts

    They are crashing through my mind

    I think Im here, by then Im over there

    And the gnawing pain just chews away

    And I know itll be ok

    And I know itll be ok

    And […]

    • I will say…I don’t comment on the post I read from you because I feel so heavy hearted and as if my limbs feel like bricks after I do. But I realized….. that is your ability to bring the reader to this place. Which is actually a talent/gift not many have. So I ask myself….do I comment on the gifted writer….or do I comment on the pain?

    • Your writing is very impressive.
      I have to say that if you are truly feeling pain in this way, may time heal your wounds. May you find peace within. ✨

      • Ive found its easier to get into balance with one hand in the fire and one clenched around a pen. Thanks for your comment.

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    Very kind words, from a very kind soul. It’s so good to have found you again. Much love.

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    It’s christmas

    So I think you should know

    There wont be no presents

    There wont be no snow

    Theres no jolly fat elf to fill up your socks

    No reindeer, no magic

    No fancy wrapped box

    What you […]

  • For some years I’ve been on thoughts,I can’t remember a lick of what I wroteBut I remember the people.┬áThere sits a picture on my nightstandOf the people I knew once:DS, Scotslad, Pauligan, Roe, Wayne,

    The […]

    • I was a very sad person looking for purpose in my life back then. I was so blessed to have been part of the old days of thoughts. I miss everyone. I remember what you wrote very well. You put simple and complex thoughts into interesting rhymes and riddles. You were the most creative writer back then that I knew. I loved trying to figure out the thoughts pouring from your mind. I love you Ben and I have thought of everyone here often over the years. I am glad we found each other again. Hugs and Love.

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    The first time I saw her, I was amazed,
    she was unimaginably beautiful,
    everything I had ever known to wonderful and gorgeous was her.
    Every mistake and misplaced thought
    Led back to her,
    and she was so calm
    and so cool
    and knew me so well
    better than me
    because God she was my mother
    And she’ll always go on.

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