• there are some places i go, when my head is too scattered. its a cold place or warm when i need it

    and i feel like fire and oceans and rain

    and i cannot stop this kinda mind

    where it kinda rains

    and […]

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    thanks jim, ive always found it to be that we’re either climbing a mountain or rolling down it

  • Has it gone,

    Is this really it

    this place?!

    This fucking place

    These last remnants of the old ship

    that led us to adventure

    that forced us here

    I think maybe that time is gone

    where the […]

    • Time moves us all enexorably forward, we can never go back, only look back with memory. The people we are today are not the same as the people we will be tomorrow, time has moved us on. Nothing in nature repeats – it just seems like it does, and in an ever evolving but decaying universe, we are compelled to obey the entropic cycle and succumb to the inevitability of change, there are no exceptions.

    • Everything begins, and ends in the mind. Everything. Before anything is created, the thought, the spark, begins in the mind. We can have an active mind, (perhaps over-active?), or we can be brain dead but as long as we give birth to the creations in our mind, as long as we keep giving our experiences, our creations, a little tlc and CPR even, then they stay alive. They are not gone, they are only tucked away in the file box of our mind for when we want to bring them out again and relive them, maybe even change them.

      Great work Ben. As always your words are inspirational, motivational and make me think. I like that.

    • Nothing is ever gone, everything and everyone exists eternally.💋

    • I have done some ‘past life regression’ stuff and what I have gained from that does indeed fit into my present life experience.

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    it shakes around until it belches out into the atmosphere. those words we call thoughts beat ever faster, echoing through our lives, making us a finely shaded grey of obscure words.

  • Grown and obscure

    And Everyone telling you to endure

    but maybe you cant do it

    maybe your not worth it

    where is your worth

    tied up here in some meaningless company

    some crackpot scheme

    can you […]

    • Everyone has their path, their niche to follow in life. The trick is in finding which is yours. I’m still searching, more than halfway through.

  • You charming little notch in the windowsill

    How many mornings have you captured

    Have you heard our madness

    Im ashamed

    I promise we’re not that way

    Love is our language

    We’re working on it

    I […]

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    As the son of a lightkeeper I find a lot of myself both protected from the wave and one with it, we kids would follow the tide as it shown us some path to new sands. I leapt into world half foot and half fin, I’m glad your here to share this light.

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    Thanks Jim, I’m glad its been consistent for all these long years.

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    And there is a bristle left of the dusk

    something left to grab on to as we strafe further into the night

    I know we wont make it, we were coastal cast on a deep valley

    between two contesting […]

    • Nice. As always (as I remember), your words are so descriptive and build the image in our minds-eye so that we are not only reading your words but seeing them too. I still like your writing friend.

    • Moon beams and lighthouses are what i painted for a long time. I recently got rid of all of my paintings. I had too many of them and no where to put them. i regret throwing away my moonlit lighthouses.

      • I think I would have enjoyed the solitary nature of the old lighthouse keepers back in the day. Now, of course, it’s all electronically managed and the lighthouse keepers are but a distant memory.

        • I would have loved to live in an old lighthouse and turn the light on every night. Just something spiritually romantic about lighthouses. A light for mankind.

      • As the son of a lightkeeper I find a lot of myself both protected from the wave and one with it, we kids would follow the tide as it shown us some path to new sands. I leapt into world half foot and half fin, I’m glad your here to share this light.

        • That is so neat that your father was a lightkeeper, what a dreamy childhood by the ocean and to play in a lighthouse? I have been to several lighthouses to tour over on the west coast .It was amazing to climb to the top and see the view. Excellent post Ben. It made me light and happy.

        • Awesome reveal Ben. I never knew this, why would I? Nice to see that you appreciate that time in your life too. Thanks for sharing.

  • there are bodies and cadavers and hopes and and dreams alike. There are we here, the treetop shadows, the winds and whispers that hope you continue, that live for story. Don’t fall prey to the age of celebrity, there are plenty here, some a little more verbose than others

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    yeah it’s kind of what i’m doing. And in a blink its all gone

  • ive been thinking recently

    about this impermanent place

    where we bear ourselves

    and while my heart hangs heavy

    i can say it makes me glad

    to write out into the oblivion

    to meet someone, some […]

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    its a weird kind of madness that leads us down these head-shaking paths. I love this. Its raw and real and says everything about what we all live through, thanks!

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    And it’s coughing

    And it’s aching

    And it’s breathing

    And it’s taking

    Everything from me

    My dear.

    And theres nothing I can do

    And I’m bound to do anything

    And everything I can

    To […]

  • its that kind of wishy washy thinky thoughty that brings us up to those words. It wouldnt take too much to get us back there. This place is hard to navigate, hard to communicate. I grabbed a lot of thoughts before is went away, I dont know if PM’s exist here but if your original thoughts was the same username, Ill see what I have.

    We write…[Read more]

  • Do you ever watch shows, or videos from a few years back

    and think to yourself, “where is your mask?! go put it on”

    and wish you could go back and hope and hope and hope

    and lying to yourself say that […]

    • Yes….I sometimes look forward to finding movies from the 70’s to watch. I don’t exactly know why….I wasn’t even a teenager in the 70’s. And no…I don’t even think about mask if I am into a good movie.

      As for the rest of the write……… sigh.

  • Where can we go when all options fail

    To those comfortable normals

    Those shows, those albums, those cozy dens of degenerates

    And why would we stay there?!

    Is it better than the life we live […]

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