• This book is written as a love letter to his son, who has come out to him as Gay. The father, who is Gay also, is telling him what Gay Pride and a good Gay Life is all about in his opinion. He does this from […]

    • I think I heard about this book a bit ago. I will add it to my list.

      I wanted to let you know that I finished “A Woman is No Man” a few weeks ago.
      What a great sad story.

      • Wow, one of the best things about blogging is getting others to check out books that you found interesting. Thanks.

        • It really matters on who recommends the book. I have read a few from posters on here and actually have enjoyed the recommendations.
          About your book…..”A Women is No Man”….I had Iraqi friends in High School and one who was so amazing had to run away because her father was going to kill her for dating a Mexican. Marriages are still arranged within their community. I was home one day and she called me and asked if I could come pick her up because her parents locked her in her room and she said she thinks her father was going to kill her. No one was home with me and the only car in the driveway was a stick shift. At that time …I could not drive a stick shift. She said she was going to call a few more people. She finally called me back and managed to crawl out the window and she did not return to school…she had run away. I ran into her a few years later. She married her then boyfriend and she was walking with her daughter. Her whole family had disowned her. One of her cousins who I also went to school with came into my work place and asked me if I ever run into his cousin to tell her he misses her and that he loves her. Because of what she did…..everyone was not allowed to talk to her. They still had their strict rules that they lived by.
          But I do have Iraqi friends who don’t follow those strict rules.
          AND….I learned that year how to drive a stick shift.

          • That is certainly a horribly bad situation. The culture is not kind to women for sure but it is the culture, not the mere fact of being ethnically from that area of the world which is a point that you made. You know the Amish in this country don’t kill but they do shun anybody that leaves the community which strikes me as being cruel as well.

  • Thank goodness for the Geek Squad!!!

    Friday, my computer decided that slow was the way to go. I don’t mean it took 30 seconds to load a page. I mean 10 minutes to load a page. It took a couple of hours to […]

    • Device/Appliance insurance is something that most us invest in, although in most cases it’s giving money away for nothing. On those rare occasions when things do go wrong, and they’re covered by insurance, it makes you realise that at the end of the day it was a good idea.

      Glad to see you got the steam engine up and running again. 🙂

      • Yep, I am glad l was aware enough to sign up for that contract. I often don’t but when something is as central as a computer, I knew better than not to..

    • LOVE the Geeks…..and Costco too. They offer a two year plan and thats besides the products protection plan.

      HI FRIEND!
      Gad things got worked out.
      One thing I know I need to do is find out what my password is so I can log in on my iPad and iPhone. I love saving my passwords to my MacBook because it’s such Apple products are so safe. BUT…my mind got so lazy I can’t remember any passwords and can’t log on anywhere else. BUT….tonight I am going to get the password from here finally sign in on one of the other 2. What if something crashes and I can’t find anything? Well…I am sure there is a way but I don’t think my mind can actually do the work to figure it out.
      Anywho…….it’s Autumn 🙂

  • I was posting about my cats…and getting some interest, but suddenly about a week or two ago, all communication stopped.

    Where is everybody? Has Thoughts gone dormant?

    Oh well, I am finding it hard to […]

    • Jules replied 3 weeks ago

      I don’t think it’s a case of being dormant, sometimes there are quieter moments in the blogging world when people’s lives demand more attention than they give to the internet. On a personal note: I have been busy with my graphic creations as well as being thoroughly absorbed in a new book I recently bought.

      What goes round, comes round.

    • Oh…you know me…I have so many important things to blog about that I can’t prioritize them so I don’t. Like….. my lilac hair color….should I keep it or go back to my chestnut brown for the winter? Or….should I blog about forming a Covid Social bubbles? Or the new Keto Ice Cream from Costco that is sooooo good? See….too many things to blog about.
      Not just things…. but IMPORTANT things to boot 😉

      • Hey, wow, Keto ice cream? Is that a lot different than regular ice cream? I saw leave your hair lilac and give some exotic color to the winder.

        And what is a Covid Social Bubble?

        Inquiring minds want, but don’t necessarily need, to know.

        • YES….I will do a post about Keto Ice Cream soon. It is amazing and sugar free. And my hair is lilac from ear to ear in the front. The back is still my normal color. I like it…..but I don’t like the texture the bleaching does to it. AND…I did a post on Social Bubbles cause I am sure you have your bubbles 😉

    • Hadn’t seen the social bubble blog…not sure I know how to find it but will try. Keto Ice Cream sounds like a good idea if it tastes as good as the regular kind.

  • Munchie was the cat that I wondered about at times. He was a bit odd, but then several of my cats have been. We literally found him in a paint bucket. It was where my SO, Roy, worked, right outside the door as […]

    • Thanks and he was a mess. (that is a compliment coming from me)

      • Looks camera friendly.

        • I usually have a hard time getting my cats to stay still long enough for me to get a picture. Munchie, as I remember it, was a bit better than most of them have been about it.

          I think in one of the pictures however, he was saying “enough is enough”..LOL

    • Whoever had the mother cat apparently didn’t want the kittens, and put them all in a paint bucket and set them outside a restaurant where my SO worked. This was a big bucket, not one of the smaller ones but still there was just enough room for all 4 of them in the bottom of the bucket.

      Don’t worry, somebody took all of them.

    • oh well, all is well that turned out well, as the old saying goes. Munchie didn’t seem too tramuized by it.

  • The title of this book might lead one to think that it was a horror story about vampires, werewolves, or just beasties of some sort.  However, the word “family” really does denote that it is about a […]

  • Leo was quite a challenge when he joined our household. He and Pie didn’t get along as he would chase Pie. I think Pie just decided that while he was willing to share the house with 4 other cats, a 5th one was […]

    • Stupid Cat??? tsk tsk tsk
      Poor Leo.
      And yet he still loves you. Cats forget so easily and sometimes quickly.
      He is also beautiful.
      My big black cat Chubs is also so sweet….and gentle. And my sisters big black cat JJ also is sweet and gentle when he is calmed down.. Though I do believe her cat has some issues. Always bugged eyed seeming paranoid. He is also diabetic so she has to give him a shot daily. All of our cats could be brothers.

      Thank goodness you can keep them in their own parts of the house. If my Clove didn’t get over her issues with Chubs smell after his Drs appointment ….I was working out ideas of who I can give her too.

      I have a story about Clove I have been wanting to post. I hope to get to it soon.
      Love reading your cat family stories.

      • Hey, I was in pain, somebody had to be guilty besides me. 🙂 But yes, he forgive me quickly. He was very sweet, except with the 5 cats in the front of the house, then he wasn’t so sweet.

        By the way, he was with us the shortest time of any of my cats at 5 years. Munchie might have tied that, but that story along with he and Leo’s interaction will be in the next story.

        Oh, the vet told us that he died of a heart attack so that is when I learned that cats can have heart attacks just like humans. When they do, they go quickly.

        • Heart Attack? 🙁

          • yep, Leo just suddenly fell over, and we grabbed him and rushed him to the emergency vet’s and she told us that likely it was a heart attack, that cats often do have them. And that apparently once they do, they are gone pretty quickly and he certainly was.

  • Like I said, Misty had a mind of her own. In addition, the young gal that put her in my car either lied (very possible) or didn’t know and just assumed that she was fixed. Anyway, she gave birth.

    We didn’t […]

    • LOVE Big bit and Little Bit. They look so cute….and beautiful.
      Mind you…both would be Little Bits in my household. Chubs… a petite 18lbs. He lost 2 lbs a few years ago and plateaued. How he maintains this steady 18lbs is beyond me 😉
      Clove to us is so fragile as she hovers around 10lbs. Ha!
      Your cats look so chubby but they are not. They must be short?
      Thanks for sharing the story of how your family came to be 😉

      • I don’t think Little and Big were ever really chubby although I guess Big was closer. Yes, they were both on the short side, and like I think I said, Little was NEVER over 5 lbs…while Big was about 11. I think that is as heavy as she ever got. I saw her as small compared to Pie and Misty.

        Pie was a chubby thing, he weighted at one point about 16 or 17 lbs…and misty was “fluffy” at least. I will let you check on the rest of them as I post them. But then I think I already did my current, ie Patches, who hqw been bigger. She is about 15 and beginning to scare me a bit as she seems to now be losing weight especially in back section. That scares me because it is often a sign of loss of muscle and a sign of old age. (that leaves Munchie and Leo)

        But back to Little, she was always small, and also a bit of the fragile side, but she had her opinion about things… 🙂 And plenty of willingness to let you know what she thought.

  • The second cat that I got was Misty. The same person, a young person whose father’s was the custodian in the apartment complex I lived in, introduced me to this cat as well—by sneaking her into the car when I […]

    • Oh my gosh….she sounds like an older more ….um…bitchier version of my cat Clove.
      Your cats are a little on the chunky side but have beautiful fur.
      Clove tries to run the house….but for Chubs (the oder male cat) sake we put her in her place with a water bottle when needed. They told us at the Animal Shelter that she would be the dominant cat because she is a female. And when we started seeing her trying to boss Chubs around we put a stop to it because Chubs is our older more gentle cat and he deserves RESPECT damn it. 😉


      • what was funny is that he should stood there and let her slap. He was my baby for sure. I think males, as long as they are neutered, almost always tend to be calmer. Leo might have been the one exception, but I will tell you about that in a later blog.

  • I grew up in a house with dogs…..big dogs outside and chihuahuas inside. Cats were part of the woodwork outside, never came in the house except one that we thought was a female till it got hit by a car and […]

    • What a Cutie Pie 😉
      Got more to say….but I am tired. I took my older cat to the Vet Friday and when we brought him home my other cat CAN NOT STAND HIM. She can not stop hissing at him and does not want him in the same room. So I have had to play referee all weekend. I finally decided to take them to the groomer tomorrow so they both will smell the same. HOPEFULLY that will solve this problem. Fingers crossed.

      • I have seen that happen with cats of mine, when one went the vet and the other didn’t, the ones that didn’t go would react negatively and hiss and such. It took a little time but eventually they got over it, But if it has been several days, it might a good idea, if they need to go anyway, to equalize things. 🙂

        Yeah, he was a Sweetie Pie, but definitely had a mind of his own.

    • Cats don’t have to demand attention or preferential treatment. . .they just get it.

      • That has always been the outcome with me and my cats for sure. 🙂 People sometimes say that their cat isn’t allowed to do this or that….and I always think…really and how do you really stop them.. 🙂

        Of course, I will admit that I haven’t ever really tried very hard….they are just so sure of themselves and so sweet about it.

  • I wonder if anybody else has mental jumps like this. I bet they do. Anyway, I was thinking this morning that I hadn’t done a post here in several days, and thought surely there is something I could put up. Then […]

    • I know exactly what you mean about Burl Ives. I can remember way back seeing him in a film when my siblings and I were just kids – a musical I think it was. He sang a song called “Ugly Bug Ball.” That was my introduction to Burl Ives. Ever since that time, when ever I saw Mr Ives again, he always looked the same!

      • I know he had to be young at some point, but interestingly, I never see a picture of him looking any other way either. Maybe I will google it and see if I can find a picture of him looking young and share it.

      • found one and added it to the post. 🙂

    • I have only thought of Holiday music when I think of him…but you are right…country music hits the spot for him.
      As for post….start a cat thread….its been awhile since we had one of those. I have a few “cat” stories I have been meaning to share but have been preoccupied lately.

      • I don’t know how to start a thread, other than to just post a blog. I might do that later today or tomorrow, and maybe feature all the cats I have had over the last 29 years with a bit of background on each.

  • Just some random pictures taken during a trip to see my best friend in Nashville who had recently moved to the mountains of East Tennessee. I never did get used to where she lived on the side of a hill, but […]

    • Very nice pictures of East Tennessee. Seeing pictures of places you’ve never been to always look different than how your imagination paints them.

      • True, everybody that takes pictures picks what jumps out at them…so you would never find exactly the same picture anywhere else.

    • I want to visit! LOVE your pictures. LOVE the way they use rocks as the foundations of these buildings. Funny you mention your friends home in the side of the mountain because we are discussing building a home in the side of a hill in South Dakota. I want it close or in the side because I am concerned of the high winds and tornado warnings.

      • I am terrified of heights, and what scared me the most was that the hill going up was winding and steep, and I was terrified i would back off the hill and wreck. So every time I visited, which was about 3 times including her memorial service after she died, I parked at lot at the strip mall about a mile away and had some of them come and pick me up and take me up the hill in their vehicle. 🙂

        • Smart to park at the mall and have someone take you. I guess that means no visiting my house….cause we are on a side of a steep hill. People are afraid to drive down our driveway because it feels like its straight down…so some delivery drivers will park on top and walk down. The top balcony is almost 4 stories up….maybe a little more. The one my cat fell off. Walking to the back of the house is almost impossible because it is so steep. Almost every house in our neighborhood is like this so the problems are all the same on our neighborhood site. How to get to the bushes on the back property because it can be so dangerous. Some really do tie a rope around their waist and tie themselves to a tree or fence post as they rappel down the hill to cut some weeds.

          • Yeah, I would have to ride in with someone else or meet you on the flat land at the bottom at a restaurant or something. LOL

            • Flat land? Ha! I’ll send a horse and buggy for you.
              I live in a hilly community that is called. Mt. …… Anyhow….on the top of the tallest Mt. there is a park that has an outdoor theater. So people come from all over the city for events. But being that it is in a residential hilly community there is almost no parking. So every time they have events they have old trollys picking up and dropping off guest from “flat land” at the bottom of the hill. My house is across on another mountain top so I can see all the activity when events are going on. And the last one was so beautiful…they had colorful lights all over the top of the mountain. I took pictures….but I need to take them from the disk from my camera and load them here and you know how much work that is for a princess like me 😉 So just imagine them….ok? 😉

  • A song with a unique sound song by a great song writer.

    I hope you enjoy it!!!

    • Hi Friend 🙂
      LOVE Leonard. So Unique and so talented.
      Beautiful Sunday music.

      • Thanks, glad you like it. There is just something about his voice that is great. Here is an example of what I mean when I saw “the sound” pulls me.

        • For me….voices are so important. And I know it’s a shallow part of me….but I LOVE when a man has a deep unique voice. To me….that’s manly. I know…I know…I hate that I say that…but it is what attracts me. And when a man with a deep voice sings…I am drawn to them like a moth to the light. I have a story about some California Native Traditional singers that are AMAZING. I melt with one in particular. Oh…and my sons all have beautiful deep voices like their father. :::sigh:::

  • Ok, I am the person that once told my teacher that I had no real interest in art. The problem, as I saw it, was that I couldn’t draw worth a darn. Couldn’t even, as I put it, draw a straight line. Well, that […]

  • Yes, I am talking about Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. This is one of my favorite songs. Thought I would share it here. Freddy Mercury reminds me of a friend of mine that passed away about 30 years ago, and has a […]

    • This song brings back memories. I had to stop playing it because it made me cry. Not really sad tears…just made me think of my handicapped brother.
      When we were young…we would travel to South Dakota in the summer for family reunions and other things. And we had 2 station wagons and all 9 of us would pack up and drive. And in the Station wagon my brother drove….he would play this tape. I think I knew all the lyrics to their songs because he would rewind and play them again and again.

      • I had a friend who, in my mind, looked like Freddy that died of AIDS back then and every time I look at Freddy, i remember him, I will confess that I found both men very very attractive. But in addition, I love this song because of the sounds more even than the words.

    • This was the moment when Queen showed to the world that there was something more to popular music than the bog-standard rubbish we had all got used to hearing. The song and methodology in creating it was a seminal wake up call for listeners and musicians alike. The song never shows its age and has a timeless quality that all the classics possess.

      I love the moment in “Wayne’s World” when they’re driving in the car listening to this song and start freaking out during the rock opera sequence.

  • Those who jump off a bridge in Paris are in Seine.

    A backward poet writes inverse. 

    A man’s home is his castle, in a manor of speaking. 

    Dijon vu – the same mustard as before. 

    Practice safe eating – […]

  • About three years ago, I watched a very interesting series on Netflix called “Bloodline”. It was about a dysfunctional family. There was a policeman in the family as well as some other less upstanding siblings. […]

    • There have been many wonderful theme tunes/songs for TV Dramas, too many to recount until you hear them again. The one that has always stuck with me and became my all-time favourite is the theme from “Game of Thrones.”

      Simply wonderful composition!

    • Yes, there are some really talented people working in the entertainment industry making impressive stuff.

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