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  • Such a sad day. I turned everything off to process this great loss. I was unbelievably sad and did not want to hear anything on any news channel. My heart is so heavy….. She was so remarkable.

    And of course […]

    • When I came home, yesterday, and found out she had passed, my first reaction was sadness, I actually felt tears coming up, and I NEVER do that about a public figure, either political or entertainment world. The next thing was fear and dread about who would take her place.

      • Monica replied 1 week ago

        I did cry. Have you seen RBG the documentary? LOVED it. You can appreciate her so much more. I took my sons with me to see it when it came out.
        Yeah….a very sad moment in history.

  • Munchie was the cat that I wondered about at times. He was a bit odd, but then several of my cats have been. We literally found him in a paint bucket. It was where my SO, Roy, worked, right outside the door as […]

  • I was getting my hair done today and my stylist was playing Madonna & Lisa Lisa and we were laughing about the good old days.

    When we were in high school we would cross the border and dance the night away in […]

  • The title of this book might lead one to think that it was a horror story about vampires, werewolves, or just beasties of some sort.  However, the word “family” really does denote that it is about a […]

  • Well….here in America we can replace his use of “Brexit” with our upcoming election. Actually this message is worth spreading in general.

    There is common ground with all of us. I mentioned somewhere in the […]

    • I have always found it fascinating that we as humans can build fabulous bridges that span the banks of a river or gorge, but building one to span our own differences is so difficult and seemingly out of reach.

      • No, I can’t, I tried but can’t just say no comment. I have to say that if a group of people, like those that support the current administration are intent on destroying my equal rights…I am not going to “reach across the aisle. i honestly believe that some people are, in fact, a threat to my well-being, and I won’t be what I consider dumb enough not to respond accordingly. If some one breaks into my home, I am going to try to get away from them and get the police involved, I am not going to set down and and try to reason with them.

        The same holds true for those who want to hurt me on the political and economic front, like, in my opinion those that support trump do. No, I won’t compromise, they are my adversary and I will avoid when able, discuss other things when I can and get along in that fashion, but I will not compromise my political beliefs.

      • I believe it is out of reach with a “few”. With “most”….I believe it will take years of discussion to start to find common ground and new vision to grow from there. Maybe my great grandkids will see that happen 😉

    • No comment. 🙂

    • Ok all of the above from me was meant for Monica, although It looked like some might have looked like it was Julie. To Monica, I would say, I have the experience to back up my statement. People that are gungho for trump almost always label me a commie, and I in turn see them as Nazi’s. Now do I have acquaintances or even “friends” that are republican, …probably. But we don’t discuss politics.

      When someone can only talk politics, and they are for trump and his administration, we do not, and will continue not to be friends…it just won’t happen. Yes, I have deleted some “facebook friends” because they are so far away from me politically that I see no point in communicating with them. I will simply fight politically for what I see as right and leave them alone totally. I have relatives that I am sure probably voted for trump, and may again this November…how do we get along? Well, we don’t talk about politics but then we barely talk about anything so that is no problem..

      That is the one issue that I do not see common cause with…I am for gay, Hispanic and Muslim rights and very very few of the trump supporters that I have ever met are. In fact I see a lot of hate and venom coming at me…even when they simply know who I am. I am human enough to feel anger right back…

      You will remember here that there at one time 3 of us that were political recently. One I agreed with, one I didn’t….vehemently didn’t. After one or two interactions, I simply adopted the “ignore” policy with the one I didn’t agree with, and stopped my own political posts…at least here on, I am plenty political on other sites, but even there I stay within my lane and don’t go “yelling at the unmovable on the other side of the aisle”…that just gets me as bruised as it does them. And the one that I almost totally agreed with….disappeared and I let him go without trying to hold on to him, because he kept talking…make that slamming the one that I ignore because I realized that he, also, was somebody I would never agree with.

      And the “one love” thing here….I can’t say I truly love those that I view as my enemies, but I can ignore them….and not bother them…I take the “I won’t attack if they don’t attack me” approach. That is the best I can do. 🙂 Especially right now as I see our nation falling to pieces because of what is going on at the top of the structure in this country.

      I wish there was a way of deleting extra comments on this page…I would delete the other two I made. I admit, I am voliate, and react and then realize maybe there was a better way of expressing it…

      • ::: kicking my heels off::::

        :::Taking my earrings off::::

        :::pulling my hair into a pony tail:::

        You calling me out LEFTY!?!?!?

        BRING IT!


        Of course you know I am teasing. I am going to make a Starbucks run before they close but I will be back to rumble with you. You know I get what you are saying. But you are not getting all I am thinking because I don’t think I was very clear on that.

        • now, I said I only rumble with them as wanna rumble…now I can rumble right back if it comes to me…


          • No one asked you to compromise any of your beliefs. You have them…..we all have them. What he is asking is something that I do..and that’s just see each other as HUMANS. And that’s a start. Of course we can not reach the extremist. Extremist are on all sides. We can’t reach them….so if we are so lucky to work with a few on the other side…that few grows to a few more….eventually we leave those extremist in their own little corner to stew in their misery. It’s a long LONG battle here…one that we know we won’t see the end of in our lifetime. And NOT all Republicans are the same. I learned YEARS ago not to paint everyone in certain groups with a broad brush.

            Now I need to apologize for not signing back on after my Starbucks run. When I got home I had missed The Real Housewives of New York Reunion. And I also missed last weeks show. Luckily I had them recorded and needed to catch up. Yes Lefty….The NY Housewives are my guilty pleasure. I can’t tell anyone I watch them because I feel so silly to be caught up with them.
            Anyhow….AFTER I caught up with the girls I was HUNGRY. I am doing a few days of the Plant Based meals and vegetables don’t keep me full. So…I pulled out everything I could from the fridge and made a DELICIOUS salad. Luckily my son was up and ate half of it because it was HUGE and I didn’t want to have to feed the rabbits again.

            I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do. Every “people” has their soldiers.
            I have 2 gay sisters who I always stand up for. I stand for their rights. In our culture Two Spirited people have always been just a regular part of our communities. And to see people so against them is ignorance at it’s finest. And if we break that argument down it leads to belief systems. And yada yada yada……it goes on and on. Something you and I both understand and something I don’t want to get into here.
            As for our rumble…..I don’t rumble. But when I was younger and feeling feisty….I easily can toy with people. Geeez….I remember those days. I was young and bored obviously. And NOT on Thoughts. Anyhow….
            I do like the dramatics of the kicking my heels off and taking my earring off. I learned that from the housewives 😉

            If I know someone is so set in their beliefs…..I can easily talk Unicorns 😉

            • I admit that I am pretty set in my beliefs, and my solution is to avoid those that I know before even beginning the discussion are going to be on the other side. But then, that is also a function of my upbringing along with my life experiences.

              As you say, there may be some “on the other side” that I could have a discussion….although I doubt that they are at the level of being pro-trump, but certainly at least moderate Republicans, but see, my experience is slanted so far toward those who immediately go to attack and hate, that I find it easily not to even engage…to stay in my roadway and ignore those on the other side as much as possible, which doesn’t mean the people all together but does include anything about politics or human rights.

              I went to a counselor one time who told me point blank, that I am the type person who will be caring and even loving and reasonable as long as the people around me are that way…but if they start “taking their earrings and jewelry off and getting to rumble”…for real….I am right there with them, ready to tangle. (verbally anyway)

    • And I guess I decided that ….being “ready to tangle, verbally” or to stop engaging, was not such a bad way to be. 🙂

      • If I weren’t on the payroll I would dive into the mud with you….. 🤣 But I think our mud would be sauna mud because we pretty much see eye to eye for the most part.
        As for being a caring and loving person until we aren’t….uh huh….that’s also me. Just because we are nice and caring some people will take advantage of that. So we kinda have to keep some type of guard up just to show people…don’t cross my line.
        We could yell at each other…”HOLD ME BACK” 😤

        Lefty… one day we really need to have a glass of wine. 🤗

    • The above was supposed to be “laughing my ass off”…but I think I got that wrong…**sigh**

      • I spent a whole minute trying to decipher that. I know I am behind in this hip text lingo….but I thought you knew some cool new phrase 😉

        • Naaaawww, I am usually way behind the curve….don’t look to me for new cutting end lingo.

  • Leo was quite a challenge when he joined our household. He and Pie didn’t get along as he would chase Pie. I think Pie just decided that while he was willing to share the house with 4 other cats, a 5th one was […]

    • Stupid Cat??? tsk tsk tsk
      Poor Leo.
      And yet he still loves you. Cats forget so easily and sometimes quickly.
      He is also beautiful.
      My big black cat Chubs is also so sweet….and gentle. And my sisters big black cat JJ also is sweet and gentle when he is calmed down.. Though I do believe her cat has some issues. Always bugged eyed seeming paranoid. He is also diabetic so she has to give him a shot daily. All of our cats could be brothers.

      Thank goodness you can keep them in their own parts of the house. If my Clove didn’t get over her issues with Chubs smell after his Drs appointment ….I was working out ideas of who I can give her too.

      I have a story about Clove I have been wanting to post. I hope to get to it soon.
      Love reading your cat family stories.

      • Hey, I was in pain, somebody had to be guilty besides me. 🙂 But yes, he forgive me quickly. He was very sweet, except with the 5 cats in the front of the house, then he wasn’t so sweet.

        By the way, he was with us the shortest time of any of my cats at 5 years. Munchie might have tied that, but that story along with he and Leo’s interaction will be in the next story.

        Oh, the vet told us that he died of a heart attack so that is when I learned that cats can have heart attacks just like humans. When they do, they go quickly.

        • Heart Attack? 🙁

          • yep, Leo just suddenly fell over, and we grabbed him and rushed him to the emergency vet’s and she told us that likely it was a heart attack, that cats often do have them. And that apparently once they do, they are gone pretty quickly and he certainly was.

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