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    Why are so many Americans choosing death over deprivation?

  • America, a good way to remember and thank Veterans would to be an American and fight to keep our democratic republic in place and not lety us slip down into a despotic banana republic!

    Let’s face it America, […]

    • What has to be remember also,, is that most of the demogogues, are really not at war with the elite as they try to convince the rest of us that they are. Like trump, they usually come from the ranks of the rich and elite…or at least privileged, and use our anger against us to divide us against each other. That’s what trump did, for sure.

  • My apologies up front if this offends, but I feel I must do my utmost to try to ensure voters they are voting smart.

    Let me say up front that I am an American, not for the left or right, more for the middle.  […]

    • I am a Democrat, who is solidly Democratic. I have always been and always will be. However, I have to admit that I have not been that the nation has never been as adversely affected by Republicans before. trump is simply a different animal, and I have thought for the longest that he is all about an authoritarian, dictator style form of government.

      Even Nixon did a few good things, but trump has done little or nothing fo rmost of us, including many that voted for him.

  • Since Trump announced his illness, I have been racking my brain trying to find something good to say about him. I just know there is something positive about him , but it just won’t come to the fore.

    I’m […]

    • As if we expected ANYTHING different?
      Come on Mr. Owl…….yer an Owl for goodness sakes.

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  • This is a plea to all United States citizens: VOTE, but vote responsibly.  Vote to save our democracy. 

    If you have been paying attention, you must have noted that this administration is slowly, but d […]

    • I strongly believe that this is a pivotal point in the life of our nation. If we don’t turn things around in this election, we are going to no longer be a democratic republican and will become a full-fledged autocratic dictatorship. The beginning stages have already come about, and the various departments are mostly, but not all together as of yet, taken over by the person that sees himself as “leader for life”.

      This is absolutely the most important election we have been had as a nation.

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  • Yoda offers a bit of wisdom here about rushing to judgement.

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” and

     “In a dark place we find oursel […]

    • YES….I completely agree. I am all about police reform but this is going a bit too far.
      Are they looking for a volunteer force like Volunteer Fire Departments like we have in the back countries? That would be taking a few steps backwards.
      It irks me when people paint everyone with a broad stroke. Not all police officers are bad apples. MOST are not.

  • Twitter is not fact checking anyone – they are reminding people to not take anything as fact – to research a bit.  The sad thing about this, is that there are people who have to be reminded that what is put on t […]

    • sorry….above, I realized that I have some wrong words….in my haste, that is often something I am prone to. However, I tried to update it but couldn’t and thought I would delete and re-enter, but it only deleted from the feed not from here…. 🙂

      Obviously there are things I still need to learn how to do, and one of them is update a comment.

    • Hi Olen, YES….I kept reading what twitter did and read what Trump said and the dots did not connect. It almost reminded me of the Lady in Central Park……the bird watcher politely asked her to leash her dog and she called 911 and cried bloody murder. (Ok…I exaggerated that a bit) But from what I kept reading there isn’t much Trump could do and just like an article I read….it all turned out to be theatrics. And he knows his base always falls for his theatrics.

      I don’t facebook because of Zuckerberg……and have enjoyed Twitter. And I think I will enjoy Twitter even more so now 😉

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  • We cannot afford to let this man Trump become the dictator that he would like to be.  He has been slowly, but been successfully filling judgeships with his loyal candidates, so that when cases not to his liking […]

    • Watching leftist heads exploding makes me smile. Thank you for sharing your explosion with us. 😃


    • There was a time I could say I hated no one, I had a huge dislike for some, but not hate. Trump and his entire family…I hate. I hate them, i hate all they stand for, and all they do. When a man in power, puts the almighty dollar in front of the health and welfare of the country he swore to protect, he’s evil, and he has no morals whatsoever.

    • I couldn’t agree with this post any more. trump has managed to make our country a laughing and is currently endangering American lives. There are those who still support him, but some of them are showing themselves to be people who want to use guns and violence to force their agenda on the rest of us. We need to save our country or we are lost. I truly believe that.

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    • Thanks for signing up, post any questions if you’ve got anything you’d like to know. feedback is always welcomed too.

  • “Mama, don’t let your babies
    grow up ‘in a society of
    self-fulfillment, autonomy, and privacy as ideals”.

    Instead, instill them with
    ideals like “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can d […]

  • Just listen to and follow the
    health expert directives.  Believe that
    the science and health professionals and workers will get us through this.

    I guess I will have to take my share of blame for what we have […]

    • I refuse to follow trump’s advice on anything unless it is borne out by actual research. So when he says “hydroxychloroquine” is a good drug for it, I immediately realized no way unless a doctor that I trust, and I don’t mean Dr Phil or Dr Drew, recommends it. And at this point if my personal doctor said that was one of the preventives, I would question him very strongly as to why he was saying that.

      Never trust a politician with a political interest in a particular outcome to tell you medical advice. He wants us to open the entire nation despite the continued spread of this visit by about 20,000 a day with 1000 or so deaths on most days. (sometimes it goes down to 800 and then the next day we hear about 1200, but 1000 is a good average. As long as that is the case, the pandemic is NOT over.

  • America, let’s turn this vehicle around and get back on the road to greatness! We need more loyal Americans working there and we need more free press not less.

    Yes, we were great for about 299 years and we a […]

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