• As above, then so below
    Not so true right now
    In height I find the solace
    That only a dream will allow
    I know I am not alone
    As I watch the clouds go by
    It’s so safe and serene up here
    In my imaginary city in the sky

    • Its so mesmerizing and calming

      • This was a spontaneous response to the news that over 1500 people died of Covid today – a daily record in the UK.
        I was thinking of places to escape the pandemic.

        • This world right now is so crazy and stressful. Sometimes we just need a break from life.

    • Very touching Jules. Covid #’s are horrible over here too 😞

      • I think everyone dreams of a time when Covid goes away forever, but the realist in me doubts it.

        • Im with you on that. I have one son who reads everything and he told me when this started that this was going to be like the flu….it will not go away. And sure enough……that is what is being reported.

    • I love that picture, looks magically lovely.

  • Something to think about.

    • I have not watched a Nostradamus video in so long. There was a time I could not get enough of him. I remember reading a few books about it so long ago. I think I was a teenager. It was kind of spooky back in the day.
      Amazing how accurate he was 🔮

      • I read a book in my teens by Erika Cheetham called “The Prophecies of Nostradamus.” The book contained all the quatrains which Nostradamus wrote. It was an interesting read which relied heavily upon interpretation more than anything else.

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    A new moon, a new year
    My calling remains the same
    I stand upon a spinning rock
    My only claim to fame
    Fireworks have been subdued
    The streets are empty and still
    Our time here is so transient
    With so much space […]

    • BEAUTIFUL Jules ☺️
      HAPPY NEW YEAR to you 🥂
      Hope you had a wonderful safe celebration. Me….well I wanted to watch movies made in the 70’s for some odd reason. I sure know how to party 😉

    • Haha! No celebrations for me this year. However, I too have enjoyed watching “older” films and Disney animations. “Frozen” was my favourite over the festive season and a couple of Hercule Poirot films with Peter Ustinov. It would seem we both know how to party!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    It goes up, it comes down. We all dance the dance of freedom but few count the tally.

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    We do not always get what we want.

    • Ain’t that the truth.

    • That has a been a good thing in my life at times. Wow, what if I really got everything I ever wanted? With perspective on the past, I now know that some of the things I wanted were not good for me. We may not get what we want , but we surely look for what we need.

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    Milae arrived at the huge gates, which beyond, led to the Path of Palentia. However, a memory now slightly jaded and, for countless years unused, had subsequently deserted her and the password had evaporated from […]

    • Thanks.

      It’s a pleasant distraction I enjoy doing.

    • My approach is the same across all the pictures I make. I begin with a premise – or scenario if you like. Once the picture is finished I imagine a short story to describe the captured moment. It might take a while but after an idea has formed, and I’m happy with it, I run with it.

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    Do I assume you have figured it out?

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    For Xylan the time for fear and cowering were over. She couldn’t in all good consciousness allow the terrible situation to continue as it was. Hellion castle not only looked down upon the village where she lived, […]

  • My colours for today
    Strawberry and Pink
    A myriad of tones
    There’s more than you think.
    Darker to the left
    Lighter to the right
    Inside the rising bubbles
    A dancer caught in flight.

  • If memory serves (not too good these days) I joined: July 2007

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  • It was like a scene from a social science fiction movie of the 50’s the day they came; a chapter from “War of the Worlds” or some other such fictional book written in the same era, but this was not the day of the […]

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    This is a picture of one of my brother’s cats taken by him on my camera! He asked if he could take a look at it so I passed it to him. As he was inspecting the camera one of his cats came in and sat centre stage […]

    • Actually, I tend to think your brother was lucky although If I managed to get the same effect, I would probably prefer to think it was my talent also. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ha! Considering how quick cats lick their lips and sneeze….I say your brother had a lucky day.

    • When it comes to photography my brother could be considered as a ‘heavy-weight.’ He has sold many of his photographs in the past so he could be viewed as a professional. But with all things in life sometimes luck plays a hand, and lady luck certainly smiled upon him on that day.

      • LUCKY him. I have been trying to convince my son to print his photos on large canvas/metal/acrylic pieces to sell because his photos are amazing. But he won’t. He says he just takes photos for himself …his hobby. I get my photos printed on large pieces to give as gifts. it’s fun for me and people absolutely love them. How I know is that I see them hanging in their homes. But he is like me when it comes to art. I keep my art for me…..or I gift a piece now and again…..but it isn’t something I would do for a living.

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    With my feathered and furry friendsI have travelled many a roadwe seek an elder residentin the land of Forestrode.Our legs are spent and tiredno time for rest or mendour efforts have all been worth itwe have come […]

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    A vision in a dreamA better place to beAway from all the humdrumA desire for the sea.My mind makes it realI only need to lookI see it there before meA picture in a book.

  • I sometimes wander through the paths of my local nature reserve taking pictures as I go, it goes on for many miles in all directions and although I have walked much of it in the past, I have never reached the […]

    • It’s beautiful Jules. Tree’s are amazing. I love hiking through trees. To me they are mystical and magical. Old spirits.

  • OGWT footage from the 70’s.

    Sing it Kev!

    • WHAT???? LOVE his voice.
      And love the whole look.
      I saw this young kid a few months ago….totally old rock n roll. He had wild hair….shirt open and hip huggers on.
      You know he had to be slim and beautiful to pull this look off.

    • Wow i was certainly around in the 1970’s but don’t think i ever heard of this group before. Nice voice.

      • Kevin Ayers: 1944 – 2013. Much underrated singer song writer. Co-founding member of the British pioneering psychedelic band Soft Machine in the mid 60’s. Kevin stayed for two albums then pursued a solo career after forming “Kevin Ayers and the Whole World.” His most profound and highly regarded seminal work – “Confessions of Dr Dream” – 1974, became an instant-timeless-classic upon its release. He was one of the nicest people in the business.

    • Thanks for the “introduction”. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am only about 50 years behind,

  • Mondo held up the peculiarly shaped blade to his eyes and studied it with all the wonder and curiosity of someone discovering an alien artifact. The reflection of the flickering candle in the mirror amplified the […]

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    A quick update for all participants in the Writer’s Lounge. Although I set challenges, members should be aware that any creative input they may have is not limited, or restricted solely to reacting to my set challenges. Anything creative in fictional writing may be posted here at any given time by any member. Thanks for reading.

  • “None shall pass save trial by fire,” the guardian said.

    “Your abilities are not known to me and thus unproven. I am but a metaphor, a representation of medieval practices which determine guilt by physical or […]

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