• Today when I wake up and check my mail I saw the most heartbreaking news of my life… And that is loosing a friend. A friend of mine died because of brain tumor he’s body gave up on his third session of […]

    • I am sorry for your loss of such a great friend. The way you describe him …makes me feel he most definitely is a wonderful Angel.

  • We people always have our own way to motivate ourselves especially the times we were so down. We lift ourself up by reading motivational qoutes, talking to our friends, or going infront of the mirror and tell […]

  • We speak up if we see something isn’t right. We voice out everything we want, either for our own convinience or for others advantage. We let everyone know our opinions about certain issues for them to understand […]

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  • Waiting is the most painful part of life.


    Because you don’t know if the person you are waiting for is going to come back or not. Even though you cant guarantee that person will go back you still keep on waiting.

    • Waiting is something I have a hard time with. If I go to a restaurant, I find it easier to take a book so that I don’t get irritated if I have to wait a while. 🙂

    • I learned long ago when it comes to people and relationships expectation is a buzzkill, because nothing is permanent, no matter how much we’d like it to be so. Everything is subject to change. You can actually count on the inevitability of change. Especially people. We cannot own another person. I like to put myself in positions where I have opportunities to cultivate a more agreeable personal relationship with impatience. If I am preparing to check out in the grocery I intentionally get in the longest line available and use that time to develop a more patient attitude by meditating peacefully.

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