• Xavier Khouri, a Dominion Voting technician Georgia was caught on video engaging in election fraud.

    We know that U. S. Forces retrieved a server during a raid in Scytl Germany with reports that 5 U. S. […]

  • Watch a Dominion Representative at Gwinnett County Election Central, responsible for tabulating ballots and certifying results, download data to a USB from the Election Management Server, plug it into a laptop, […]

  • Please be sure to keep the boot on the correct foot.

    We don’t want John Kaisch dropping a truth bomb about Biden too!

  • REPORT: Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured

    Lt General Thomas McInerney and Lt General Michael Flynn […]

  • .@Kamala “Super Spreader” Harris

    They are coming for you Dominion. If you cant see that Sidney Powell and her lawsuits are all about EO 13848, then you are blind. I think you are seeing evidence of a major […]

  • From @jhomes55 – The GSA letter forces Biden to disclose conflicts of interest with himself and his team to “foreign nationals, and other foreign agents…” […]

  • I didn’t put a Turkey picture because we are not having Turkey. We decided….no one really likes Turkey so why are we cooking it? How will Thanksgiving be at your house?

    • That looks fantastic! We didn’t have turkey either. I’ve had everything from Chinese food to pizza for Thanksgiving over the years, haha. This year we had a wonderful ham with a cherry merlot glaze (yum), a green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pecan pie.

      • Monica replied 3 days ago

        Those pictures do look amazing…..I found them online. Ha! I posted this the day before Thanksgiving so I hadn’t cooked my meal at the time so I found pictures of what I was having.
        Your ham sounds delicious. I only bought a small boneless ham to cook because of the big Prime Rib we were also cooking. The ham came with a berry glaze which I did not make. My sons are not into too much flavorings added to their meat. As for sweet potatoes….I only made one because my sons don’t eat it. Also only made a small serving of cranberry sauce since they also don’t eat that. I make it fresh with a granny smith apple and fresh orange zest and juice. It is so good…..but since no one in this household eats it besides me I just make a small amount.
        We had brussel sprouts with a balsamic glaze and bacon…twice baked potatoes with 4 types of cheese in them….and bacon bits. Sausage chest nut stuffing……and pies I ordered. Oh…and one of my favorite desserts….cranberry cream salad. Which really isn’t a salad but it has pineapple, coconut….fresh cranberries…marshmallows and whipped cream. It’s addicting.

        We use to have giant get togethers but my parents retired and moved away and my siblings moved to be closer to them and its just my little family here. I have relatives scattered around California but I do enjoy the holidays with my sons. Every other year it seems we have been making reservations and eating out and coming home to pies I made or ordered. Our holidays seem to evolve every year. And until I have Grandchildren and if the pandemic gets under control I may just take a cruise next year.

        Glad you a wonderful with your family.

  • Monica wrote a new post, Sunday Sunset 1 week ago

    I returned home from South Dakota/ Nebraska on Saturday but didn’t wake up until late Sunday and was gifted this beautiful Sunset. I think I mentioned that my son who returned from England wanted to visit my […]

    • Wow Monica, I’m glad you’re safe and sound now. Sorry for the loss of your uncle. Thank you for sharing your sunset!

      • Thank you 🙏🏼
        My son and I got our recent Covid results back and they were negative again. SO now he feels like bragging. We went to the place with worst Covid numbers in the world (South Dakota) and we did not get it. Not that its anything to brag about…..we just did the basics…wore our mask and carried our hand sanitizer around with us every where we went. And depending on the size of the place and how many people were in a store…we doubled our mask.
        So far….5 of my cousins contracted Covid in South Dakota and 2 ended up in ICU.

  • Andrew Boston tweeted, “In GA, during (late?) Sept, Dominion’s radical Leftist Eric Coomer made a “critical software change” to GA’s Dominion voting machines “without adequate testing or certification from the […]

  • Via BlueSkyReport:

    CCP Controls Dominion: The controller of Dominion is the Carlyle Group, which is inextricably linked to the CCP. The CCP gained control of Dominion by opening up resource companies to the […]

  • Seventy-three percent of Joe Biden’s 126,649 vote margin gain in Pennsylvania, compared to Hillary Clinton’s performance in 2016, came from the seven counties and one city in Pennsylvania that received more tha […]

  • On this “Chicago Election Board – Emergency Meeting – 2020-03-19” video with Dominion Voting executives Eric Coomer, Director of Product Strategy and Security, and Nicole Nollette, EVP of Dominion Voting ON THE […]

  • Circuit Courts have been Reassigned

    Effective November 20, 2020, ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42. Look who is in charge of MI, WI, PA, and GA:

    MI – Brett M. KavanaughWI – Amy […]

  • I have been posting about the integrity of the election daily. If elections aren’t lawful and transparent, they aren’t free. If elections are stolen, with obvious evidence of fraud and then allowed to stand, […]

  • Ezwayz wrote a new post, Drop and Roll 2 weeks ago

    Dominion Voting Systems is part of council that disputed election integrity concerns in DHS statement.

    Dominion Voting Systems used the statement, which obscured company’s council membership, to dispute c […]

  • @samstein According to Biden campaign metrics, online chatter about the Hunter Biden story during the election’s last week was greater than it was around Hillary’s emails during last month of ’16. The diffe […]

  • Ezwayz wrote a new post, So… 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    A few thoughts…

    You can silence the messengers but you can’t silence the message

    @lukerosiak Mailchimp, a common email delivery service, has refused to provide service to the Northern Virginia Tea Party, […]

  • Ezwayz wrote a new post, QSNATCH 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Hold The line!

    The proverbial sh*t is hitting the fan!

    Protect The Vote

    Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

    In that executive […]

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