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  • Aguila replied to the topic Gospel in the forum Group logo of Music ~ The Universal LanguageMusic ~ The Universal Language 5 years, 7 months ago

    My avatar is a little book in itself.
    High above The Pala Reservation`in a tree that
    jutted out over a rocky cliff face some 600-700 ft above the ground.
    My given Navajo name came to me again in the Golden Eagle Nest…
    AS I was about to lower the eaglet down to
    the raptor research team to weigh and measure…
    My adoptive Navajo mother gave me a name I could not pronounce and she
    shortened it to Yellow Bird. The Golden Eagle that Circled the Sun
    brining its’ warmth back to her heart on earth.`
    My Grandmother was—- Cherokee —-
    I actually started weeping in making this reply…
    ~~~ THANK YOU GOD ! for breaking my heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….
    ~~ And keeping it soft and supple..(smile)