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  • Aguila replied to the topic Gospel in the forum Group logo of Music ~ The Universal LanguageMusic ~ The Universal Language 5 years, 7 months ago

    In my teens — I searched to find my birth father after my younger brother passed..
    And after finding where my father lived in the” South”. I called him
    and traveled to meet him. Long story but it was there during my time
    raising three small black lab puppies that were only minutes old. About to be put down ! (frown)……
    Well my quest to find thisGod everyone either hated or loved or said did not exist !!
    keep me longing to know The Truth …
    At church one day — in a Southern Baptist Church none the less ( wink )……The Spirit picked me UP !
    and sweep me down the isle to The Alter. Where I asked Jesus Christ into` my life
    to be myLord and Savoir`
    Yet when I got back to CA no one seem to care while
    I was telling the whole world about the unspeakable joy..
    and the unfamiliar Peace that I know had deep inside.
    Long story… book time ! ( wink)……
    I wandered off and returned to my old life style.. and HABITS !..
    When my older brother passed I took up where his spiritual journey had ended at
    ~~ The Self Realization ~~ Temple in Encinitas ~~ You know Moni..
    those golden lotus flowers ( wink)` on old 101.
    ` I actually could start a BOOK right here and now – for goodness sakes…
    Well I spent 7 years learning and studying the SRF “Secret Lessons” taking a vow
    to never share the keys to unlock the door .. being it could be harmful to others.
    ~~~~~~ Simply said * My Master Jesus Christ * found me and today I am grateful that
    His Truth was not a secret or something I had to try and earn or deserve.
    ~~ His Love saved me… just as I was and just as I am.. And His Love was and is
    ~~ Like no other ~ Love this world ~~ had ever known.
    ~~~~~~ The One Same Love—- yesterday -today and tomorrow…
    Hay in the 70’s I was invited into the Hermitage as was allowed to sit
    In The Swans ( Yogananda’)
    Personal Meditation Chair. Also met
    Sri Daya Mata and and somebody stop me ! .. ha-ha..
    7 Years fasting -praying and actually entering intothe death state..
    My Lord My God never left nor forsake me.. in it all..