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  • Aguila posted an update in the group Group logo of Music ~ The Universal LanguageMusic ~ The Universal Language 3 years, 1 month ago

    Had so very much – desire – to add more to the message
    that was started by Ben’s post on Bob Marley- It would take a book to capture and start to convey- the journey in my own little search for truth ? the light spoken of – which was like a refracted – seldom shown or acted out on other humans as being any truth whatsoever —
    Spent years in a SRF temple and short times
    in Holiness Churches with rules and regulations
    when one day the light “ seemed to break through that” darkness”…
    And is was simple.. for me… to keep seeking… yes..
    got keep looking for the light inside “`
    “` Stand Up – Gotta Stand Up for The Light “……
    It’s always been there — never
    allow the fight –take you into the darkness…
    Gotta Stand Up –
    `Shine The Light““ << !
    the living light within-
    And as Jesus said— you will know them
    by their Love — Fruit of The Spirit
    I am a Spirit — having a very
    very human—— experience on earth…………
    Wishing to Thank those who have touched and shared

    ~~~ The Light of their Love ~~~~~~

    • Love your stories Aguila….. 🙂

      • If only I had the talent to write
        Oldest daughter has been after me !
        to write a little book – and while I have
        tried several times – I get lost in the thoughts.
        and love just going with them–rather than trying
        to capture them on paper. Other’s have said I am a
        Good Story Teller- in ” Person” haha. Guess there is
        so much deeper feelings and the way one speaks“ that
        could be likened to watching a soft warm fire- with the flames
        taking — making their own direction up from the pit – LOL

        Well I got the Book Title finished ( wink )
        some 35 years ago
        ” The Canyons Edge”

        A time a place of escape – was upon
        a Beautiful Canyon Edge that would draw me down
        into the shadows and sounds of the a little stream….

        A Place where Golden Eagles once Soared High Above
        And Peregrine Falcons would return to search the
        clefts in the cliffs— for a place to nest..

        A a spot no gone forever -where my adoptive Navajo
        mother gave me a name– and where we would
        Chant as the Sun Rose in the East—-

        She would tell me stories on her
        growing up on the reservation- and how
        she was the only girl of 8 children.
        And how after being dragged by a horse
        when she was 8 years old- she lived
        but could never have her own children..
        Her Fathers Squash Blossom Necklace
        she would place around my neck and smile
        Saying it was mine-when I got a little older

        Long story– but when I went to live
        with my Aunt and Uncle – she became
        sick and one day I was called to the
        school’s office – and was told ……

        ” Your Momma Ethyl passed ”

        She had placed a plastic rose
        I had given her on the lawn
        of the home where I once lived ..
        Where the Adoption Ceremony took place
        Navajo Style —

        Well the school nurse– had later moved into our
        old home and said Momma Ethly had
        a broken heart,,, after I went away.
        And could be heard ” mourning ”

        The Nurse had seen her place
        the plastic rose on the lawn and
        her reuring back– across the street–
        and she passed away that very day…

        I had no way to go back to see her..
        And without her having a phone- having
        very little indeed – nuff said -too much ?
        I Loved Momma Ethly more than I can say..!

        Life on earth
        is so very short indeed……
        Found an old tune that has visuals…
        that blended with“ my fond memories
        which I am having plenty of ! LOL ““““
        Life is Grand for— The Living

        Or like Granny use to say-
        It’s a Great ! Great ! Life
        Until you “weaken“*sigh*

        May Y’All Live Long
        And Live Strong
        And Keep Making The Most of
        All The Precious Moments““““
        Hokay Hey !
        ~~ YB ~~~~~~~
        Thanks “Moni”

        • {{{Aguila}}}
          Thank you for sharing this story.
          It was sad and beautiful and made me ponder about my own “weakening”.
          Beautiful title….I could actually see from the “Canyons Edge” as I read this 🙂
          I “get” getting lost in the thoughts….that make it hard to to actually write. Sometimes…the thoughts come too fast and I can’t keep up so I would stop writing. Until I learned to just jot all “thoughts” down and go back and work on one at a time. And as other thoughts float on up…I hurry and scribble on another piece of paper those thoughts so I can get back to the 1 thought I was working on. Writing can be so complicated…I get how people get writers block.

          My Grandpa use to sing Lakota songs all of the time. And after each song he would tell stories about his life. Most were told in Lakota so my Aunts and Mother would translate. English was his second language just like it is for my parents and all of my Aunties and Uncles.
          My Aunt finally just started to record him as he sang and as he told his stories.

          Maybe you should work on recording your stories?