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  • Aguila replied to the topic I often Wonder and Ponder and Pray a lot ! in the forum GiminiDivision 3 years, 5 months ago

    Alf’s little daughter saw the avatar (one of several )
    I was using on the old thoughts forum. He said she had read
    something I shared and they both thought the picture I used
    was in fact me ? It was a picture of ” the most interesting man in the world ”
    Ha-Ha it did make me smile so big and all the other wonderful messages
    members had shared — Miss those times and wonderful little things…
    All that to say—they are precious memories that play such
    a warm and deep tune within the soul. And Thanks so much Moni
    Seeing the message this morning—- Well… Well… Well………
    Times like this when the Song in the Soul drowns into a pool of most simple thoughts.. Thank You Again for the Gift today
    Hope All had a Very Blessed Christmas
    Peace on Earth – Good Will and……….
    Well I love the sound of Shalom`
    Saying that one word beats all — Shalom ( SMILE )