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  • Aguila started the topic I often Wonder and Ponder and Pray a lot ! in the forum GiminiDivision 3 years, 9 months ago

    John Lennon ? Gimme truth..uh Peace…
    Worth a Shot ! ( pun intended )
    Oye Vey
    Lame Bull aka William- Frenchy etc.
    Gia Bug
    Sassy ( R.I.P )
    Alf Queda (sp ?)
    Templar Knight
    Kilty Boy ( George )
    After Thoughts ( Wayne -R.I.P ) and an endless number of other members
    that I lost track of- Seems my lack of navigation skills match my ability
    to blog – Never got the hang of it – and more than likely never will………
    As it takes the > Will ! < in the first place.. eh………………
    I was invited to the original ” Thoughts” site back in Sept.2009
    and sat through a lot of arguments and yet came to know and love many
    members. The ones that had invited me to join thoughts in 2009 got caught up
    in the heated stuff and left ! Hard telling not knowing who came over to
    the Thinkr site since then. All this just to try and make a Shout Out !
    Thanking all those who made my life richer forbetter or worse ?`(wink)
    As the long fingers of the fall light stretch the shadows out
    across the ground I call home – Wishing You All the Very Best
    And sending a Special Heart Felt ~~~ Thank You ~~~~~~`