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  • Aguila replied to the topic Marie's Chatroom in the forum Nobody's Home 5 years, 6 months ago

    Twas ” Sassy” I remember sharing her music videos with us on
    The Village Park. Both`Saffy and Sassy gave me one of the sweetest replies
    before Howling Wolf ( Wayne ) aka `After Thoughts etc. and I made peace.

    Al Qaeda < I remember as a rough character too. His little girl
    thought my avatar was “me” and said I was a very smart man. After I had used
    the face of the Most Interesting Man in The World` on Kilty’s ( George’s ) site
    And what can I say about Zaphod (Rene )..
    Oh and Moni do you remember when Kilty made us both special avatar flags ?
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hahaha… I be TRIP’IN ! for sure…
    Tommy TootToot`.. I am not ! Somebody STOP ME please and
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank You very Much !!!! ( SMILE )………