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  • Aguila replied to the topic Gospel in the forum Group logo of Music ~ The Universal LanguageMusic ~ The Universal Language 5 years, 6 months ago

    Yes I have read and seen of this little eagle princess before.
    Thank You for sharing that trailer with me Moni When I was in my early
    teens LONG AGO ( wink) I remember the spark set off in reading about the
    Mongol’s on the steppes riding their Piston Legged Ponies carrying
    Golden’s on their fists with wooden yoke supports in the stirrups to help support
    the weight of the eagles. When I was in my early 20’s I was given the opportunity
    to carry and hunt from the glove with one of my friends Golden’s…
    ~~~~~~~~~~ WOW ~~~ what a feeling.. But as my friend Scott who passed a few years ago said
    Ernie ” You are one of the Best Master Falconers
    I have known but it takes a Hunters Heart and that you do not have ”
    He was 100% correct IMO too… I use to baby sit his Peregrine and later
    before he passed he had a young beautiful Gyrfalcon. Seems like yesterday Moni….
    ~~ Thank You again for posting that Video !..
    ~~~~~~~~ Much Love.. Aguila