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    Whether a seasoned pastor, a new pastor, or someone contemplating the ministry, “The Flourishing Pastor” is a great read. The author, a seasoned pastor, shares many insights and experiences for those either in or praying about going into the ministry. Around 240 pages, the author addresses many topics, including:

    – 5 important guideposts for the…[Read more]

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    Whether a pastor or layperson “Don’t Blow Up Your Ministry” is a great read for anyone wanting to exercise biblical self-care in their life lest they fall, damage their life, and negatively affect those around them. While addressed to pastors, the book may be applicable to laypeople (after all, any follower of Jesus Christ is a minister!). Around…[Read more]

  • “Doctor Sleep” is a supernatural horror film written and directed by Mike Flanagan and was released in 2019. The film is based on the 2013 Stephen King novel of the same name and is a sequel to his earlier 1977 […]

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    “The Manifold Beauty Of Genesis One” is an excellent read for anyone wanting to know God more deeply through reading the Book Of Genesis. The book uses many approaches in accomplishing its objective by mentioning the following themes in Genesis that represent/symbolize God: tabernacle, song, land, time/calendar, analogies, and other ways.

    Around…[Read more]

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    Whatever your religious belief, “When Everything’s On Fire” is a good read for anyone who either is straying away from the Christian faith, has strayed away from the faith, or questions the depth of their relationship with Jesus Christ.

    The author addresses this issue through several approaches:

    – His own life experiences and experiences of…[Read more]

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    “In All The Scriptures” is a great and helpful read on biblical hermeneutics. Around 270 pages, the book covers many topics, including:

    – What is hermeneutics and why it needs to be studied.

    – Description of the literary, historical, and christological contexts for interpreting the Bible.

    – Interpreting scripture in the postmodern world.

    – The…[Read more]

  • This blog is about another theory regarding dream process and flowing streaming in mind.

    All that you need to know is streaming and dreams both could be erotic for body hormones and can cause nocturnal Penile […]

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    “The Reformed Pastor” is an enlightening read by a pastor from a few hundred years ago. While Reverand Baxter has been gone for many years, his book is as relevant today as it was back then. What I liked about the title:

    – Covers many relevant topics for the pastor.
    – Profound and yet relatively easy to read.
    – Full of excellent spiritual…[Read more]

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    “God Is My Hiding Place” is a great devotion and compilation of Corrie Ten Boom’s life and writings in a 40-day devotion. After reading enough of this title, here is what I like:

    – Very readable and easy to understand.

    – Honest portrayal of her tough time in a Nazi prison camp during World War 2.

    – Description of the many ways God worked in and…[Read more]

  • New Music From Adele

    • She still has that beautiful voice. And she still is a beautiful woman.

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    “You Are Not Your Own” by Alan Noble is a great read from a Christian perspective on living in today’s increasingly impersonal world. Just over 200 pages, the author covers many relevant topics on the subject, including:

    – Being careful about letting community define what defines meaning for each person (not talking about moral relativism, but…[Read more]

  • In a developing state I have applied AI to my brain in such a way that I not only manipulate Android and laptops but AI built automatic vehicles such as Cars flying crafts and AI built motor bikes I can […]

  • “Tales from the Loop” is an eight part science fiction drama developed by Nathaniel Halpern; the series is based on an art book of the same name by Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag. The series aired in its entirety […]

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