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  • Osiris Esra PBUHWhen Nebuchadnezzar II devastated Jerusalem ezra was also among theRead More »Osiris Esra PBUH

  • M Taylor posted an update 5 days, 2 hours ago

    “Church Revitalization” by Russell Small is a very good read for anyone interested in as the title suggests: being a part of renewal in the local church. Indeed, as churches continue to struggle in a post-COIVD world (decreased attendance, offerings, participation, etc.), instead of pointing fingers at the world, real and lasting change must start…[Read more]

  • The most Economical higher Education …enough word bank to create unique articles and you are challenged to find plagiarism in it.

    Excellent record in assignments quizzes and overall clarity of concepts….Dementia haphazard in closed ended examinations
    you are challenged to examine my concepts comprehension and clarity in open ended…[Read more]

  • M Taylor posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    “Biblical Theology: A Canonical, Thematic, and Ethical Approach” is a great and very comprehensive title on Christian theology. The title provides detailed analysis on each biblical book and focuses on 3 main areas for each of the 66 books: themes, ethics, and how the book fits into the overall Bible. Just under 1000 pages, the title is…[Read more]

  • What my marriage was for….A complete normal replica Son.Law of Genetics The attributes that are found in the father are inherited in the offspring with genes encoding. I had brain injuries from nasty blows from my younger brother hence I developed post traumatic parkinsonism and It resulted in seizures Gross and Fine motor skills slowed development. poor handwriting dyscalculia all academic work with calculators poor mental math Dementia young onset Parkinson before blows I had sound short term sense making and understanding but afterwards I make sense with comprehension struggling with rare condition of sensory processing of senses including identifying the people place and passages Aphasia agnosia prosopagnosia . But to tell the truth I have a heart that don’t cardiac arrest My soft tissues are regenerative My decaying teeth are being replaced by small roots of new born teeth The neuroplasticity had been slowed down by psychiatric drugs. Now Problem is The Damage has been done and culprit is sailing the boat of family. My marriage was not just a pleasure IT was birth of another superman IT will have miraculous heart that will never get cardiac arrest It will have regeneration. It will have 3x IQ than me His perception will be divinely HE will be resilient Self growing plant Everybody will eat fruits of that plant His brain will be a super computer and you will find all these attributes in my Baby sister that is also law of genetics and neither of my brothers children have these attributes Just like Joseph had Joshua in his grandchildren that conquered Jerusalem and Jews are generation of Juda not Joseph its own. Matter of fact is World wanted another superman all that this marriage was about I married for that super child and The time is coming I am being forced to get checked up for getting sterile after drugs abuse, Shockingly my baby sister has genetically all these attributes. well the myths or NASA evidences Almighty Lord knows better regarding me are Landing of wings Golden aliens on Kaba The face projected on moon was exactly measured and scanned and then they claimed it’s fitting 1997 professor facial bones and appearance in subconscious condition with super accurate microscopes. A women from Faisalabad having physical transformation into python after abusing ” sister fucker” and prioritizing her proclaimed shrine over prophet Muhammad PBUH. His country than trending BC ( sister fucker). Rainfall all over the world and capturing of golden aliens flying in those clouds with their wings and getting visible and invisible. Physical transformation of various men and women into different creatures of physical deformities like monkey and kangaroo like girl in Oman for impuring pious Arabic Bible I had some supernatural experiences A white old spirit held my hand and took me to city of lights communicating something to me and circumambulated me there 7 times left my trembling hand I woke up The world was yellow or golden in vision as I became a golden spirit. It was a kind of Astral Travel and cardia arrest. A holy old man spirit cursed every suspect involved blocking Geoffrey for this world. And this curse will be lifted when it wjll A pious old man cursed every suspect involved in blocking birth of a Miracle Geoffrey for this world and producing prohibited situation where legality was impossible All rose petals girls entered paradise after assassination in brave fight to get me for Geoffrey reproduction. That old spirit is Azreal The angel of death it makes me astral travel whenever My heart is arrested. AZREAL was friend of Jacob The Israel. and no angels tormented me in any experience Second time in room I became yellow spirit and got suspended with yellow vision of room. It was sleep paralysis. I Woke up after a lot of struggle . NASA super computers studying science behind all these torments. Rainfall heating of particular region raising temperature Tsunami is possible by manipulating Inosphere with HARP technology. Earthquakes Thunderstorms cooling down environment Direction of Cars Airplanes birds can be manipulated or changes with biosensors in birds and Artificial intelligence satellites. It was not ABOUT marriage it was about birth of normal superman. sterile Almighty knows better it is temporary or permanent Almighty knows better in which stage of Parkinson i am but they devastated Neuroplasticity with experimentation of drugs.. I retained making sense with comprehension and I convert my thoughts into words with typing as either I babble or stagger in speaking or presenting as while speaking words in mind either get erased momentarily and gets recalled when arrow has left arc and whatever meaning it creates regardless of what intendedRead More »What my marriage was for….A complete normal replica Son.

  • M Taylor posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    “Anything Is Possible” by Joby Martin is a good read and encouragement various miracles performed by Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry and how these miracles show how God loves us. Nine miracles are highlighted, described in the Bible, and then shown how they relate to today’s reader.

    The book is very readable, smoothly flows from chapter…[Read more]

  • M Taylor posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    “Trust” by Henry Cloud is a very timely read on a very important topic to today’s world. Indeed, with trust in authority and relationships slipping, the book is very timely. Around 300 pages, many aspects of trust are covered, including:

    – Benefits of trust between people.

    – 5 crucial issues in trusting someone.

    – Trust develops when a person…[Read more]

  • Check out the recent launch of an AI blogging community on – its free to join Bloggy AI 🙂

  • Mystery of Bermuda Triangle Turnado Whirlpool black hole HYPOTHESIS Bermuda triangle is an high intensity electro magnetic Black hole in triangle of Bermuda.Hansie Cronje lost his life in a Plane disappearce their. CONCLUSION And It is making sense to me that intense breez meet from opposite direction and results in extreme thunder and lightning and that coming from opposite direction breeze causes spin resulting in a whirlpool like black hole that engulfs ✈ Aeroplanes and Every object that fell into prey.After all conclusion is force from space energises breeze resulting in thunder and lightning ⛈ and causing whirlpool black hole with breez coming from opposite direction resulting in spin and creating whirlpool black hole engulfing any object falling into prey. And It has nothing to do with ocean gravity but as tides result from moon or outRead More »Mystery of Bermuda Triangle Turnado Whirlpool black hole

  • Benjamin Ogden posted an update in the group Group logo of Thinkr's Food & SpiritsThinkr's Food & Spirits 1 month ago

    hello TFSP 🙂 could i encourage you to join us on ?

    i made a post today that you might find interesting and inspiring.

    my life’s lesson:

    Life Lessons I’ve Learned on My Wild Ride

  • Benjamin Ogden posted an update in the group Group logo of Writer’s LoungeWriter’s Lounge 1 month ago

    Hello writers lounge! Please come and share your creative writing skills on Bloggy and incorporate the assistance of AI text generators on

  • Benjamin Ogden posted an update 1 month ago

    Hello 🙂

    Please come and join us on – its an ai powered blogging community with free tools for art generation and content creation.

  • Benjamin Ogden posted an update 1 month ago

    Life Lessons That I’ve Learned on My Wild Ride:

    Life Lessons I’ve Learned on My Wild Ride

  • M Taylor posted an update 1 month ago

    With the recent and past revelations of spiritual abuse in the church, “Evangelical Pharisees” by Michael Reeves is a great and timely read. The author pulls no punches and as an evangelical, he rightly points out that there are some modern-day Pharisees in the church. A quick read, the book is around 100 pages and covers many points,…[Read more]

  • M Taylor posted an update 1 month ago

    “God Alone” by Jonathan Griffiths is a great read on God’s unique attributes and why knowing them can change our life. Around 150 pages, the book goes into great detail on God’s attributes and addresses many topics, including:

    – Having an eternal perspective helps us live wisely (not get so hung up on this world!).

    – The importance of confidence…[Read more]

  • Benjamin Ogden wrote a new post 1 month ago

    Please check out Bloggy.AI – I think you're gonna love it (hopefully)… Without further adieu, I’m introducing Bloggy.AI – a blogging community with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). You can create AI generated art, AI generated stories, write your own personal stories and creative writing plots. And its FREE! Please try it and let me know what you think. This is only day 1 so please understand this is a firstRead More »Please check out Bloggy.AI – I think you’re gonna love it (hopefully)…

    • Jules replied 1 month ago

      Is signing up active? I tried to register an account, went through the process, got a message telling me to check my email to activate my account, but as yet I have got nothing.

    • Jules replied 1 month ago

      Is signing up active? I tried to register an account, went through the process, got a message telling me to check my email to activate my account, but as yet I have got nothing.

    • I find the ai generator interesting. Makes things a lot easier on the internet. A lot of people are offering jobs on the web with this tool.

    • I find the ai generator interesting. Makes things a lot easier on the internet. A lot of people are offering jobs on the web with this tool.

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