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Aaron Johnson

  • lately, I find myself thinking more and more on the mark I’d leave in his life. I have come to terms with a lot of positive as well as negative things this life has to offer. I try my best to keep a positive mind […]

  • So you would be fine with reolacing us with robots?

  • I guess but we talking about replacing guys with robots.

  • I know their trying to find new ways of pleasure but this isn’t it. I may lack an all nighter stamina but my woman knows I put in the work to please her so she needs no robot. Women can tell us how to please them […]

  • If my heart had a mouth, it would shout “I love you” forever without losing a breath. The heart is the one thing that can be broken and repaired numerous time which make the heart unique. Every heart a […]

  • Love carries a burden that many don’t see or clearly overlook just to say they have somebody. I know me saying this contridicts what I say about wanting love and all but I must express this thought.

    The […]

  • Love is one feeling that everyone wants, needs, deserves and looks forward to having in this life. Many of us look for this love from others before we look for it in self which is backwards if you as me. When you […]

  • Crazy thing is why come up with something like that? Do you hate man so much that you would rather sleep with a machine than him? Damn I know we do some jacked up stuff but nothing bad enough to be replaced by no damn robot.

  • I saw a post that need to be taken down from the internet and the people who thought this up need to be arrested under the nation of God law. the post was talking about sexbots replacing man for good.

    in […]

  • As I lay next to you I feel at peace with the world even when I’m in a good mood. Never was about the sex even though I wouldn’t mind caressing your body but I’m more into your warm embrace. To know there is a […]

  • I try everyday to be a blessing to someone even if it’s just saying good morning and giving a word of encouragement but challenge accepted.

  • Mistakes are meant to be made and of you can’t accept that I’ll make mistakes than we don’t need to go any further in this life with each other. People forget we are human and not perfect by any means. This is […]

  • Thanks for that and yes I could’ve went one way but I just laid out what I was thinking. Anything I post is for the opinions of ohers or just to vent outward so I can come back and read. You can control everything […]

  • Yes it’s gone so are all the blogs we have written over the years.

  • Yeah I did but that sucks! Man I miss thoughts

  • People need to realize that they control everything that goes on in their lives. If you are unhappy then it’s on you because it’s your happiness that is affected. I know that circumstances have a way of getting in […]

  • Thank you! It’s difficult at first but remember what she instilled and you. It’s has it rough moments especially if you spent time with her but she will always be with you eventhough her physical self is no longer […]

  • I lost my gr8 grandma earlier this year so I know how you feel but God bless you during this time. Keep your head up and remember the good times.

  • Why am I constantly getting a red readability score on my post over 300 words or more? Guess I can’t use this site to completely vent if I need to or maybe I can but have to cut my thoughts into sections. What is […]

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