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Megan’s Magical Menagerie

“Come in stranger, please come in to my magical menagerie. In here you will find all sorts of wonderful things designed to enhance your life. Do not come here looking for vengeance upon another soul, or make a wrong action right – I do not deal in such things. So, if that’s what you are seeking then seek it somewhere else. I am Megan, and my practice is Wiccan. I do not delve in the dark arts, my colour is white and represents the purity of everything I do. You might not agree with my philosophy or life style, but it is clear that you have come here to see what I can offer in way of helping you with a persistent problem, yes? All I ask is that you do not cross me on the payment, a deal is a deal and should be honoured in every instance. Do not cross me.”

“I have potions aplenty, herbs and spices, tinctures and remedies, recipes to give you a sense of well-being that will last for several weeks. I have many cures for all kinds of ailments and diseases, but the common cold I can not cure. All my goods are fully guaranteed by yours truly and will avail you for the rest of your life, or by the duration set at time of purchase. . .but do not cross me on the payment, never cross me.”

“So come stranger, take a look around inside my menagerie and tell me what you need. Everything on display is for sale, but at a price, and every price is negotiable depending on your willingness to give me something in return. . .but do not cross me on the payment, never cross me.”

“No harm will come to you just so long as you wish no harm upon me. I may look skinny, weak and frail with a complete disregard for cosmetics or beautification, but do not be fooled by first appearances, they will lead you astray. I mention this because, in the past I have encountered many who have sought to harm me then steal from me, and I can tell you that it did not go well for those people who tried. Do not cross me on the payment, never cross me.”

“Stranger. Your aura speaks to me and I can plainly see that your intentions are pure in that I sense no subterfuge. However, there is a darkness that surrounds you, is this why you have come to me? Is it now. Please, stand over there by the lamp so that I may see you properly illuminated. Now I see it – you carry a curse, a weight that has been placed upon you for quite a long time. Can you remember where you came by this affliction and by whom it was given? You can not? Are you quite sure about that because I clearly sense that you do! Do not lie to me, stranger, I see more than you know. Do not cross me, never cross me.”

“I offer you one more opportunity to speak truth, stranger.”

“You think I can not see through your pathetic disguise? A beard, a long haired wig, a bit of clumsily applied make-up to alter your appearance will not fool me, I know who you are, stranger. . .or not so stranger after all.”

“You had me partially fooled by your intentions in that you genuinely came here to ask me to lift the curse that I, myself, placed on you back when you attacked and tried to rob me for something you could not afford to pay for at the time. I told you then that you should never cross me on the payment, but it meant nothing to you so you suffered the price of my retribution and found yourself cursed. And now, many moons later you come back hoping to fool me yet again so I will remove it.”

“The curse I placed upon you was by no means lethal or harmful to your soul, but it did prevent you from ever doing wrong again and made you live an honest life. So, what are your real intentions now? Do you come here to have me lift the curse so that you can revert to past ways and habits, or do you come here to get the curse lifted because of newly found morals? Which is it?”

“Is that so. Am I to believe that?”

“With everything, there is a price to pay for my services. I will tell you what I am willing to do for you. I will lift the curse just so long as you agree to my price.”

“What is it? Good question.”

“My price is this. Ten gold coins and a proviso. If ever in the not too distant future you revert to criminal ways, the curse will come back at the same time. Here, drink this now in front of me as part of the agreement. Good.”

“I now give you leave with a stark warning.”

“Do not cross me. . .never cross me on the payment.”

“Go now and farewell.”

3 thoughts on “Megan’s Magical Menagerie”

  1. Thanks Jim, means a lot.

    I love creating pictures then stare at them when they are finished until a seedling of a story emerges, I then put pen to paper – so to speak.

    1. I completely understand. I do almost the exact same thing in nature. I look at or tune into a scene, a place, and let my higher mind lead me into the story of that place or time. It is always amazing to me how randomly creative the mind can be! I especially connect to the magik part of your work too since that has been a large part of my life.

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