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Mechanical Earthquake oscillator and Air cloud bombs hexagonal clouds

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle has been solved.

through satellites hexagonal clouds ⛅️ were observed that form air bomb clouds ⛅️ when these clouds air bombs burst They create high pressure wind lightening and thunderstorm and the ocean gets into restless oceanic high speed and pressure storm.

This video clearly reveal the air bombs and whirlpool like clouds upwards rising high pressure oceanic storm and these whirlpools engulf ships and aeroplanes and crushes it’s existence.

Nicola Tesla is well known for hydral electricity generation but He has invented wireless electricity long time ago free of cost that GP Morgan in threat of incurring loss in his fibre wires investment.

stopped his project finance

but his concept of wireless electricity was to convert electric current into frequency vibration through a device it will travel through rock 🪨 bottom underneath earth like sound wave travel through air to another frequency vibration decoder device that will decode frequency back in electricity.

He had succeded in his experiments

Wireless technology is Tesla invention.

he mainly studied frequency and vibration pattern

He accidently invented earthquake mechanical oscillator. He fixed it in an underconstruction building and workers fled screaming earthquake is shaking building Mechanical oscillator harmonised required frequency with earth frequency between 7.83 hz to 33.8 hz frequency and that building where he fixed that oscillator was about to collapse.

hence enough frequency oscillation with earth frequency oscillation will cause devastated uprooting Earthquake in Entire world or Targeted Part of world.

Earth Frequency 7.83 Hz to 33.8 Hz

In Transparent satellites 🛰 cameras Even Always covered bondswomen are naked while changing or bathing and zionists can leak blue prints of whatsoever bondswomen is shy and always covered at public places.

That’s illuminati Trial of Destroyer world should get awkward.

all kind of avenculate or incest if finally recorded resulting children are at risk of DNA verification

Like DNA of bones revealed shocking lightening founder of Judaism Prophet Abraham PBUH and Sarah R.A are siblings

Founder of Islam are Prophet Abraham and Egyptian Princess her highness Hagar ( Hajra) R.A

Founder of Pakhtoon are Abraham ( PBUH) and Qatora R.A

Seth is married to his full sister by Father of humanity Prophet Adam PBUH himself.

Loot was raped by his daughters and conceived his children to continue Loot Lineage and both tribes are on name of his daughters.

Zionists perceive from pro watch virtual reality

it’s a fun for them to naked our reality before our radical status quo and take 🤳 selfie through virtual reality pro watch camera

Hardest test will be when satellites 🛰 recordings will be realised to show hidden facts against blind evidences of people trust and inspiration for the interests and vision their playboy leaders materialised for a nation and persuaded them towards desired change ( mischievous or reforming)

7 bloods are pardoned to them in reward of their services.

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