….Meanwhile, in Chicago…

Proud Boys, an organization of fascist, white supremacist racists, bigots, and incel thugs impersonating patriots, among them, the likes of Adam Glenn, Nick Stiso, Sean Dolan, Jeff Schwier, and Mike Chubb lurking among protestors in the darkness, targeting POC and LGBTQ who are protesting nonviolently, with vicious, cowardly, violent, and unprovoked acts of brutality….

3 thoughts on “….Meanwhile, in Chicago…”

  1. Now this group makes the very point I was making about enemies. The fact of whether they hate me or the idea of me, is a division without a meaning as far as I am concerned. Either way if given enough power, they will work for my lost of equality in the world. I prefer to cut to the chase and claim them as enemies that i must fight, because fight them as much to the extent that they have the ears of those in power.

    I can afford to ignore the KKK or the Nazi’s as long as they are a group with no ability to harm me or other around me, but I accept the moral obligation of working for their power to be lessen such that they can do me or others around me no harm. That I just don’t bother to define why they are against me, they just are, and I acknowledge that reality.

  2. of course….however I will never consider them my “friends”. I am fine with them just fading out of my life so that I hopefully never lay eyes on them ever again. I refuse to let such people into my surroundings. Won’t do it.

    You are friend to handle it however you want but I don’t let those who work against me, in.

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