May 2019

Finally some good news.

I was able to help set up a surprise birthday party! It was amazing.

“It’s been 14 years since I celebrated my birthday.”

“I’ve finally found my family.”

She set it up, got the food cooking, made a pie, got the people to show up, she really made it happen. I had the idea, passed it along to her, and got her the date of his birthday, and served as the distraction. And it worked! He had no idea.

I’ve done right by this one. Sometimes we can’t do the big things. Maybe, doing small things that make good memories is more important. Maybe just doing right by someone is more important.

In a different world maybe I would have dated him. If we had all the time in the world, I might crack his code. But it’s better this way. Show him what it is that he has now. He’ll be okay. He’s finally found his people. I’m so happy for him. I’m so glad I got the privilege to see this, play a small part in it.

This is what living is all about. Making good memories for those around us. Doing small acts of kindness.

We can’t be all things for all people. But we can be something to some people. Keep your people close. They are what makes life better.

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